Duggar Scandal: It’s a Shocker


 The Duggar’s closet has been left wide open and the size of their “skeleton” is shocking. TMZ is reporting that Josh Duggar has recently been under investigation for child molestation. From what police say, Josh Duggar molested at least five girls, some of which, were his sisters.
Can you imagine the devastation you’d feel as a parent? I know I’d feel like a complete failure but maybe that’s just me. As for the Duggarparents? Well, it seems that they felt a little manual labor was just what he needed. Jim Bob referred to it at as a treatment center but unfortunately for him, Michelle Duggar wasn’t on the same page and admitted it was simply working on a remodeling project.
I don’t know about you guys but as a Mom, I’m not sure this would be enough for me. As someone who has experienced molestation, I KNOW that this isn’t enough. These parents should have been asking a lot of questions! Starting with: Why did you feel the need to do this? Followed by, has this been happening to you? Then I’d be searching hard for a good shrink! If you feel the need to molest people or you have been molested, you’re going to need many hours of therapy. Sending your child off to do a little hard work isn’t going to solve this problem.
Ok, so he was fourteen. It’s not an excuse but I could see how one would make stupid decisions but this seems a bit extreme. The shocking part comes into play because this is a family that many people look up to. They’re holy and about the only bad act you can catch them in, is the occasionally misspoken opinions. Whether it be the Jessa Duggar, holocaust/abortion comparison or the Michelle Duggar ‘Obey Your Husband’ controversy. It was all pretty tame stuff or miscommunication related, until this ONE. Molestation, Rape and Murder are the top three worst crimes you could possibly commit and child molesters are one of the most hated criminals, when it comes to being in jail. Due to the fact that everyone has a kid, brother, nephew or niece in their life. If you’re charged, you best be ready for a sentence full of ass whooping’s from fellow inmates, after all, even thugs have a law.
I believe one of the biggest things that shocks us about this case, is that we believe this boy was being raised right. The family has bragged about training their children right, from day one. However, by the age of fourteen, he should have known it was wrong already. As much as we’ve seen of the Duggars, there’s no way he was unaware of what he was doing. He made the conscious decision to molest these girls, knowing, without doubt, that what he was doing was wrong. Instead of feeling bad about it or changing his way, he went on to do it at least another four times that they know of. That to me, shows there is a real problem here, clearly Josh Duggar needed more help than a little hard work, God or church going, could do for him.
  He has disgraced his family, he’s disgraced his wife and he’s really disgraced the foundation of his marriage. Honestly, he may as well just pull out the Marriage License and stomp all over it. Sure, you didn’t even hug your wife before marriage but just a few short years ago, you were molesting girls….including your sisters. If I were Anna Duggar, I’d be absolutely disgusted and as a mother, I’d have to worry about our daughter’s safety. If his sisters weren’t off limits, what’s to say his children would be? I’d be packing the bags, filing for divorce and taking every last dime he has. I personally, just couldn’t stand beside someone who would do something so disturbing.
For me, I’m not all too shocked about scandal. One, Josh looks like the creeper type. Two, they fell into the one “law”, I’ve always found to be correct “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is” and the Duggars are no exception. They play a great family and they have a lot people who work with them, which say they are the real deal. However, I’d say that if anything is clear, it’s that there is something going on behind closed doors. For everyone’s sake, I hope it’s all bullshit but my guess is that this isn’t the only scandal we’ll be hearing about in the future.


Let’s face it, with that many kids, something was bound to happen. Even with all the family training, love, church going and morals, Josh Duggar still managed to commit a huge sin. I imagine TLC is in debates to whether they should carry on the show or possibly lose Josh Duggar and his little family, all together. Either way, I imagine there are a lot of panties in a twist right about now and that well be finding out in the next few days.  After all, molesting your sisters is a way worse offense than anything Honey Boo Boo did, when working with TLC.
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