Bad Kids: I’ll Agree to Disagree

I’m sorry my kids talk back every now and then.

I’m sorry they get into things they shouldn’t.

I’m sorry they scream and shout.

I’m sorry they don’t always listen as they should.

I’m sorry they may drive you crazy.

But most of all, I’m sorry that I’m really not sorry at all!

Where you see defiance, I see strong willed individuals in the making. Willing to stand up for the
things they believe in.

Where you see trouble makers, I see explores and adventures.

Where you see loudmouths, I see someone determined to be heard.

Where you see disrespect, I see a free thinker that won’t just conform to anything.

Where you see a bother, I see love – because only those we truly love can drive us crazy.

You think I should be sorry, but I cannot apologize. I’m just a mom, working hard to raise well rounded, independent individuals. My job is to guide them in the right directions, but not to step on who they are. Maybe I get it wrong sometimes, and maybe I get it right – but what more can I do than try?

If I do my best – pick them up when they fall, celebrate them, guide them and let them become who they are…..then how could I ever really fail at all? We put a lot into what others think we or our families should be, we conform and live life unhappily, just fitting in to get by. I want my kids to be more than that, I want them to learn that it’s perfectly fine to be different.

I want them to know its okay if you have blue hair or a same sex relationship. That it doesn’t matter if you’re green, white, black, blue, or painted like a rainbow, because there’s nothing wrong with being you. I want them to never feel the need to change into what others think they should be. I want them to always stand strong for the things they believe in. I want them to be proud, even when they fail, because at least they gave it their all. I want them to love their selves, and to have the compassion to love others for who they are, as well.

I might not do everything the same as you, or possibly anyone else for that matter, but I guess that’s what makes me who I am, and I’m ok with that.

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7 Responses to Bad Kids: I’ll Agree to Disagree

  1. Everyone should just get along with each other no matter their differences. If everyone was the same then the world would be boring.

  2. 🙂 I tell my husband this all the time. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Right on, Mama! Do yo thang and be happy.

  4. Absolutely!! It sounds like you are raising the kind of kids that will make strong, well adjusted adults!

  5. 🙂 As we all should! Thanks so much for leaving some love Pattie.

  6. 🙂 Thanks for the sweet comment. I certainly hope that I am, but only time will tell.

  7. It most certainly can be frustrating! However, it's all in the process of teaching them – what's right, what's wrong, what's respectful, and what's not. All in the day's work of a parent lol . Thanks so much so stopping by and leaving some love!

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