Fellatio Friday: Farewell


She laid at his side, wide awake as the tears streamed down her face, like the rain that washed over the windows. She was enamored by him; their twisted souls united through the haunted tragedies of life. He read her like a book; opening her cover and riffling through her pages – identifying all her answers before she had the chance to know them for herself. They became one another’s saving grace; helping each other hold their heads above the rising waters of life’s chaotic tidal waves – refusing to let the other drown. 
He was devilishly smooth, feeding her every line she needed to hear to disappear into his shadows. Leaving her to believe she had entered the cover of safety, where she could come to find herself, just as he had come to find her. Only she didn’t realize she was stepping further from the person she had always known herself to be; away from the very characteristics he claimed to find so enticing.
He offered her the world without a second thought and her crushed spirit was quick to accept such a gracious gift; she had been looking for it so long and here it was, offered up with the greatest of ease. How could she not dare to dream? How could she not dare to live? How could she avoid falling madly into the depths of love? The answer was fairly simple; she couldn’t. She had lost all control; emotionally driven and quickly fading into the impossible. 
She was trapped in the tornado of their growing affection and together they caused destruction; albeit beautiful, the damages were undeniable. With him she had grown to love herself but just as quickly she had grown to loathe the very person she had just fallen in love with. She hated to say goodbye but she knew they were nothing more than a vicious storm that’d leave them both drowning in the trenches of their self-made hell.
She leaned in over his shoulder and filled his cheek with kisses, hoping to bring him to life. He awoke turning to see her face and just as he always had, he could see the building torture in her eyes; a soulful, self battle, he had fallen in love with from the start. He knew his time with her was coming to an end but that was one truth neither of them dared to speak. 
He rolled and she fell into his chest, her arms wrapped tight around him as if she was holding on for dear life. The chaos in her raged and the sound of his heart thumping her name always brought quiet to the noise that engulfed her thoughts. Inside she screamed, knowing this will be it but she keeps the facade that’s saved her so many times before and places her lips upon his in hopes he won’t guess the ending of their story.
Their lips danced like old friends as she placed a hand on his chest, feeling his heart rate rise with every tantalizing massage her lips offered his. She broke the trance they’d fallen into, as her mouth traveled down his neck and over his chest; pausing over his heart, sending love to his core with every kiss she left there. When she felt satisfied she continued down his length and beneath the sheets; her lips grazed over his hips and she could feel him tense as she brought her lips to meet his developing erection. 
He grew in her grasp as her lips planted kisses up and down his shaft; kisses that turned to sucking with every vein she met. Soon her tongue traveled his length and circled his cock; twirling around his head like a lone ballerina who only danced for his eyes. She teased him, only taking his head in; sucking and licking before removing him and returning to kisses. She could feel his anticipation increasing with every torturous trick she played. 
When she felt too predicable she changed pace and took him in full, instead of letting go. Her mouth glided up and down his shaft with perfect suction as he fought to breathe; she always had a way of leaving him gasping for air. With every drop of her head she could feel his deep inhale and in that grew her own arousal as she fed off the heights of his pleasure. 
His hands grabbed her head pulling her back up to meet his face once again; locking there lips in another round of heated kissing. She now straddled him; her bare pussy rubbed his shaft as her hips rocked in rhythmic motion to their lips embrace. She reached down, taking him in hand and using his head to tease her clit until she couldn’t take it anymore and slide down his shaft with great force, bouncing back up and landing again; taking his breath away once more. 
His hands grabbed her hips as she pulled at his shoulders; bringing him to sit up as she wrapped her legs around him. She ached as every inch of him filled her; grinding on his shaft as he sank his face into her large, soft breasts. She picked up speed as her hips danced in a circular fashion, changing directions when he least expected it. He bounced driving himself further into her as she rode him with determination; hoping to make her last ride the best. A moment he’d never forget.
His fingers dug into her flesh as he begged her to stop and give him a minute; not wanting their time to end. She ignored his pleas and her hips rocked with great force as her wet, tight pussy pulled at his cock; threatening to drain him with every massage of her soft, pulsing vaginal walls. He tensed every muscle in hopes of holding off but it only made her work harder until at last she felt the warm rush within and he fell back on the bed; every muscle now limp and weak with his sudden excursion of energy. 
She fell into him, taking in a few more kisses before rolling to his side; he swiftly drifted off into a happy little coma. She leaned in, breaking the noise of his blissful snores with a soft I love you and a kiss goodbye before tossing on her jeans and her favorite tshirt, of his. She crept out the door taking one last look back, knowing she was saving them both from certain disaster, she slid the door closed and walked away  from a piece of her soul; saving them both from drowning in their own destruction. 
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  1. Eielofview says:

    i do love these. this is is amazing!

  2. Thanks! Glad you're enjoying!

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