Blogtember Day 8: Changes

Today’s topic is how social media and blogging has changed us.

1. I now take pictures of my food. I wasn’t one for doing this, but I love to cook and sharing recipes means taking pictures of my food. Not only am I now taking the pictures but I also get a bit mad when I forget, especially if the meal turned out Perfect.

Ex: I made this awesome taco wonton “pie”, turned out perfect, came out of the pan perfect and I took no pictures because I figured it wouldn’t work….boy was I kicking myself in the butt after that.

2. Since I’ve started blogging and getting more into how things work, I find that I spend about the equivalent of a full time job….online.

3. Since I’ve gotten more serious about blogging…my kids may occasionally get away with a little more. “Can I go play in traffic?” Kid, “Okay, just make sure you take your brothers with you.” Hahaha, Just kidding guys, lighten up. (For the nervous nellies, I would never let my kids play in traffic, or any other dangerous thing of the short.)

4. Through blogging I have been able to shut the doors on some of my past. Though I’ve been settled with most of it, as it is what it is and you just can’t do much about that but accept it. However, some of it still has that haunt you feel to it, and closing the doors on that feeling is not good.

5. I’ve come to find that my over 2,000 songs playlist is getting old. Apparently I go through a lot of music when writing.

6. Through blogging I’ve found that though I’ve always known my life has been pretty messed up, nothing confirms it like fully processing the events and then putting it out there for the world to read.

Alright guy, gals and whomever else there may be, that’s all I’ve got for you.
I don’t really feel like blogging or social media has changed me all that much, but I do know that it’s been a positive aspect in my life…so far.

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