Blogtember Day 16: Review: Publix Supermarket

Review: Publix Supermarket
Publix has been my go-to store since I’ve had children. In comparison to many other supermarkets, I found that I could always get more and spend less, if I went to Publix. Of course, that doesn’t apply to all items as their household goods can be a bit higher priced. However, their customer service makes up for it.

Publix is the only supermarket I’ve been to where the employees will go out of their way to help you. In most cases I don’t have to ask for help because multiple employees have already asked if they can help me with anything.

The stores I’ve frequented are always very clean, well run and the shelves are always stocked. This is big plus because I absolutely hate when you go to store only to find that half the items you need aren’t in supply.

I admit that Publix won me over when I was pregnant and made a trip for a very large load. Sure I needed the food but no pregnant women wants to unload a packed cart….only to repeat the process at the car and then at home. Thankfully a wonderful manger insisted I let him do it, and they of course their was someone waiting to see me out, it was a pregnant women dream.

Recently I was shocked when I opened a package of ground beef and found staples inside the meat. Upon finding this I of course contacted Publix Headquarters. Honestly, I was half mad but mostly just concerned that they may might want to work on not stapling things around the meat.

In total I had to email twice but was then promptly contacted by the stores manager. The woman was very friendly, and we discussed when the meat was purchased, and what was found. She apologized many times and of course they refunded me my meat purchase, as well as an additional gift card for all the trouble, and to hopefully keep coming back.

Though no one wants staples in their meat, I realize that accidents happen. I don’t feel as if an employee was back there in a bad mood, loading raw meat with staples. I will continue to shop with Publix, and I am very satisfied by their prompt response, and execution of said problem.

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