The Gentleman Ch.1

The Gentleman Pt1 – 

I jump as I open the bar door and flashes of lightning fill the sky. I would pick tonight of all nights to just throw a dress on and not worry about color, or the fact that I’m lacking undergarments. I make a sprint for the truck and sigh in relief as I manage to get the door closed just before the flood of heavy rain begins. I crank up my grandpa’s old 32′ Ford pick-up and point it away from the coast, heading home to Grans.

The truck fills with the sound of the rains heavy drumming on its old rusting roof, drowning out the music coming from my phone. I drift off into thought as my gaze locks on the thickly rain-curtained highway when the truck begins to sputter, forcing me to pull off the road as it shuts off. I slam my hands on the wheel, cursing my love for this old truck and for Mother Nature and her need to turn up her hose.

I debate on getting out to take a look now or waiting until the rain lets up. I decide to wait, that is until I feel my skin growing tight and damp as the temperature rises. One thing about the rain is it doesn’t do much for cooling off the hot summer night, especially when you’re stuck in a small, non-circulated, space. I love grandpa’s truck but she has a real habit of leaving me stranded. It’d be a nice change if this could happen in town and not in the middle of nowhere – though nowhere, does seem to be where I spend most of my time.

I pick my phone up from the passenger seat and toss it back just as quickly. “Fuck, It’s dead!” Gran is going to have a fit over this one, she’s a real stickler for being on time and I promised her I’d be up and ready at five, to help with the morning chores. Since grandpa’s and my brother took off, it’s just been gran and me. Which means a lot of the farm chores fall on my shoulders, as gran is a bit more worn than she’d ever let on to. Not that I mind, I love gran; she’s basically raised me and helping out is the least I can do to repay her.

The time is nearing three and it seems I have two options; keep trying to wait out the rain or get to fixing it. A drop of sweat, rolling down my cleavage, makes the choice for me. I throw off my heels and slide my feet into the flip-flops I keep handy – if I have to wear shoes, they are most often my first choice. I have a strong belief that shoes block our souls from connecting with the earth and to be frank, I have similar feelings about clothes – all just necessary evils, in my opinion.

I step from the truck, conveniently landing in a puddled-pothole while simultaneously twisting my ankle. This endeavor is already off to a fabulous start. The rain slows to a drizzle, getting my hopes up, than promptly returns to a down pour – that’s more my luck. I hop to the rear of the truck for Gramps tool box, where I quickly realize I won’t be able to carry the box and hop along at the same time. I declare defeat and decide it’s best to just hop back and forth for the tools I may need. As I turn to hop back to the front of the truck I hear the roar of a powerful engine approaching and headlights come into view as they come out of a curve in the distance.

The car pulls to a stop but I can’t make out what it is, past its headlights as they light me up like a spot light would. My heart pounds as I hear the click of the car door open and the bang as it shuts. Then a large, shadowy figure appears, just outside the lights reach. He steps through the headlights beams and a small part of me screams run but I have never been one to turn my back to a little trouble, gran didn’t raise no chicken. I stand my place firmly as he steps within inches of me, bringing his 6ft, broad-shouldered frame into view.

His arms are bulky and his black tee clings tightly to his, now damp, muscular body. I can feel as his eyes scan my body. The rain has soaked my white dress, leaving it to cling to me as the cars head lights only increase its visibility. I can feel as his eyes move up my long legs and over my pelvis, where the dress perfectly outlines my soft mound. He slowly continues up my torso and pauses on my breasts for a moment to enjoy my eraser like nipples, as they show through my now, transparent dress.

“Need some help?” His deep voice cuts through the dark and makes my soul tremble.

“She died on me, it’s a common occurrence. I was about to take a look but I sprang my ankle just before you came along. If that’s not bad enough, my phones died as well. Would you happen to have one?” My nerves show through as I rush every word. I can’t put my finger on it but he has me shaken. I’m fearful, yet I don’t find him threatening in any way.

“I don’t. Never cared much for the things. Could I offer you a ride instead?” He swiftly offers, gesturing to the car.

I think for a moment – weighting the chances of him possibly being a mass murderer before deciding to accept – gran needs me after all. “I’m about an hour out from here, any closer you can get me, would be great.”

