Blogtember Day 11: Leave the Memories Behind

Blogtember Day 11

Leave the memories behindĀ 

A memory I’d love to relive? Talk about hard. I’ve been thinking on this one for a while now and it’s official….I have none. I wouldn’t want to relive any of my memories, even the decent ones. I guess I’m not someone who could just relive the moment, I’d want to fix all the wrongs.
I could relive having one of my kids, but no one wants to do that. Sure it was a great moment, but at the same time the moment wasn’t what I wanted it to be so I’d only want to go back to change things.

Same goes for my wedding, past dates/relationships, holidays, vacations, all of them. I wouldn’t want to relive any of them and if I had to, I’d only be doing it to change something. No, I think I’ll just keep moving forward and hope that one day I experience a moment that I would want to live a million times over again, until then…it is what it is.

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