Day 3: Advice

Day 3 of the Blogtember Challenge is to share some advice or information that has stuck with us. So far, this one seems to be a bit on the challenging side. I didn’t think it would be so hard to think of some advice, or information I had been given. I really can’t remember any advice I’ve been given, it always seems like I’m the one people come to for advice.

Since nothing comes to mind, then I suppose no one has ever really shared anything knowledgeable with me…that I have felt the need to remember. With that realization, I began looking at the topic in more of a “what do I hold true” kind of way.

Thinking of the topic from this view, made it a bit simpler. I believe the biggest “knowledgeable” bit of information I’ve picked up, is that life is not about materialistic things. It doesn’t matter if you’re the “Queen” or the “peasant”. ¬†You can have the biggest home and all the extras to go along with it, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be happy.

Material items, money, fancy cars, and all the works won’t matter on your death bed. None of the things you owned, bought, sold, or won, will matter. All that will matter are the people you love and how you chose to live your life. If you only chase the materialistic aspects of life, then you are likely to be very disappointed in the end.

Embrace the ones you love, be kind, make some lasting memories and do your best to be a good person. These are the things that will count the most in the end.

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