I turn to hop back over to the truck when I feel his strong arms swoop around my waist and tuck under my legs, lifting me from the ground as if I were but a small child. I tense in his arms as a state of shock rushes over me and I fight the urge to scream in horror. Just as soon as he has lifted me, he sets me back down beside the truck. “I didn’t mean to frighten you, I just couldn’t watch you hop along like a wounded bunny.” He chuckles.

I open the door and lean over the seat, reaching for my phone when I realize my dress has become hung-up above one ass cheek. It’s soaked nature has left the material glued to me when he sat me down and I’m now mooning him. I attempt to quickly fix myself and in the shuffle, I lose my balance, causing me to fall back into the same pot-hole, further spraining my ankle. I was just before falling on my ass when I feel his arms wrap around me, lifting me from my tumbling position and standing me on my feet again.

I smile sheepishly as I thank him and lock the truck up. I turn and jokingly throw my arms up with an “I’m ready.” Without missing a beat he lifts me up as I wrap my arms around his neck and rest my head on his shoulder. He carries me effortless to his car; opening the door and setting me in the seat as if he had only been carrying his groceries. He hands me the buckle before closing the door and trotting off around the car. I don’t even know his name but my interest in him is growing quickly. He slides into the driver’s seat and we skid away from the truck as we haul ass along the empty highway.

His voice breaks through the sounds of melodic guitar rifts. “My names Beau, I was just heading home.” He stammers off.

“I’m Lola, I was heading home to Grans. Well, before the truck died that is.” I respond, far more bubbly than intended.

“Lola, huh? Yeah, I can see that.” He says, glancing over to size me up once more.

“My mama had a thing for The Kinks and so naturally, I became her lalalala-Lola.” I sing out, shamelessly.

“Yes, a Lola indeed.” He laughs

“Should I be offended? Do you mock me? Find me too ordinary for such a name?” I demand. Why does he laugh at me? What does or does not, makes me, my name?

“I mean no offense. I think that a girl found after 2am, soaking wet, close to naked and trying to fetch a tool box, to fix her 32′ Ford is anything but ordinary. As for your name, it seems to be every bit as vivacious as you appear to be.” He says far too seriously.

“Well the naked part wouldn’t be true, had it not been for the rain. White and rain are the best of enemies.” I interject.

“I have no complaints, I’m personally enjoying the product of their battle.” He says while slyly glancing down at my still soaked, transparent attire.

“Best you keep your eyes on the road big boy.” I say, pushing his face towards the front.

I cross my arms, covering my chest and try to warm my nipples in hopes they’d stand a little less at attention. The combination of damp clothes and cold ac has my nipples standing firm, like pink rocks, beneath my dress. I shift awkwardly in the seat attempting to warm my now goose-bump covered legs. He takes notice and shuts off the air before handing me a jacket from the back seat. I cuddle into the soft, thick material, taking in his scent as we ride along.

As we pull up to Grans house our ideal chatter becomes deafening silence. I bite my lip, holding back my interest in possibly seeing him again. “Well, thanks for the ride.” I say, pushing his door open and slipping out. Only pausing to hold out his jacket.

“Keep it. It’ll be my excuse to see you again. After all, It’d be pretty rude of you to not return my jacket after I had been so kind as to give you a ride.” He says with the same sly smile as before.

I giggle like a school girl as I back away from the car and watch as he pulls away – the dust of the dirt road leaves a cloudy path behind him. I skip up to the house with fifteen minutes to spare, for a nice warm shower, before breakfast with gran.

Opening the front door I can hear gran in the kitchen, she is always singing and this morning is no different. I sprint up the stairs and grab a fresh towel from the closet. Popping into the bathroom, I pull the curtain closed and turn the shower on. I drop the straps of my dress and let it fall to the floor, examining my body in the full-length mirror – thinking about the excitement I felt as Beau’s eyes ran over me.

My hands drift down my figure as I think about his large hands and powerful arms as they lifted me with ease. I step into the shower, sliding under the hot water as steam begins to fill the room. Though the summer night had been warm, the soaked clothes and cool car ride left me chilled to the bone. The hot water warms me and I lean into the wall as I fight the urge to fall asleep beneath the gentle stream of water.

I reach down between my legs, rubbing my clit before easing a finger inside myself. Thoughts of Beau overtake me; his deep voice, his muscular build and his infectious laugh. I moan at the thought of his thick fingers penetrating me; probing the depths of my soft, pink pussy. My fingers dance on my spongy sac causing it to fill with every tap of arousal I make. My legs wobble beneath me until finally, I explode with a forceful spray that cuts through the flow of the shower’s water. I fade back into the heated stream, taking in the euphoric feeling before shutting the water off and grabbing my towel.

