#DStrong – You’re Already Famous

Today I dedicate my site and social media accounts to Dorian Murray, an almost eight year old boy who’s been fighting cancer for half his life. Recently his family has been informed that there are no more treatment options for Dorian and that the cancer has spread to his brain. Dorian has one last wish, and that is to be known globally. Today, along with many other sites, we come together to flood the web with messages for Dorian.
Please join us and take a moment to send a message, take a selfie, or create a photo that you can tag with the hashtag #DStrong. Let this sweet little soul know that his name is known, he is famous and that the world is thinking of him. Let him know we stand behind him and his family as they go through this difficult time. Choose to make a difference and flood the Internet for a sweet little boy who’s only wish is to be known.
As for my house, you’re already famous little man!


But not just in my home! You’ve also become famous to these busy Semi Techs and Associates who work hard to keep the trucks on the road but no worries, they had plenty of time to stop and let you know that they’re #DStrong too. Tallahassee, Fl has you and your family in our thoughts. 
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