Fellatio Friday: In Memory

In Memory

She lay at the edge of the lake, sketching in the full moons light. It was once an area she called her own but she had made the mistake of taking him there not long after they met. He intrigued her from the start; she felt an over-whelming need to know everything about him and he appeared to share the same interest. They were quickly inseparable, spending every free moment exploring one another’s minds, souls and bodies.

Against her own better judgement she fell madly in love with him just as fast as she had come to know him. She knew that only those desperate or foolish rushed into love but the sensation his presence filled her with, overruled all rational thought. She was never one to move fast but with him, time was different – if she hadn’t known any better she could have sworn they had known each other all of their lives.

She shaded in the muscular tones of his back, only stopping to glance at their favorite spot for a moonlit romp; a low branch, thick and long, overhanging the lake. She can still see the two of them, her leaning over the blanket covered branch as he made her ache with intense pleasure. He was more man than she had every experienced and he wasn’t shy about using it, once she warmed up. Their trysts often left her inner muscles and pelvis sore the next day but like many things in life, the pain was well worth the pleasure.

She tosses the notebook aside and lays back in the damp dew covered grass; staring up at the full moon surrounded by the sparkling stars. Stars she had once wished upon but she had lost all hope in wishes. The stars no longer held the same magically beauty she was once so captivated by, when laying in his embrace and talking about their future – a future, that unknown to them, would never be.

She was working hard on pushing the negative thoughts aside and truthfully, she knew she should move on but he was a memory she wasn’t ready to part with. She switched her thoughts over to the first night she brought him out to the lake, pointing the way from the passenger seat of his truck. She could still see his face and mesmerizing smile as the streetlights flashed over head. She could still hear his laugh as she joked about feeding him to the gators and taking his truck for herself.

It was always their inner joke that she had only fallen in love with him because of the truck. She smiled as she thinks back on how it all started; she could hear the rumble of dual pipes and a heavy foot but there was no truck in sight as she stood pumping gas on that early summer morning, far before the sun had a notion to rise. His pipes rang out and a sleek blue truck lifted towards the heavens pulled in. She could feel that heat and moisture grow in her panties, the closer the truck came and the heavier its vibrations became when he pulled into the pump next to her.

She stood staring up as the engine shut off and the door opened; a tall, thickly muscular man hopped down from his perch and offered a good morning with a tip of his hat. She replaced the nozzle and gas cap before peering around the pump to get another look and he caught her by surprise as he turned to catch her stealing a peek.

She smiled. “That’s a sexy sounding truck you’ve got there. That isn’t the stock cam, is it?” She smoothly asks with an inquisitive smile, covering up her stalker-ish moment.

He stood with a raised brow and parted lips as if his jaw had just become heavy. “No, it isn’t but how would a beautiful woman like you know something like that?”

His voice was deep and seductive, every word he spoke drew her closer to him and once they began to get to know each other, they didn’t want to stop or perhaps, they couldn’t stop even if they wanted to. That was a question she’d never know the answer to but had life gone her way, they would have been together forever. Sadness begins to set in once again as she’s brought back to the lake and the empty spot beside her where he’d once have been.

She shakes her head, as if the motion will toss the thoughts from her mind. She could hear him as clear as the last night they had spoken and the thought of his voice still had the same comforting affects, taking her back to that first night they had come to the lake. They sat in the truck talking and laughing for hours; she had joked about his truck being an overcompensation; teasing until he offered to prove himself.

Her stomach did flops and she bit at her lip as he pulled himself free from his jeans. She had hugged him and they had made out on several occasions but the firm bulge she had come to know was nothing in comparison to reality. His cock outstretched his stacked fists and she sat wide-eyed at his trunk-like girth. She had only been with a few men and none of them had been anywhere near his size. She felt strangely intimidated and aroused all at once.

She sheepishly reached over, needing to feel his stiff cock in her hands. It sat propped on the steering wheel as she ran her fingers along it, leaning over to pull him in; his cock so large she struggled fitting him into her petite mouth. She ran her tongue up and down his shaft, sucking him in sections and forcing as much as she could take, into her mouth.

A noise brings her back to the lake and she sits up long enough to scan the area. Still assured she was alone she lay back in the grass, slipping her hand beneath her jeans and into her silky, damp panties as she returns to her memories of that night. As she played with his cock, he slipped a hand down her back and beneath her skirt; fingering her from behind as she lay across the seat with her head in his lap. His thick fingers massaging her clit and probing her tight pussy, had her moaning on his cock as her body vibrated in the seat.

His touch filled her body with a radiating heat that started in her feet, making her toes curl in as it traveled up her length and threatened to melt her brain. She had never felt so alive as when he was touching her, it was as if her body had been asleep and his touch awoke every nerve and cell in her. From that moment he had first touched her, she had felt something come to life in her and whatever it was, it craved him; his voice, his laughter, his mind and of course, his touch.

Her fingers slide in out of her pussy as she remembers that moment she climbed into his lap and eased herself onto his thick head. She swiveled her hips circling his cock as she slowly worked him into her; her pussy tingled and a heat spread through her as
her tight pussy stretched, threatening a tear if she were to move too quickly. She slides another finger into her pussy as she thinks about first feeling his girth and the look of overwhelming pleasure on his face as he felt her tight, warmth overtaking his throbbing cock.

She begins to jam her fingers inside herself, feverishly moving them as she teeters on the brink of orgasm and the thought of his soft lips covering her neck in kisses while she gently rode him that night, sent her over the edge. She opens her eyes to the night sky and lays still in the damp grass enjoying the calming effects of her release. A single tear rolls down her cheek as she remembers she’ll never feel him again in any other place than her memories and dreams.

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