Fellatio Friday: My Craving

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I didn’t know him well. Okay, I didn’t know him at all. He was a stranger in the sense that we had never personally met. Our relationship was nothing more than the passing hellos of two characters who enjoyed the same chatroom but even through the web I could tell there was something about him; I watched the way he interacted with others, taking in the personality he presented and wondering what laid beneath.

I couldn’t explain it but I craved his conversation. I weighted the options of his likelihood for being a murderer and went against my better judgment. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t, the answer just didn’t seem to matter. I found myself waiting with giddy anticipation for each message. I pouting anytime the inbox turned up empty.

I was never one for cyber-relations but talking to him was something entirely different. Though many parts of me screamed “don’t do it!” a larger part of me screamed “enjoy the moment, good ones are so few and far between!” I couldn’t help but indulge the butterflies that danced in my stomach whenever I thought of him and I thought of him often.

I thought about the hands I’d never known and the lips I longed to kiss in a world that exists beyond the conscious mind. It wasn’t long before the thoughts were no longer enough; I wanted him, I needed to feel him filling me. I ached inside as I Imagined him repeatedly penetrating me; his hands hooked into my hips and him increasing the power of his thrust with every pass he makes.

I questioned every message sent. Was this crazy? Was I doing the right thing? Did I care? The interactions, though only across the web, were thrilling and filled a void within’ me that left me feeling as if I were standing on top of the world. He intrigued me and he baffled me with his ability to make an ugly duckling feel more than just beautiful on the inside.

It meant nothing more than conversation, it was almost like two people building a story, a fantasy. I imagined he could have any pick of woman and yet, I was the one he allowed to infiltrate the darkest parts of his mind. My routine went on as it always had; work, errands and all the other mundane activities of adult life, but I found myself smiling, I didn’t know the feeling well but I recognized it to be happy. It’s amazing to feel happiness without promise, without having all the answers.

We had no promise to one another, we had no agenda or responsibility; we merely existed on the same plain. With every passing day I grew to want him more, I craved his touch. I yearned to be his, to bend at his every will. I longed for his domination, to loose control of myself. Against better judgment and off the high of another fabulous orgasm induced by the thought of him, I sent the message; nothing more than a lone address.

I waited, hoping he’d respond but the messenger sat still and quiet. I wondered if I had pushed the line too far. Had I scared him off? Had I ruined our future encounters? The thoughts tumbled through my mind as I shut the computer screen off. I hit play on the tablet as I passed by on my way to bed. His music popped up on my play list and I slide naked into the cool, silk sheets.

The music stirred thoughts of him and my hips rocked to the rhythmic trance of instrumentals. My hands grazed my breast as I imagined his touch; soon they were running down my sides and over my hips before my fingers finally reached my clit. I teased myself as I thought about the perfection of his erect cock. A cock that would make any woman beg for his pleasure.

I slipped my fingers deep within me and massaged the soft walls of my warm, wet pussy. I moaned his name as I achieved one more orgasm before turning in. I drifted off to sleep, wishing I could lay in his arms and breathe in his scent while I listened to the rhythm of his heart; a heart I hoped would beat for me.

I slept deep that night and In the midst of being ravaged by a dark figure I was awakened by a pounding on the door. I drug myself from the bed, taking the blankets with me as I wrapped myself within them. I shuffled to the door hoping to avoid tripping on the sheets I dragged along with me, opening the door with hopes that whoever interrupted my dream had given up and gone away. Then our eyes met and I took a moment to rub the sleep away – assured I must be seeing things.

Before I had time to wrap my mind around the reality that stood before me, he rushed through the threshold, simultaneously drawing me into a firm embrace. It required no more than that first kiss to make me his. He took my breathe away and breathed life back into me all at once. His hips guided me backwards as he kicked the door shut behind him.

His hands gripped my neck, tilting my head back as his lips discovered mine. I released my hold on the blankets as my arms fell and I faded into the depths of his kiss. His hands slid beneath the blanket that sat draped around my shoulders, revealing my quavering body, casting light upon my supple breast. He was a force of nature and I was easily overtaken.

Those hands I longed to know gripped my wrists; bringing them over my head as he pinned me to the wall. Firmly he commanded I stay as he wrapped his fingers around my throat – using the force of his hand against my jawline to turn my head. “Stay” he reiterates. My heart raced as his lips traced the veins down my neck; moans escaped as he passed over my collar bone and down to my breast.

He sank further down the length of me until at last his tongue danced between my legs; my hands grasped for a hold as my legs trembled beneath me, threatening to collapse under the weight of my ecstasy. He stood while sliding a hand between my legs; slipping a finger inside of my tight, moist pussy. His fingers made me fidget as his kiss left my sweet juices lingering on my lips, sending me over the top.

I licked his lips and sucked my flavor from his tongue as I fumbled with his belt; I needed to taste him. I dropped to my knees as his pants fell to the floor; interlocking my hands behind my back, I sat with my mouth wide open, eager to please him. I faltered as his hand snatched a hold of my hair and he forced himself into the depths of my warm, waiting mouth.

The muscles burned as his girth further extended my jaw and the perfectly formed ridge of his head caught in my throat with every thrust he made; only gags and gurgles to be heard as the saliva built up around his pulsing member – forcing no chance of swallowing I choked as he released himself from the back of my throat. I took only a moment to catch my breath and wipe the tears from my watering eyes.

I broke my submissive form and took hold of his shaft while my tongue teased every vein and ridge, his lengthy cock had to offer. Stopping only to smile up at him innocently with every moan he allowed to allude his lips. I fed on the energy of his of ecstasy and worked harder to please him with every indication of his arousal. I milked him with every intentions of tasting his creamy orgasm. I moaned at the thought of him exploding in my mouth. This was the moment I craved all along.

His body shook as the force of my suction and the massaging of my tongue pushed him over the edge. My mouth became glazed with his warm, creamy filling. I released him to present my much deserved reward, before promptly swallowing his load and cleaning up every last drop that was on his cock. Leaving his taste to be my addiction, my craving.

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