Be The Change

“Don’t forget we need razors and bacon, because bacon!” He pipes in from the shower.

“I’m very aware of your love for bacon and I’m far more likely to remember it, than I am to remember razors but I’ll write it down.” I sputtered out through a foamy, yet minty fresh, mouth that spattered the mirror with a light blue mist.

“History would say you’ll either forget the list or lose it along the way; half way through the day you’ll text saying ‘just got home. 🙁 forgot the razors. Pick them up? :)’ and I may as well just to get them myself.” Responds the hairy face of a frustrated husband.

“I’ll remember! I’m going to sharpie that shit on my hand, right now! So nah!!” Out pops my inner child and off I trot to do just that. Typical banter of our daily lives; him preparing for another day of work and me heading off for the weekly groceries. Just another day,

I’d made the trip a million times; I could navigate the path in my sleep, not that I would. This time was different though, my body vibrated with fear and imagines flash through my mind of a little boy with a bright red shirt, chasing a ball into the street and then the flash of a five before he’s hit. I recognize the street from our weekly drive and with every flash of the future I receive, comes the knowledge that trouble is only moments away; in this case, only five minutes and the street is at least three minutes from me. Doesn’t seem like much but I know a stubborn street light sits between the two of us.

The light is red and I hope it’s due for a change as I debate whether I should slow or not; the light turns and I swiftly increase speed as I approach the intersection of impending doom. Yards from me stands a small boy in his bright red shirt, balancing a ball upon his head. His mother stands near as they wait for the bus, too busy with her phone to watch as closely as one should. I pull to the side, just in time to see the ball fall from it’s balancing grace; bounding off into the street as that sweet little boy chases after. The biggest danger? The on-coming pickup truck with a driver too busy texting to pay proper attention. With the snap of my fingers I pause the scene, only inches from the horrific moment.

No worries, I’ve become fairly brilliant at what I do. What is it that I do? Well, I haven’t really come up with a name for it. In short, I suppose I re-write what should be; I stop disasters; I dissolve the negative and produce the positive.

I step out of the car and approach the mother first; frozen in time, with her face in that phone. I place one hand on head and the other on heart. “Have the wisdom to do right and the knowledge to know how.” I place the phone in her pocket and adjust her slouchy posture – may as well why I’m here.

I walk over to the boy and bring him back to his mother’s side, joining them hand in hand. I tuck the ball under his arm and place one hand on the head and one the heart. “Safety first little one. Have the love of a child heart for all, the wisdom to do right and the knowledge to know how.”

Lastly I approached the truck and climb in – sure enough he’s sat with head bowed a bit too low and his eyes focused on that phone. I lifted his gaze and straightened his back; I placed both hands on the wheel and the phone in his pocket. I place one hand on his head and the other on his heart. “Have the wisdom to do right and the knowledge to know how. Also be a gentlemen, always! It’s important.” I like to cover my bases but as you can see, I’ve developed my own little rhythm; tried and true.

I walk back to my car and climb in as I prepare to bring time back to motion. What was once written is now anew and I snap my fingers. Time resumes; the truck drives on with a vigilant driver and the mother swings the hand of her little boy as they giggle at one another. I smile as they drift away and my eyes open to another day, as I wake from another limitless dream – the one place where the rules don’t apply and anything is possible.

Okay, so maybe I can’t see into the future and I can’t stop time because in reality all the limits stills apply but if I could do away with the limits, I’d change the world, one problem at a time. The message? Pay attention in life because it’s the only one you’re ever going to get and of course “Have the wisdom to do right and the knowledge to know how, in all the things you do in life. Keep the head and heart closely connected.”

Please also remember that no text; no status update; no email and certainly no call, is worth your life or anyone else’s. Push the boundaries of statistics and help stop senseless deaths and accidents; wait until you’re stopped to make those calls or responds to that text! Your life and the lives around you matter much more! #AllLivesMatter

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