Blogtember Day 7: Online Shopping


Blogtember day 7:

Online shopping

Today we are sharing online shops that we like. Yikes! I’m not a huge online shopper, mostly because I don’t like to wait for the items to arrive…..and I’m a broke bitch. I do of course have a few sites I buy from but it’s not all that exciting so I’m apologizing for the boring post ahead of time, haha.

1. Etsy
2. Amazon
3. Yarn Market
4. Royal Yarns

Like I said, I don’t really shop online so there isn’t much to share. On top of that, I don’t have any pictures of things I would want, because I don’t really want anything. You could probably put me in the woods with a stick and a rock and id still be happier than 90% of the population. I have what I need and that is enough for me. I feel like wanting is just wasted effort. Also, online shopping can be a big hurt to local small business, so I’d much rather just take a trip to a local shop then buy online from bob only knows who.

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