Children’s Story: Little Fumble Bumble

Hello minions,

I’ve been feeling creative these past few days. My mind is all over the place and ideas are flowing out at rapid speeds. I’ve been working for a couple years on different children’s books. I’ve always loved the idea of one day publishing my own book set of children’s books. This is a goal that I hope to one day achieve.

For now, I’m going to keep blogging and working on my pieces/ books, and sharing with you guys. I’ve been working with a little character (Monster) named Fumble Bumble, he’s been many things and I have a ton of different Fumble Bumble stories, but this one is the first I feel slightly “in like” with.

My children love all my stories, they certainly aren’t picky and are easily entertained. Today I thought I’d share a little story and you guys get to give it a big YAY!!! Or NAH!!!! While you’re at it, grab the kids and let them give a cheer, or boo and hiss. Let Fumble Bumble know what you think of him.

(Sorry, no pictures. I am certainly not any kind of artist when it comes to drawing. I have the pictures in my head but getting them to paper is a whole other thing.)

Fumble Bumble is a little monster.

He has twisted feet and greasy hands.

Fumble Bumbles feet muddle every step.

Fumble Bumbles hands turn everything to rubble.

Fumble Bumble is a big clumsy jumble.

All the other monsters laugh at little Fumble Bumble.

Until One day when Fumble Bumble was in a rumble.

He was tired of being a clumsy jumble so he went to Dr. Grumble.

Dr. Grumble mumbled ” Poor little Fumble Bumble, you have butterfingers and stumble-feet. With patience and time, you’ll be just fine. We all get it sometimes. Why just today, I woke with a case of stumble feet and tumbled from my sleep.”

Fumble Bumble felt better knowing he was not alone.

He left Dr. Grumble’s proud to be Fumble Bumble, the little monster with butterfingers and stumble feet.

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  1. What a lovely story! So creative! Thank you for spreading JOY and sharing at the Oh What a HAPPY Day party.

    Holly at Not Done Growing

  2. Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment!.

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