Welcome to ImNoHumdrumMum 


What we’re about:

ImNoHumdrumMum is mostly about the ins and outs of life, mine to be particular. Here I cover a little bit of everything, from life as mom to living with anxiety and depression – with the added bonus of humor, fiction and yes, even erotic reads.

A bit about me:

I’m 29 and the mother of  3 little awesome weirdos. What can I say? They take after me.  Ages 9,7&5, A girl and two boys, who are sure to keep me on my toes. To say there’s never a dull moment is an understatement.

I’m a Florida girl, through and through. Born and raised. I love our rain as much as our sun – theough the sun doesn’t love me as much. Im a water-baby at heart and will swim all day if given the chance. Don’t tell anyone but I’m pretty sure I’m secretly a mermaid.

As far as writing goes, I’ve been keeping notebooks and journals for as long as I can remember. So a blog seemed like the next logical step. I write for three reason: 1) I cant seem to stop. 2) To help others who have gone through things like myself. & 3) To vanquish my own demons.

Contact Us –

For permission to use/quote (with full credit) our material, please send a request with the post in question and/or the content you’d wish to quote/repost/guest post.

Guest post submissions should include your site address, your social media links. as well as the category you’d like to submit under and of course, your post. Submissions received will be read and deciding on within a weeks time – expect acceptance no sooner and be delighted if it arrives early. 😉



A look at our categories:

Battling Anxiety & Depression –

Here you can find posts that shine light on living life with Anxiety & Depression. You’re not alone and we’re here to let you know that.

Creative Writing –

Here you’ll find a collection of poems, short stories, children stories and random silliness.

Death of a Mother –

Is a series that guides my husband through life, should I suddenly pass away. From moving past it to moving on and raising the kids in-between.

Erotica Series –

Fellatio Friday is our Erotica Series at the moment, where we offer a new story, on a mostly-weekly basis. (what? I have a life too.)  If you look carefully however, you will sometimes find a series within the series, so keep an eye out.

The Fellatio Friday Erotica Series teeters on the edge of porn because we like to get to the point. You’re always guarantied at least one good blow job and fuck scene or i’m not doing my job right.  We cater to no one taste and enjoy mixing it but don’t worry, we cover the mushy and touchy feel-y as well.

You may find:

Anal (both male and female)
Straight, lesbian, gay and bi-sexual
Domination (bordering abuse on occasion)
Deep throat/choking
and anything else I fancy throwing in.

What you won’t find:

Nudity (though sexually related photos are not out of the question, no penis, vagina or nipples are displayed here.)

Pornographic videos – sorry guys, we’re not one of the popular “hubs”, we don’t display or share pornographic videos on our site.

Lines like “He creamed my face with his firm, yet doughy, pastry.” ….that shit is weird and we just won’t do it!

Humor –

From crazy mommy moments, to the things no one ever told you about parenting – you’re sure to find a laugh in these silly but oh so true, posts.

Journey to me –

Here you will find posts that shine a light on my past, as well as posts about my family, my life and my general journey to healing and finding myself.

Parenting –

Here you will find some of my thoughts on parenting, parenting “advice” (I use that term loosely), parenting mishaps and letters to my children.


I love to cook and sometimes share recipes but don’t think we’ll ever become a food blog 😉 Along with recipes you will also find DIY cleaning tips, re-purposing ideas and fun activities for the kids.

Reviews –

I also love to do reviews as there is nothing better than a good review when it comes to buying new products for your home or family. Got something that needs reviewing? I’m your blogger. I enjoy analyzing all aspects of a product and sharing my findings as well as tips for said product.