I throw to the towel around myself, taking no care to dry off. I dart across the hall and duck into my room, landing on the bed with a firm thud. There is no time for sleep but I don’t feel quite ready to face the day. My mind is still stuck on Beau and I find my thoughts drifting further from those of a friendly manner. I begin imagining his mouth, he spoke so slyly in our encounter. His mastered his words so flawlessly and I imagine his tongue to be thick, but not fat, and long. Yes, a long, deeply penetrating tongue.

I pinch my clit between two fingers as I massage, only letting go to run a finger between my lips and down into my tight, wet hole. I wiggle my fingers, mimicking what I believe his tongue would feel like if he were lapping up my juices. I imagine him flicking my clit with his tongue in-between sucking on my pussy lips. I moan at the thought of my clit growing firmer in his mouth with each suck, flick and tease his tongue gives me; swelling with desire for his touch. One hand gropes my breast as I arch my back, my fingers now pick up speed as moans begin to escape my lips more feverishly. I pull my mouth closed tight in attempts to muffle my groans of pleasure until finally my body vibrates with excitement and my ecstasy flows freely on to the already damp towel.

I stand, grabbing a towel from a near-by chair and finish drying off before throwing on an old tank-top and a comfy pair of overalls. I trot down to breakfast a bit tired but with a renewed sense of spirit. I’m fifteen minutes late to breakfast, which I’m sure to hear for but otherwise, the day has started out to be a good one. As I push the kitchen door open I can hear gran speaking and as I pop in, I come to find Beau sitting at the table; fork in hand and a spot of syrup at the corner of his mouth. I take a step back, surprised by his presence.

“Good morning Lola, I’d ask you if you slept well but I see you’ve been out all night again. I’d introduce you to Beau here but as he tells it, you’ve already met. Now, I’m glad you could find the time to join us for breakfast, sit down and eat. That breakfast won’t eat itself.” Gran says with a stern look.

“Well I would have been home in time a get some sleep but the truck broke down again and Beau was nice enough to give me a ride home. I would have made breakfast on time but that hot water just felt so good after all that rain last night.” I say slightly embarrassed to be treated like a child.

“Lola, I don’t know how many times I’m going to have to tell you that’s not a suitable vehicle for a young woman. It’s just not safe.” A line gran has said more time than I can count since grandpa passed.

“That might be true gran but a girl like me just can’t beat the beauty of a classic, especially when it was grandpa’s.” I say, just before popping a bite of Grans famous butter-milk pancakes in my mouth. Only stopping between bites to slip Beau a slight grin, where he returns the sentiment and we spend the rest of breakfast, silently flirting through stolen glances and shy smiles.

Gran rambles off every story she has on the antics of me and of course that includes all the embarrassing tales as well; as she begin the story of my first period I quickly interrupt her. “Gran! Isn’t it time we get on with the morning chores?!”

With her twisted smile, satisfied to have me squirming in my seat. “I suppose it is.” She says turning to face Beau. “Will you be staying around to help with the chores? You did eat my breakfast, after all.”

Beau offers a kind and sincere smile “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Before picking up our plates and carrying them off to the kitchen where sounds of running water and clanking dishes begins.

“I don’t know where you found him but he seems like a nice young man. Certainly has better manners than the last fellow you brought around” Gran says, all knowingly.

“Gran, the last boy I brought home was Charles Boyd from two farms down and we were only ten. When are you going to get over him burping at the table already? It’s been fifteen years, I think it’s time we move past it.” I say laughing, though slightly annoyed.

“Well you would think his parents would have taught him better manners than that and to not even excuse himself – it was just shameful. Now stop dodging the topic and spill the news on your new beau.” She chuckles off the ending. Amused at her own cleverness.

I shake my head and fight back a smile; gran has always been a goof but the older she gets, the more of a comedian she seems to become. “Not much to tell gran. You found out more at breakfast than I did on the car ride here. He just happen to come along after the truck broke down last night and as I was hopping along the truck side, since I managed to get out and sprang my ankle. He offered a ride and as late as it was, I decided to take it. What’s he doing back anyhow?”

