Day 5: Personality Test

For today’s post we were instructed to take a personality test. I don’t know about you, but I’ve taken plenty of these little online tests, so this sounds super fun. Well, this was one of those serious tests. I mean, they really want to sum you up and admittedly, they did a pretty good job.

From what I could understand between all them big, fancy, city folk words; is that I’m complex, a real thinker, a dreamer, caring, and a bit judge-y. Yeah, it got me to the T. I have an opinion about everything. I think serious law breakers should be punished and I generally don’t care about how others feel in regards to my principles.

Frankly, this test did offer a lot of roundabout, mumbo jumbo, that you likely already know anyways. It is interesting to know that people with these same personality traits end up in the same kind of jobs. Like, care givers, writers, public service, animal rescuing, heroic acts and activist type of roles.

I could lay out some of the things they’ve said, but instead I’m going to translate it NoHumdrum-Mum style.

1. I’m Rocky. Yes, the boxer. I come packing punches and I mean business. (Believe me, the way they said it was a way more boring.)

2. If life was That 70’s Show, I’d be Hyde. I question everything, the word conspiracy often leave my lips…even if it is a joke. I always have a crazy theory, and I’m picky about the people I keep around me.

3. My times priceless, not just anyone is worth it. If I consider you a friend, then I consider you family. Friendships are not just passing relationships, they’re lasting bonds.

4. My “type” is often unsettled, and always looking for a good time. We always want to paint the town red and fly by the seat of our pants. (Yeah, that sounds about right.)

Over all, I’m pretty awesome and that test had a very boring way of saying it…..just saying. 🙂

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