Easy-Peasy Bacon, egg & Cheesy “Muffins”

Today I bring you my Easy-peasy Bacon, Egg & Cheesy “Muffins”. It was the most annoying name I could come up with, so you’re welcome for that. Other than the overly cutesy name, they’re pretty dang awesome and super easy to make. No rocket science is required for this recipe and it’ll make those holiday morning breakfasts, fast and delicious.

What you’ll need:

-Biscuits – I used Pillsbury Flakey Honey Biscuits. You can feel free to use any type you’d like.
-Muffin tin
-Eggs – I used 4 large eggs for 8 Biscuits and 4 extra egg “pucks” to fill up the muffin tin.
-Bacon – you can cook your own up as I did, or buy the precooked kind if you want to speed the process up, or skip the hassle.
-Salt and pepper
-Cheese of your choice

Make the magic happen:

1. Go ahead and cook your bacon up if you didn’t buy precooked bacon. Don’t feel like you have to buy precooked though, I didn’t and it only took a few extra minutes. If you own a griddle then it’ll be pretty dang fast, just place all your bacon on the griddle then turn on to 350. I placed a large pan over them to ensure they stayed extra flat. Even crispness and what-not. You don’t have to go through all this…I just really love my bacon, my way. (Side note: placing your bacon in a cold pan or griddle and bringing it up to heat will yield flatter strips of bacon without the use of a pan, I just like mine “ironing board” flat.)

2. Crumble or chop your bacon up and set aside.

3. Scramble your egg with salt and pepper. (You can use any seasonings you like, this is just my preference. I won’t get mad, promise!)

4. Roll or flatten your biscuits out and line you muffin tin. It’s ok if you bought the larger biscuits like me and the edges come over the top of the muffin cup. This means you’re going to have a larger muffin top. (If you eat enough of these you may get a whole other kind of muffin top. Haha) If you use smaller biscuits, you’ll end up with just a cup, or muffin bottom. This is still yummy but you won’t have the same muffin look as you’ll in the pictures. Either way, just line your muffin tin with the biscuits.

5. Fill all your cups with egg, including the muffin tin cup that don’t have biscuits, just make sure you butter those 4 really good, so your egg “pucks” come out easily. (No worries they won’t be greasy. Also, don’t butter the cups you place biscuits in!! This is NOT needed!)

6. Throw your bacon in all the cups, including the egg “pucks”. Then top all of them with cheese and place in oven for 20mins.



The last picture has two of the muffins sitting on one of the egg “pucks”. As you can see the egg “puck” simply look like an egg patty. They’re super yummy but they’re no “muffin” so I didn’t feel a need to take a bunch of pictures of them. I’m just saying you shouldn’t overlook them because they’re awesome, and you could easily do egg “pucks”only, or you could bake your biscuits normally and do the egg “pucks” for an easy at home egg Mcmuffin that doesn’t suck!
You can do this the night before and heat them in the morning for a fast breakfast. You can sit down with these and add jelly, syrup, butter, or even a nice sausage gravy. These are very versatile, you can add peppers, veggies, plain, whatever float your boat, go for it. You can even do these with a fruit filling instead of an omelet type filling. Your kids will love it, the family will ask for over and over. You can take these to your brunches and impress the girls. Cook these at the in-laws and have them eatting out your hands, haha. You dont have to be a master chef to do these, so stop worring, go have fun with it and enjoy.

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