“Apparently, you left your purse in his car. I hung it on the coat-rack for you.” Gran informs before adding “I have to go over to Gloria’s this morning. She called and said Sarah’s started labor. I imagine I’ll be with her all day, if not longer. That means I’m leaving it all in your hands today but now that you have a handsome helper, I don’t feel so bad about it.” She says with a wink.

I give her a big smile and two thumbs up as I back my way through the kitchen door; turning to let it shut behind me as I came face to face with Beau, “You don’t have to stick around or anything.” I said more to the floor, than to his face.

“I really don’t mind, I did eat the breakfast – but if you want me to go, I will. Personally, I didn’t have any plans today and I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than getting to know you.” He says through a smile bright enough to put a sunrise to shame.

The heat that fills my body rises to my face and I fight with all I have not to blush but it is beyond my control. I can feel the warmth spread through my cheeks; leaving a goofy smile to overtake my face. Trying to reel myself in I throw out “Good! You can muck out the horse stalls.” Finishing with a little giggle that brings a bigger smile to his face, even though he was looking at a day full of horse shit.

We spend the morning working, not much time for long talks or romantic walks when the chores need to be done. Most of our interaction is me listing off chores, jokes in passing or stolen looks taken at every chance. Around noon, I find myself standing at the kitchen window. Knife in my hand, spreading the mayo more on my hand than the bread, as I call myself making lunch. In reality, I’m watching as Beau clears the brush with our tractor. All I can imagine is him grabbing me from behind, wrapping his sweat-glistened arms around my waist; taking a moment to brush the hair from neck as he dives in with a hunger to taste my flesh.

The sound of the tractor shutting down snaps me from my day-dream and I wipe my hands free of the mayo I had managed to spread across it while fantasizing. My recent thoughts and fantasies have me questioning what is so special about him. Why does he make my palms sweat and my knees shake with just a glance? Is there something about him or have I been out of the game a little too long?

I’ve never been one for dating or playing the field as many call it. Even in school, I wasn’t much for going out. I was far too busy working the farm, studying or hunting and fishing with the boys. The rest of my time was mostly spent alone – riding horses, painting in the fields and skinny-dipping in the river. Up to this point, I haven’t taken much interest in any particular person and certainly not in having a relationship but when I’m around Beau it is the complete opposite. I automatically become that ditsy high-school girl who’s just pining to go out with whatever boys in at the time.

My thoughts are interrupted once more as the screen door bounces off the frame and Beau slips through the kitchen door; wiping his face free of the sparkling drops of water that rain down his handsome face, before tossing the towel over his shoulder and flashing me a sweet, dimpled smile. “Can I help with anything?” He asks while stepping closer.

I can feel the butterflies take flight in my stomach with every step he makes. I raise an arm and the motion freezes him in place like a deer in head-lights. I delicately point to the cupboard behind him. “The glasses are in there. Would you mind grabbing them and the pitcher of sweet tea from the fridge?” I say slightly tilting my head in question.

“No problem, beautiful. Can I get you ice?” He asks without a second thought. I however trip over the word beautiful as if he had just thrown it in to my path. Beautiful? Beautiful? Clearly he had been in the sun too long. No one had ever called me beautiful, not even at my best and I was far from that right now; with my hair pulled into a sloppy bun that’s become weighed down in sweat, a dirty pair of overalls and a pair of overly worn work boots. My face is spotted with sweat and lines of soil left by my fingers from an itch I thoughtlessly satisfied or from trying to wipe my face dry. I am far from the high standards that define such a word as beautiful.

We spend lunch on the back porch, rocking in Grans old chairs while talking about any and every thing that comes to mind. We share many of the same interests, including spending a lot of our time alone – introverts at heart, I suppose; though we lack the self-centered nature. We both enjoy classic cars, motorcycles, a love for the outdoors and it seems we share a very similar sense of humor. I spend most of our lunch hour laughing. Humor, to me, is one of the most appealing traits a man can have and he seems to have it in aces.

