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Potty Training: 10 Things Parents Don’t Tell You.

Hello minions, it’s a “Monday” on Tuesday, and I’m sure you’re all dreading getting back to the norm. We spent our long weekend in the pool and watching movies, it was as relaxing as life gets with three little ones. … Continue reading

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Woody the Woopecker goes Bad-Boy.

* BANG, BANG, BANG!!*  Who is that hammering on my porch? Maybe it’s the neighbor, this area has a great echo, I’m probably just hearing him.  (2 days later.)   * Bang, bang,bang, tap, tap,tap!* What in the world is … Continue reading

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Top 20: Thoughts

Top 20 Things I think about while waiting in line. 1. Why is it when I come into the store no one is in line, but when I’m ready to leave, its like someone threw up the green flag at … Continue reading

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20 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming Mom

Having a child makes you realize the importance of life – narcissism goes out the window. Heaven on earth is looking at my little boy. The minute he was born, I knew if I never did anything other than being … Continue reading

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Dear New Mom

Dear new mom, You’ve happily ushered in your new bundle of joy and for the first time, it feels like the rest of your life has begun. After all, nothing defines ’til death do us part like being a mother. … Continue reading

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You know you’re a mom…

Hello all, I’m back again and in a humorous mood. Parenting is like a 24/7 job at the circus! So I bring you my collection of “You know you’re a mom…” 1. When using the bathroom in peace is as … Continue reading

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OMG – Mommy Moments

In the past four years of having kids I’ve had my fair share of “oh my god” moments. Enough so, that I decided to compile a small list of things my kids have done, that I never expected to be … Continue reading

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