Fellatio Friday: Anal Intrigue

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I stood at the opening of the balconies French doors and the lace curtain tickled my ankles as the wind brushed its delicate fabric against me. My silk robe, barely long enough to cover my voluptuous ass, felt cool and smooth on my skin. I ran my hands along my neck and up into my hair, coming back down to caress my cheek; remembering the tingle his warm, rugged hands, left radiating through me.

He still lay passed-out in the bed; hungover from another successful night of sexual exploration. We made it a habit to fully explore one another. We needed to know every crease, every fold, every dimple, every perfection and imperfection. As we examine the others body, we listen for the moans, the gasps and the encouraging cues of a verbal high-five : “oh my god” , “oh, yes” , “right there”, “harder” , “faster”  The mission being to always leave the other person begging you not to stop.

I leaned into the frame as I stared back at him; one leg peaking from the satin sheets, an arm raised above his head and his cock standing for its morning salute – tempting me beneath its tent like captivity. He shifts his hips and his cock waves, as if to say “Hello. Come on over.” I slipped a hand under my robe; trapping my clit between two fingers as I began to knead the little pink bit of flesh that hides behind the smooth vail of that which makes me all, woman.

My free hand found its way to massaging and groping my breast – bringing on memories of the aggressive hold he used as I firmly bounced in his lap the night before. He had been in a particularly dominating and demanding mood; a common occurrence after a bad day at work – he enjoyed taking out his frustration in the bedroom and I had the bruises to prove it but I loved every minute of it.

I crept over to the bed – though I’m not sure why, he’s always been a heavy sleeper; especially after a long-night’s play session. I slide beneath the sheets at the foot of the bed, creeping up between his thighs. One hand lifted his balls as I ran my tongue from taint to tip; only moving backdown just enough to outline his bulbous head. He began to stir as my tongue manipulated the veins that now throbbed with exhilaration.

Tiny groans escaped him as if all of this was but a dream, for him – but I knew exactly how to rouse him; placing a finger in my mouth I gave it a good lube before slipping it between his perfectly waxed crack. I teased his rim before slowly entering his tight hole just as I took his broad cock into my mouth; the lower my mouth went the deeper my finger went. I felt him awaken in my mouth and just as I reached the bottom of his lengthy cock and the end of my longest finger, I felt the familiar grasp of a surprised man, on the back of my head.

His body momentarily tensed from the shock of his exhilarating wake-up but his intrigue grew rapidly. His voice booms “You dirty little whore!” As he further crams my mouth with the assistance of his now raised pelvis and the applied force of his hand on my head. I felt him wrap his fingers through my thick curls – entangling the two – requiring me to ease my breathing as the anticipation grew, I knew I was due to receive punishment.

With a tilted wrist, the heel of his palm kept my head held down as his fingers threatened to pull me bald. My heart raced and in the middle of an exhale I felt him rip me from my resting position; pumping my skull up and down his shaft as I matched his pace while massaging him from within. He slammed my throat with brutal force, leaving me to gag with every intrusion of his cock.

He takes one last firm thrust into my throat before leaving me back at a resting position; jaw quivering around the mass that’s forced its full extension and made my facial muscles ache deep into my ears. He turns my head and his cock bulges into my cheek as his free hand meets my face with fiery enthusiasm. “Who’s my nasty girl?” I moan a muffled “me” and the vibration causes a shake in his legs. “All fours bitch! It’s my turn.” He demands in his sexy commander voice – his deep tunes always left me moist – as if my vagina knew his voice and the commander always obtained her attention.

I pulled myself from between his legs and posted up on all fours like a good little bitch. He dove into my ass, teasing my hole with his tongue as he prepared me for an anal assault. He probed me with one, two, three fingers before plummeting into the depths of my tight ass; loosening me up with every thrust of his hips – increasing force and depth until his cock fills me entirely.

He pounded me like a raw piece of steak; each hit sent me howling with desire for another firm impact into my backside – his balls slapped my pussy, sending vibrating waves of shock through my clit that made me crave every hit. He took one last dive into me, sending me over, face first into the bed. I pushed my self up and crawled over to him; taking him into my mouth, I cleaning him free of my juices before laying back.

He pulled my legs into the air, leaving them to lean on his shoulders as he drove himself deep into the warm constraints of my convulsing vaginal walls. I toyed with my clit and begged him to make me cum. Our rhythmic breathing grew more labored and our moans became one as we reached the edges of ecstasy together before collapsing into one another in a mass of sweat and cum. He rolled from me and sat back on the bed and watched as I scooped our combined cream from my pussy; letting the contents drips from my finger tips into my waiting mouth – licking the lost drops as they trickled over my lips.

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