My sides ache as we venture our separate ways to continue the afternoon chores. Him going back to the tractor and me heading off to the stables. I watch from behind the safety of the stable wall as he climbs back on the tractor, tight jeans accenting what I imagine is an amazing ass. I watch as he graceful moves, he maneuvers the heavy machinery without flaw; leaving me to wonder where he has picked up such a skill. He doesn’t strike me as a farm boy, nor does he strike me as the construction type but then again, not many would peg me for the full-on tom-boy, I am at heart; like they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

We finish our chores almost in unison, me only finishing a hand full of minutes ahead of him; just enough time to grab a couple fresh glasses of ice-tea and meet him at the door. He takes the glass appreciatively and downs the contents with a few quick gulps; bringing the empty glass down with a sigh of refreshment. He is covered in dirt and drenched in sweat but he wears the working man look well and his grubby exterior does not diminish his appeal; if anything, it greatly increases my desire to have him.

We sit talking for a few more minutes, cooling off under the breeze of the porch fan. I hate to call the day to an end but I really have no choice. “Not to be rude but I can really use a shower and I still need to get back to my truck before work at the bar later. So..” I trail off, hoping he can take the hint and save me any further awkwardness.

“I see, work me hard and leave me dirty, is it?” He jokes. “If you wouldn’t mind I actually have a change of clothes in the car and I’d love to grab a shower, if possible? Then maybe I could give you a lift to your truck?” He asks so innocently, I feel obligated to oblige him – after all, it’s the least I can do for a man who has worked so hard and who is lacking sleep just as badly as I am.

I size him up one more time before nodding a yes and telling him to take the bathroom up the stairs and to the left. He jogs off to his car to fetch his clothes while I sprint off up the stairs; stopping for a towel and heading off to Grans bathroom. I let my overalls fall to the floor and toss my shirt on top of the pile. I lean behind the curtain, flip the water on and watch as the water runs over my hand, waiting for the perfect temperature before climbing in.

I slide into the shower, pointing the head down on the built-in seat as I sit down, resting my feet atop the side of the tub. I lean into the wall as the warm water washes over me; landing just above my breast and rolling down my torso before escaping between my legs. The warm flow trickling over my pussy arouses me from the depths of fading off to sleep and fills my thoughts of Beau, in the shower down the hall; the water running over his head, down his neck and along the length of his well toned body.

I let my hands fall between my legs as his image passes through my mind; flashes of our body parts entangle in one another and of his hands as they explore my body. I circle my clit, toying with the idea of getting off again. I run a finger from clit to hole and back again, exciting my inner landing strip before diving deep within myself, feverishly teasing my g-spot.

Soon my fingers move rapidly, in and out; moans begin to escape me as I hear the gentle clearing of a mans throat. Surprised, I let one foot slip from its resting place causing me to slide off the seat and down into the tub, with a thud. I sit frozen in time, mortified at what he might have heard. I squeeze my eyes closed tight and hope the noise was a figment of paranoia.

His voice breaks my thought “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I was wondering where the towels are. Are you alright?” Instantly, I’m completely mortified; my cheeks burn bright red with embarrassment. Had he heard my moans? Did he know I was thinking about him? The questions fly through my head and the situation in itself, makes me feel a bit queasy. I can only imagine what he must think of me.

” I’m fine! The towels are in the hall closet just beside the stairs.” I reluctantly answer, terrified he might hear the shake in my voice. I try to stand, only to find my nerves have taken over far more than I knew and I find myself landing with another plop, back into the bottom of the tub. I sit, arms wrapped around knees and my head buried into it all, hoping to dissolve. That’s when his head pops around the curtain and I offer him a half-smile as a tear of sheer embarrassment rolls down my face.

He reaches out a hand, offering me help up. I take ahold of his massive paw and allow him to pull me to my feet. We stand staring into each other’s eyes. He pulls at my hand just a bit, urging me to step out. I lift my foot over the edge, stepping down from the tub with his assistance; as I stand naked on the bath mat, he turns and grabs my towel.

To my surprise he begins drying me off; over my shoulders, past my breasts and down my long legs. He pauses on his knees at my feet as he finishes the last leg. He drops the towel and I feel as one hand slides up between my thighs. He wiggles his hand, forcing me to widen my stance. He parts my lips as he leans in, taking my clit between his lips; teasing it with his tongue as my hands grab for his hair. His touch sends chills through my body and my heart races as his warm breath melts me from the inside.

His tongue rips through my vagina like a tornado; twisting and twirling around my clit and inside my tight wet pussy that now drips with arousal. He tastes me, lapping my juices up with the mm’s and ah’s of a man who loves my flavor. His hands grab my ass, pulling me closer to him as he begins to lean back, taking both of us to the floor where I now straddle his face; riding his tongue and smothering him with my pussy until he taps for air. I rise up and he takes a couple deep breaths before yanking me back on his face and devouring me like fresh melon.

