Fellatio Friday: Fall’s Freak Flag

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The leaves were in a phase of change as fall grew colder and the days grew shorter. I sat on the tiny metal steps of my fiancées RV, watching as he carried on a manly conversation about tools and parts whose names escape me now. My mind was far more focused on the bulging of his muscular arms as he loosened bolt after bolt, all while steadily balancing on the bumper of his buddies truck.

They chatted about Boy’s toys as my mind drifted into thoughts of his hands; I imagined him pulling me in closely with a firm tug of my waist. With a hand full of ass he pulls my pelvis in closer to his and I can feel his excitement through his thick jeans. He slowly brings his other hand to my face and my cheek falls gently into the warm caress of his large, work worn, hand. He stares intently into my eyes as his fingers shift to the nape of my neck and gently pulls me in closer as our lips lock in a slow, lustful kiss. His kiss breaks from my lips and travels down my jaw line until reaching that sweet spot.

My legs became jello as he covers the base of my neck and just above the collar bone with firm kisses; sending shivers down my spin and causing goose bumps to rise on my skin. I wiggled in his grasp as I felt sure the pleasure would be enough to stop my racing heart; he deflected my squirming by tightening his hold around my waist and lowering his hand from my neck, to the middle of my back. I fell further into his grasp as he nibbled at me like *BOOM* the hood of the truck comes slamming down and snaps me from my day-dream.

“We need to take it around the block babe. Want to ride?”

I hopped up with a big smile and bopped along to the truck where I climbed in-between the two of them. As we coasted down the road I couldn’t get him out of mind; his hands on my body, his need to kiss every inch of me and the way he stole my breath with the slightest of touch. I look over to my fiancé as he carries on ideal truck talk and begin to rub his leg; he smiles as he continues speaking. I prop my foot up on the floors hump, shielding view of my hand as I change directions and run my fingers over his groin while slipping him a sly little smile.

I tease, going from leg to groin and watching as he tries to maintain composure. When it becomes to easy for him, I make it harder by slowly unzipping his pants and slipping my hand inside. He inhales deeply as my fingers pop him free of his jeans. Still blocking view with my leg, I begin to tease his cock; slowing running my fingers over him as if I had just found a priceless gift. I fill with naughty excitement as he inflates with every pump of my now tightly wrapped fist.

My eyes stay ahead as they continue meaningless conversation and every variation I make in grip while stroking him, brings a slight change to his tone which only forces him to fight harder. The more he tries not to enjoy it, the further he falls into the pleasure and my mouth yearns to join in on the fun. Without a second thought, I shift to my right and bend at the waist, gracefully taking him past my damp lips and deep into my narrow, moist throat. He gasps with a combination of shock and thrill.

His friend shares the same gasp and I catch a high-five out the corner of my eye as I continue to suck like there’s no tomorrow; showing off for my audience. The high-five only increases my  enthusiasms and my inner-whore climbs out as I work harder to pull him on to the dark side. I want him to enjoy every minute of a this fantasy he never knew existed. I begin to moan and take him deeper with every drop of my head. That’s all he needs to pull his inner-porn star out and he aggressively clutches the back of my head. He forces my face into his pelvis and his cock down my throat. I choke as I begin to gasp for air. He wraps his fingers through my hair and pulls me from his lap. I take a few quick breaths and he jackhammers my head, throat fucking me as we bounce over our neighborhood speed-humps. The truck stops in front of our RV and he stops pumping my head to force me deep into his lap once more. I drool as my jaw sits fully extended and I turn my head just bit to catch some air through one nostril.

“Well man, looks like you’re good to go. Glad I could help you out, we’d chill but I’ve got to fuck this naughty little bitch.” He says while applying more pressure to the back of my head before finally releasing me. I rose from his lap and took a few deep breaths as I exited the truck with a smile and said a quick goodbye. My inner-whore was proud of herself and I skipping off with the knowledge that I had successfully given him a mind-blowing blowjob; one he’d talk about until the end of his days or his mind, which ever comes first.

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