A New Christmas Tradition

The sun is shining bright and the breeze coming of the water, carries a pleasant summer aroma. Oh wait, that was just a dream. It’s actually nowhere near summer and the weather is your usual Florida mess. It’s warm, chilled, freezing, hot, raining and freezing again- – all in the same week. It be Christmas time, my last post of caught you up on my Thanksgiving craziness. Within it, you were brought up to date on our newly put up tree and the quick beginning to another month of holiday planning and insane schedules. 
Since then, we have managed to get our hands on an ‘Elf on the Shelf’. This will be our first year using him. We received him last year as Christmas and so we had to wait a whole year to bring him out. Now Christmas is here once again – I could swear we we’re doing this just a few months ago.  
Anyhow, it was time to introduce our elf and we to keep it simple for our first go-around. My husband brought out the box around bedtime, so we could use the elf’s book as our night-night story. We got the book out and took a quick look at our new elf friend. I began to read the story, within the first few pages it tells you to name your elf. We paused our story for a moment and asked the children’s opinion on what the name should be. (This really means my daughters opinion, because her brothers are 2 yrs and 7 mos so one says yes to everything she says and the other only talks in growls.) My husband says some silly names like George, we vetoed daddy and continued on.
I really wanted one of the kids to name him, I know my children are silly and anytime they name a toy it’s always something weird. This assured me our elf would always give us a good little Christmas time laugh in years to come.  My husband tried Fred and names of that sort, when finally my daughter looks up and says we should name him peanut.
I was in agreement with this, it was cute and what better name for an elf then little peanut. Of course, because we’ve been reading ‘Horton hears a Who’ a lot recently, my daughter feels the need be sure that anything person like (including animals) have a full name. Because a person, is a person, no matter how small. So in the end our elf has become Peanut honey-mustard Pickles. There is not a single part of me that is surprised by the fact she picked a food-related name.
Anyways, the name picking is over and we go on with our book reading. The books very simple, basically you get the doll, he has magic and travels from your home to Santa’s workshop – so he can report on how good you’ve been and of course, how naughty you’ve been. There is one rule for the kids and that rule is that he cannot be touched or he will lose his magic. It goes on to say that the elf also has a rule and he cannot speak to you, Santa’s rules. After that, it’s the normal be good and do good things because Santa is checking his list- type of book.
Once the story is over, we put the book back in our box and set the whole thing on the shelf. The kids went to bed and they drifted off, we decided on where Peanut would be popping up the next morning. Our first location was in our Christmas tree, as if he were hiding out. The next night we perched him in the houses highest windows so he could keep an eye on everyone. Our third night with Peanut, he returned to us on top of our Christmas star.
As the days have gone on, we’ve tried to become progressively more creative with his reentrance’s into our home. Our fourth night – l ast night – I placed him in my blender for a good laugh. No worries though, it stays unplugged and sits high up on my fridge – out of reach of little hands. I have a crazy fear of one them plugging it up and sticking their hand inside, to many horror movies for me. Haha.
Just as the past few morning, our daughter got up and instantly went looking for Peanut. As normal she went to last known spot only to find he had once again moved. Then she begins the anxious search for our little elf friend, Peanut. After a while, daddy helped her find him and she laughed her little butt off at the sight of him chilling in mommies’ blender.
As children we grow up with many different holidays and traditions. I can’t say my family (nor my husbands) had many traditions. Short of going to the same houses on Christmas Eve and Christmas, we didn’t really have any fun little traditions to carry on. So yes, I realize it’s not the best tradition and it’s a lot of work to place him somewhere new all the time, but I do feel that it’ll well worth it.
Personally, I think it is a great little tradition to start. Not only does it give your family a fun way to make it through that month long wait to Christmas. It also, can help teach great lessons about behaving and minding ones manners. You could easily use your elf in ways to create wonderful memories, teach your children and have some extra fun while you’re at it.  
Now, I’m not saying to run out and buy one, or that you have to follow the book. I’m just saying you should start your own fun family traditions. You don’t have to have an elf on the shelf or this book, create a new family tradition. There are many options out there that your family can choose from. Even if you wanted to do this idea, you don’t have buy anything extra. You could just as easily get any character or doll and use that, to join in on the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ fun.
As for us, I think we’ll continue with this little tradition. Right now, I’m even working on crocheting my own clothes/costumes for Peanut, just as an added element of fun. I think that I will tell them that I just want to see if our friend likes to play dress-up – that way we can get to “know” our elf.
His first outfit is a camo jacket so Peanut can blend right in with the tree. I can’t wait to get it done, so we can continue on to Christmas, with more creative elf sightings and uses.  Of course, I will be putting pictures up of our adventures with him this year, so you can join in the fun as well. I’ll likely be sharing a once-a-week update, over on our Facebook page.
Everyone, have a great Friday as well as weekend. I’m going to play with my munchkins and probably watch some sappy Christmas movie. * I love this time of year*
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