The closer he brings me to orgasm the more I crave his dick. I rise up, reversing my position. I now lay down the length of his body while I rock my hips, grinding on his face. I undo his pants with great anticipation; like that of a child on Christmas morning. I pull him free of his blue jean confinement and gasp in shock at his size.

I have only seen a couple dicks before and they were nothing in comparison to his. His cock sends a fear through my soul. I bite my lip in debate as I imagine the damage he can do to a girl, especially one who’s so inexperienced. It’s not that I’m a virgin but I haven’t exactly slept around either; in all honesty, I have only slept with one guy and that was a nightmare.

As I stare down at his erect member, I begin to question myself. How did this happen? What were we doing? Did this make me a slut? Did I care? The last question fairly summed it all up for me and I continue riding his face as I take his thick, bulging head into my moist, amateur mouth. I lick at his head like I’d lick an ice cream cone; caressing his sensitive skin with my tongue. My stomach does flips as I consider taking him in whole; feeling that I had seen enough porn flicks to get the idea.

I open as wide as I can, his thick cock stretches my jaw to threatening lengths. I lower myself down his shaft, my tongue mashed to the bottom of my mouth by his girth. Just as he touches my throat I gag and back off his cock with a fierce cough. My face burns red again as embarrassment floods my body. I didn’t want him to know I’d never done this before or worse, to think I was bad at it.

I take a deep breath and prepare myself once more, not ready to give up. I open my mouth wide and took his large head in; as I lower myself down his shaft I begin adjusting my tongue, looking for the perfect place to keep it out-of-the-way. The best option seems to be sticking it out past the reach of my mouth, down his shaft. I tilt my head to open my throat the rest of the way and use my outstretched tongue as a slippery runway for his cock.

At first I slowly take him in and out, allowing him to enter my throat a little more each time. Soon I pick up the pace and pump my head up and down the length of his cock. The faster I become the more feverishly he eats me; the further I take him into my throat the further his tongue dance in my pulsing pussy. My muscles squeeze at his tongue just as my throat squeezes at his cock. We moan in unison with each repetition of oral stimulation we give the other.

As my hips rock on his face and my mouth travels rapidly along his cock, my body is overtaken by a vibration that frazzles my nerves and causes an uncontrollable shake that becomes a full on jerk just a I explode on his face. One arm wraps around my hips, forcefully pulling me on his face as he buries his tongue deep inside me, while the other hand teases my clit, sending another wave through me. He hangs on desperately as I shake atop his face, his mouth glued to my pussy; hoping to catch my juices as they burst forth from my convulsing pussy.

I squirt again, filling his mouth with my sweet, warm fluid and he swallows me down just as he had done that glass of iced-tea, earlier. I roll to his side, to wobbly to even consider standing. I lay back on the cool tile trying to catch my breath. Here we had never even kissed and yet, he just nearly ate the life out of me. I muster up the strength to sit up and climb back on top of him; this time bringing us face to face.

He wraps his arms around me as we stare into each other’s eyes, neither of us daring to speak. My hands travel to his face, taking hold as I lower my lips to meet his. Our lips start in a slow, passionate dance that blossoms into a full swing as our tongues became entangled in each other. I pause to trace his lips with my tongue, taking in my flavor as I travel over the skin that had just been buried between my legs. I suck at his bottom lip, drawing my taste from his flesh.

I lift myself from him and step back into the shower, peeking out to entice him to join. He steps in behind me, wrapping me in his grasp while he covers my neck with kisses. He spins me around and pulls me in close, pressing our naked bodies into one another; leaving no room to say where one begins and another ends. He leans into me, dipping me back ever so slightly as his lips explore my neck and chest; stopping to tease my nipples with every pass he makes.

His hands slide down my body; as he firmly plants his face between my breast while his hands find their way mid-thigh and I suddenly find myself being lifted. My heart races from the sudden shock and my arms fly to his neck, grasping for security. I feel his head press into me, stretching me with his magnificent width. A combination of pain and pleasures hits me as I slowly slide over his head and down his shaft; my pussy clinging to every inch it takes.

