Carefree Acti-Fresh Pantiliner Review


I recently received the New Carefree Acti-Fresh, Body shape, Pantiliners (Regular, non-scented) to review, yay me… Okay, so pantiliners aren’t the hottest thing to review but someone has to do it! Just like someone has to play the role in commercials about adult diapers and Viagra. When you break it all down, it’s just another part of life, for some people.


 Admittedly, I’ve never put a lot thought into pantiliners, no more than the average person. For the most part, I’ve thought them all too basically be the same. The only question I’ve ever asked myself was, does it work or not? I know, no very in-depth and it wouldn’t make for much of a review. So when I received the Carefree Acti-Fresh Body Shape Pantiliners (Regular, non-scented), I decided to try and cover it all of my bases.


First, I’d like you to meet the New product, which comes in a small, easy to store, package. The liners themselves are very thin, convenient to carry and easy to console. This liner could easily be tossed in the back pocket of your tightest jeans, without anyone being the wiser. Simply enough, it could easily be confused for a thin business card or what I imagine an ultra-razor thin wallet would look like. As far as privacy is concerned, this is one of the most discreet liner products, I’ve seen yet.




 Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners (Regular, non-scented) measures in at six inches in length, two inches at its narrowest width and two & quarter inches at its widest. For my size (which is a bit more to love), the liners length covers the panties panel, front seam to back seam. For my personal taste, I find this to be a bit on the short side, as I prefer more coverage, for better ease of mind. However, I did preform my own ‘scientific’ tilt test that did prove these liners to be effective in absorbing liquid before it has a chance to run off, in any direction.




 Next, I tested to see how well this product stays in place. I’m sure that many women can attest to the fact that all liners and pads, for that matter, are not created equal. In most cases, wings can be a very useful tool for holding our feminine products in place. In other cases, they can feel bulky and end up being more of a nightmare than a help. The Carefree Acti-Fresh Body Shape Liners (Regular, non-scented) I received are without wings but withstand the everyday movements of life, without slipping, bunching or falling off. This also plays a factor into their compact size and comfort. When placed into the panties, these liners become invisible, both in sight and feel. There will be no bulge to worry over and their ‘paper-like’ thinness gives plenty of ‘breathing room’ to keep that fresh, non-sweaty vagina, feeling, while not leaving you overly dry at the same time.




 Honestly, if you hadn’t put it on yourself, you’d never know it was there. That is, until you have a leak. As I stated before, my tests prove that the liner is effective in successfully catching the liquid at different angles. When it came to the test of leaks, my concern lied in how much the product would hold and how the held liquid would leave you feeling. In my testing I found that a very small amounts, such as a light dripping, the product could easily suite need without discomfort to the user. In my example, you have an area where I released three equal drops of orange juice. As you can see, this was soaked up nicely and a leak of slow rate wouldn’t leave you feeling damp. By the 5min mark, the smaller spot left no moisture, on the skin, when touched.




 However, if the leak is at a higher rate, the results may not be so pleasant. In my second example, I show you what 1ml of orange juice looks like. Though it is soaked up, it’s never going to be fully soaked in. At two minutes, this product is still very wet and after five minutes it was still fairy wet to the touch and would easily leaving you feeling a damp, if you had heavier leakage.


 In conclusion, the product has a lot of positive features and its size/invisible comfort are the best of them. With that being said, I feel that this product is more suited for the light beginnings/ends of a menstrual cycle or a very light leak. I feel that in the case of larger leaks or ‘gushes’, one might feel more comfortable in a liner that can hold the moisture a bit better. If I experienced ‘gushes’ when laughing, coughing, sneezing or moving, I don’t believe I’d find the most comfort in this product. I certainly don’t feel that I’d want to sit through a movie, meeting, date or even an hour long lunch with giggling girlfriends. For me, I believe I’d end up feeling the need to change after every leak and if that was the goal, we’d save the money and just keep changing the panties.


 (Blogger notes: I’d like to thanks Carefree and Influenster for the chance to review this new product for all the curious minds out there. To those people, I hope you’ve found this review helpful. Feel free to leave any comments or concern and please also remember that all opinions are my own. Results may vary for size, shape and degree of leakage.)
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