Fellatio Friday: Daydream

I ache when he’s away; not in a way such as love. Nay, it’s more out of need than love or even lust. It is of craving and yearning; animalistic urges to feed the deep seeded fantasies which linger on the forefront of my mind. I ache at my core when he’s gone; ache like the land gone bare when the rains refuse to replenish its soil. I ache for him to tend to me like a garden over grown – budding with ripe fruit waiting for him to pluck me from the vine and savor me on his lips.  

When distance finds its way between us, I find myself caught up in my daydreams. My cheeks grow warm with heat, a fire blazes inside as thoughts of his hands invade my mind. Large rugged hands, one could easily confuse for the paws of a beast in the night. Work-worn hands add to his rugged exterior; his touch fills me with a nervous excitement, which causes me to shake without fail.

His touch causes a shiver, leaving my skin covered in goose-bumps and the more his hands search my body, the warmer I become – melting like ice in his hands; dripping with arousal at the grace of his fingers on my skin. My breathing becomes rapid and my heart races as I anxiously await his every move. His fingertips brush the hair over my shoulder, trailing off around my neck to take hold; pressing himself into my back – his erection firm against me, fueling my arousal as I feel his heat against my neck.

His warm breath against my chilled skin beings to overwhelm my senses as I await to feel his lips taste my flesh; consuming me, nibbling and biting – making me shake in his grasp, weak in the knees – my hand pushing his head firmly against me, increasing the pressure of his already firm kisses as he travels over neck and shoulder. His hand grasps my hair, pulling my head back and further exposing my neck for his taking, devouring me like a man long starved.

He takes a firm grasp of my breast, perking my nipples up as he rolls them between his fingers. One hand takes leave of my breast and his fingers lightly graze my skin as he travels down my side, over my hip and pelvis to find their way to my clit. Slipping between my warm wet folds, trapping my clit between his fingers and messaging until I squirm before him. He releases his grip and pushes me over on the bed; ass up, on all fours as buries his face in me, his tongue massaging my clit – firm rotations of figure eights, sending tingling waves up my spine that burst out in long, lustful moans. 

His hands spread me wide, opening me to dive deeper into my wet pussy; his tongue eagerly fucking my tight hole as he furiously laps up my sugary, sweet syrup – leaving his face sticky with my essence. He slips in a thick finger, playing me as if I’m an instrument he long ago master; my moans echoing in chorus off the walls. He slides in another thick digit, stretching me a little more as his fingers now dance in unison within me. His tongue stops teasing my clit and I feel hand press down on my lower back; he drives his fingers in me hard, repeating until I shake uncontrollably before him. 

My arms are turning to jello, I fall into the bed – ass still up for him. His fingers work manically; a white-hot heat ignites at my core, spreading like wild-fire through my body. Every foul word flies out of my mouth all while singing praise in an “oh my god” fashion. I quiver with trembles easily comparably to the that of earthquake standards and my center of heat bursts, flooding his hand in a rush of my hot juices – instantly draining me of any previous warmth. 

I heave heavy breathes into the mattress; body still vibrating beyond my control as I feel the spongy firmness of his bulbous head come knocking at my door. He teases me with his engorged head; slapping and sliding his cock against my clit, sending sensual waves of pleasure coursing through me. My mind is in a wash, churning and spinning with what feels like the begging stages of insanity. “Stop teasing! Fuck me!” I plea. 

My words only encourage his torturous behavior as he strokes his cock between my plump pink lips; his head ramming my clit with each upward stroke. I shift my hips in hopes of taking him in full but he’s ahead of me and pulls away. “Fuck me now! I want you in me!” I more demand than plea, growing aggravated with his games. Can’t he tell how bad I want him? How bad I need to feel him? My pussy pulses with yearning to feel his cock; like the company of a long-lost friend. 

My demand falls on deaf ears; he’s craving control and I accept my submissive role – not a word need said between us, each in knowing the other too well to need instruction. He leans over the bed and snatches an arm from under me, whipping me around to face him; his large cock presented firm before. I raise my hand but he slaps them away. I smile and place my hands behind my back then open my mouth wide, tongue presented like his very own red carpet runway.

He slams his cock on my tongue; switching between slapping my tongue and face before sliding his cock in my mouth. His slips in and out of my mouth; taking himself deeper with each rock of his hips. His thick head taps at the back on my throat and with every tap I prepare myself – waiting for him to enter in full. I see the gleam in his eyes as mine lock on his and with a quick thrust I feel him enter my throat. He stretches the tiny canal and causes the muscles to spasm around his rock-hard cock as I fight back the urge to gag. 

He pulls back and returns to running his cocking up and down my tongue; again waiting until he felt I’d least expect it before taking himself deep into my throat. My lips pucker like a fish out of water, around his hard cock as he siting in the back of my throat; pushing me to the base of his shaft and my mouth waters creating a steady stream of warm saliva over the base of his shaft and down his balls. He releases his hold on my head, pulling his cock from my mouth with a flood of saliva to follow as if he had broken the dam. 

I let out a cough and present my tongue again; he nodes his head with a stern look – his lips say nothing but his eyes offer permission. I unclasp my hands and firmly take hold of his cock. I smile as our eyes meet again then run my tongue along the underside of his stiff shaft; tracing his bulging veins up to his mushroomed ridged head. I run my tongue along the ridge; eyes still locked on his. His legs shake with every flick of my tongue against his massive cock – leaving no sensitive zone untouched. 

I tease him just as he had teased me; running my tongue all over his cock – only occasionally stopping to take his head in for a moment, before returning to trace his veins with my tongue again. When I feel his frustration is growing to great, I surprise him, taking him in whole. I work his shaft, working hand and mouth simultaneously in a fierce manner; pumping myself on his cock until his hands took hold of my hair like reins and he began to fuck my face. He rammed himself into me until my eyes watered and my gags became accompanied by coughs which threaten to reveal my lunch. 

His hands grip my head and he rips me from his cock – tossing me back in the bed with an erotic aggression. His hands grab my hips, pulling my bottom half into the air as he drives his throbbing cock into my tight pulsing pussy. The collision sends a wave of heat through my pussy as his head barrels into me and as he Rams me I can almost swear I feel in my stomach; long, hard shaft cutting through me like hot sword. His fingers dig into my hips as he holds me; my hands dig into the sheets as I take every firm hit with a squeal of delight.

He pulls himself from me and flips me over, bringing me back to my knees – ass up for the taking. He slowly pushes himself deep into me, pulling my pussy back until his balls meet my clit. I grind my ass against and with a tap, he’s off and plowing through me; his hands yanking me back to meet every thrust of his hips – driving himself hard and deep. “Fuck me! Harder!” I encourage. “Oh God! Yes, fuck me!” I moan as he picks up speed; his balls smacking my clit – sending me over the edge in a fit of convulsion which bring us both crashing down on the bed in orgasm. 

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