Fellatio Friday: Oral Hospitality

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I met him a few months earlier and it had become his ritual to break into my house, sneaking in to surprise me in the middle of the night. Slipping beneath the sheets as I slept, sliding between my legs and arousing me to life with his tongue; Waking up in such a manner had a way of sending a shock through my body, first instincts being to escape his grasp followed by a rush of excitement that floods my senses.
He teased my clit between his lips; he sucked and licked my folds as my hands buried his face deeper between my thighs. He moaned, vibrating my clit and sending chills down my spin. He ate my pussy as if he needed my sweet juices to survive. He hungered to taste me, to tease me, to please me. He had a thirst for my luscious, milky orgasm. Only stopping in to savor me and leave me once again.
In all these months I had never even seen him shirtless and yet he had taken me over the edge of ecstasy countless times. Each time, I fantasized about what his rock-hard cock must feel like. How big he was; how he tasted; how he would feel filling me – pounding me. He didn’t strike me as a passionate lover, he was too in control of our encounters to be the lover type.
With each passing rendezvous my curiosity elevated with immense intoxication. I was drunk on the idea of making our trysts more than just him pleasing me. I enjoyed his generosity but I wanted to feel more than just his hands, more than just his tongue. I desired to feel his hips pressed against mine; bones grinding as our bodies caress one another. 
On the nights he didn’t creep into my window, I found myself masturbating to the thought of him taking me. On this night, the skies raged with howling winds and copious amounts of rain; I had no expectations of his arrival on such a blustery night which only left room for another fantasy to take flight.  My flesh tingled as my hands glided across the sensitive areas; neck, collar-bone, over the breast, across the stomach and over my hips. 
I imagined him busting through the window, ripping my breasts free of their silky prison and taking all that he could, into his mouth. I ran my fingers along my lips as I imagined what his kiss must be like; dominant, vigorous and mesmerizing. I drew my fingers into my mouth, one by one, until stuffed – imagining his circumference. I moaned at the thought of his erect-member filling my mouth. 
One hand-made its way between my legs; I teased my tight hole as I imagined what it’d be like to b teased by his cock. My arousal grew as I thought about his head rubbing my clit and before long I had no choice but to cum. I released asigh of relief as his voice cut through the rumble of the storm. “Thinking of me, babe?” I was startled but seeing his large, dripping frame, standing above me drove me positively mad.
I came to my knees and crawled over to him; opening his soaked coat and undoing his belt, button, zipper until at least, I sat face to face with the “golden” cock I had been dreaming of. He presented half-mass but grew rapidly in my grasp. I poked my ass up for his viewing pleasure as I began to stroke him with great enthusiasm – it was essential that I reciprocate his months of charitable, oral hospitality.
My eyes met his as my tongue danced around his head and I slowly slid him into my mouth. Passionately blowing him like there was no other dick in the world for me. His hand slapped my ass, hard and I picked up speed with every smack he made. I moaned in wake of every hit he took until finally he stopped me with a quick thrust to the back of the throat. 
I pulled myself from him – knowing he wanted more. I rolled onto my back and tilted my head over the edge of the bed; opening my delicate, pink mouth, wide. Without fail he straddles my head, placed himself deep within my throat and proceeded to fuck my face as I played with myself. I could hear him passing through my throat, in my ears and my eyes watered with each hit I took. 
Just before I could take no more he pulled himself from me and my hands grabbed for his as I felt him yank me from the bed – leaving me to stumble backwards before falling to my knees at his feet. His hand remained in my hair as he forced himself back into the depths of my hot, saliva soaked mouth; returning to pound my face until my brains began to ache.
In the heat of the moment I lost focus and began to choke when I felt another tug of my hair and he brought me to my feet. Everything zoomed past as he quickly spun me away from him and bent me over; he teased my clit with the tip of his dick until my body quivered before him, aching to feel him inside of me. He penetrated me just enough to feel his girth and pulled away, repeating the process until I begged him to fuck me.
“I need to feel you! Fuck me! I need you no…” I couldn’t finish the sentence before I felt him drill into me. Cries escaped my lips as i felt the burn of his manhood barreling into me. His hands pulled me to him as his hips pushed me away again. It took all my strength to stay standing as he used me like his very own sex toy. Waves rushed through my body as my pussy convulsed around his massive, throbbing erection. 
My juices ran down his shaft as he released his hold on me, dropping me to the floor once more. He presented his cock covered in my cum, for the taking. I ran my tongue along his sweet, sticky cock before taking him into mouth and sucked him clean of my cum like it was a cherry flavored lollipop. I continued until I could feel him pulsing in my mouth and released him; he cam on my breasts and then watched as I licked his sperm from my chest. 
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