Blogtember Day 20: Facebook Ruin-ers

Today’s prompt is a letter to our Facebook friends…oh boy.

Dear Random, annoying Facebook acquaintances…and family,

Whatever happened to sharing some funny pictures and lightening up people’s day? Why is it when people see the words “What’s on your Mind?” Do they always feel the need to share pointless or over dramatic drama?

Yes, we get it! You love god, you’re Miss. Holy Perfection and all is awesome because you’re straight with Jesus. Yay for you, I’m cool with that…however, twenty posts a day about the bible and how you’re doing the religious life “right” is just annoying.

Now if you guys aren’t bad enough, the few of you who constantly go on about how bad life is…STOP IT. First off, no one wants to hear constant complaints about your life. Sure, things happen but you don’t have to share them all. Also, don’t sit here and go on and on about how your life really sucks but it’s okay because you know this all just part of god’s plan – also annoying.

I’m sorry….(okay, I’m really not) but saying things like that just makes people seem…slow? To me. Non-smart? I’m trying to avoid the word stupid here….mostly because my mommy says it’s not nice to call people stupid.
I just can’t help it that the logical part of me is saying ” okay, if there was a God and he was all powerful and all knowing and controlled things, then why would he kill your dog? God said yes you’ve fought hard to save him but screw that and struck him down…and that’s a good thing because you’re going to be stronger in the end? Are you kidding me?”

Logic is screaming, a decent god would reward your hard work by letting your dog live. Only an asshole would watch you care for the dog day in and day out, then strike it down for the hell of it. You people drive me crazy; I now scan everything I’m going to read just to make sure it’s not going to turn out being about god.

Now, while we’re on the subject of dogs, no one wants to see pictures of your dead dog, you crying, or a grave. Please people, just leave it to a simple status of “awe my dog died” or anything that’s not over the top and sopped in depression. Everyone knows that it sucks when a beloved dog dies, you don’t have to explain it and you don’t have to go on and on about it. No one else really cares about your dog, they might care that your feeling are hurt….you know if they even like you but other than that….no one cares. You just end up looking like a weirdo, or one of those needy people who have to fish for sympathy.

As for the rest of you, I’m tired of political bull-crap, the overdone camel and your freaking duck faces. Quack, quack bitch, go live in a pond if you want be a duck so bad. You don’t look cute, no one wants to kiss you, and all your “beautiful” comments are from other hoes that are lying or guys who just want to screw you. If you didn’t know, those guys will say anything, so put your lips right and get over yourself.

Ridiculous damn people! Geeez.

Just another Face”Boo” junky.

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