Blogtember Day 17: What’s a Mistake anyways?

Today’s prompt is to write about a mistake I’ve made. Hmmm….I try hard not to regret things or to screw up so I really have no idea where this is going to go. That’s probably bad blogging, huh?
Lets see, I could say that marrying my husband was a mistake but then I wouldn’t have my kids. I could say my kids were a mistake but my life would be lonely without them and really depressing.

I could say not finishing high school was a mistake but I got my GED before I was suppose to graduate and I got two years off before I was no longer my parents “problem”. Oh the sweet old age of 18. Though, I didn’t spend much time there in those two years. As little as possible anyhow.

I could say that the one night stand was a mistake….but it taught me a lot. One, do it at his place and have a ride home. Him broke down at your place after a terrible…short, roll in the hay, is just AWKWARD!! Two, doing it with someone you have to see in a work environment…is also AWKWARD!!

I could say that snorting crystal meth was a mistake but it taught me that I’m tough and I know my limits. When you pass out after two days and don’t know where you are…but don’t care because all you can think about is where do I get more?..a smart person knows not to get more, Yay me? Also, those were two of the best nights of my life and I can’t regret that. *Side note: Kids, drugs are bad! Mmmmk?* (Also, ImNoHumdrum-Mum does NOT support the use of such drugs.)

I guess in the end I don’t really see mistakes or screw ups as being a bad thing. When all is said and done you normally come out a wiser and stronger person. Therefore in my little world mistakes don’t exist, it’s all one learning experience after another.

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