Blogtember: Day 1 Challenge

I’ve decided to take on the blog challenge over at “Story of my Life”, for the month of September. Why not change things up a bit, and try something new, right? Right! The first days challenge can be summed up as a “Digging up the Past to get to know you” post. If you’ve followed for awhile then you’ve caught the “Digging up the Past” series that goes into a fair amount of the household, and people I came from. If you want to go a bit more in depth, then id look there. for this post i’m just going to do a bit of highlighting.

I’m a born and raised Tallahassee Lassie. (Yeah, I’ve never said that and you couldn’t pay me to say it again.) From what I know, my family has been around these parts for quite a long time. Both my mother and fathers family are big into fishing, hunting, cooking, football…and of course NASCAR. Though I still can’t grasp NASCAR, I wouldn’t enjoy driving around a track…repeatedly, while peeing on myself…but that’s a post in itself.

Basically, we are the front porch sitting, sweet tea drinking, animal killing (eat what kill principles), corn bread eating, boiled peanut loving, southerners. With a touch of too damn loud in large crowds, and some sprinkled crazy here and there.

I grew up in a fairly crappy, somewhat run down, house. Yes, only a few years of my life has been spent in trailers. Though, if it wasn’t for the fact that it was free, we would have likely been in a trailer, in a crappy little park. The best thing about the place was the fact that there were only three houses on the street, and each one had a large lot.

Ours sat beside one big field, and in front of one large field. The large field was owned by a nice old couple, who I can’t say I ever really remember meeting face to face. Instead, I meet him only in passing. As I lay out along the outstretched limb of my favorite tree, where I watched as the farmer passed in his big tractor, plowing his field and waving. It was in the little moments like that when I felt most connected to my roots. As if I were transported back in time, when life was simpler, and people were a lot nicer. It felt very small town, homey even, and that’s the way I like to think of where I came from.

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