I settle at the bottom of his shaft; my pussy burns from the stretch and yet it massages his big cock as if it were begging for more. I take a deep breath, preparing myself for the ride. I groan as his cock pulls back, pulling my pussy with it as if we are suctioned to one another. He slams me back down his shaft and his fleshy member rips through me as he continues to bounce me up and down. My moans are the only sound loud enough to break through the pounding of our two bodies as they hit one another.

He presses my back into the wall; the water runs down between us as he slams me again and again, growing harder and faster with every sound that alludes me. My nails dig into his shoulders as my toes curl and my body shakes. The pressure becomes too great and I scream out in pleasure as he pulls out of me, allowing me to burst into a fit of convulsions in his arms as my pussy sprays him in my hot juices. I fall limp in his arms, my body crashes into his, as my arms wrap around his neck once more.

He turns and sets me in the shower seat as I try to regain my breath and stop the seizure like after effects of a good orgasm. My body still feels weak and drained but I reach for him, eager to help him finish. He steps closer to me, allowing me to take him into my mouth. I run my tongue around the ridge of his head, collecting my cum from his heads crevice before taking him in fully. My hands and mouth work in unison to pump his thick, pulsing cock. I can tell he aches to cum as I tease him, slowing or even stopping when I know he is about to explode. He groans with frustration until at last I pump his cock madly, intensely swallowing him whole until he explodes in my throat.

I sit back in the seat as he washes away the days hard work and a layer of my cum, from his skin. I watch as the soap and water runs over his well chiseled frame; broad and muscular. After he finishes he reaches a hand out to help me stand. I lean into him beneath the warm water, though I imagine the water could have run ice-cold and the warmth between us would have been no different. Our embrace easily produces enough heat to suffice the coldest of temperatures.

He releases his grip, stepping back from me as he reaches for the soap and begins to lather my body; washing and rinsing me free of our dirty deeds. He leaves me standing in the shower as he exits to dry and throw on his fresh clothes. Afterwards he reaches in, turns off the water and pulls the curtain back to present me with an open towel that he wraps around me as I step out.

He dries me as I stands frozen in shook; never has someone taken such care of me. It’s not that I had expectations of the evening but I certainly didn’t see this coming, I never planned on sleeping with him; though I had thought about it often since meeting him. I suppose any part of me that saw us having sex just figured it’d be after a date and we’d awkwardly climb in bed. He’d cum and he’d leave – that seems to be the way these thing go but instead, he has completely surprised me. There isn’t one minute of the evening that I could say, I saw coming.

I hold on to the towel as if he’d never seen me naked as we walk to my room. He lay back on the bed as I slip a summer-dress over my head, letting the material cascade down my body. As I sit at the mirror I can see him watching as I apply a bit of make-up. He doesn’t say a word, just merely watches as I get ready. I don’t dare to speak either. Part of me feels in total comfort while another part feels odd and out-of-place.

As I finish gathering my things I turn to find him passed out among my fluffy pillows. I don’t want to wake him but we do need to go. I stand over him, tapping his shoulder ever so lightly. He stirs, opens his eyes a moment and upon seeing my face he mouths beautiful before grabbing my wrist and pulling me down to him; embracing me in a kiss that quickly has use rolling in the sheets. Neither of us seems to have interest in sex, it is much more like we have simply done things backwards and we’re now taking the time to enjoy the simple pleasure of making out.

At last, I have to break our grasp and insist we get moving. I still have a truck to take care of and work to get to. We reluctantly pull ourselves from one another and up off the bed. His hand sits at the small of my back as he guides me down the stairs and out to the car where he walks me to the passenger side and opens the door. I slide into the car and he reaches in, pulling the seat belt down and holding it out to me before carefully shutting the door.

I buckle, in shock that there might actually be gentlemen in the world. We race off down the road, leaving a trail of dust in our path. I sit still and quiet, unsure of what to say. Was this just a hook up? Are we going to be friends? Did he want to date? I wasn’t sure of the protocol for such a situation and the more miles that pass, the more questions I have floating around my head.

I stare into the distance, trying to figure it all out when I feel his hand slide across my lap and into mine. His large, masculine hand squeezes mine as if to say, don’t worry and I breathe a sigh of relief as my mind begins to quiet and I smile to myself as the touch of his hand takes me back to the bathroom floor. We ride hand in hand, in silence but ours hearts seem to speak in volumes.

When we arrive at the truck we sit quietly for a few minutes. I wonder what he is thinking and if I should just get out but his hand still holds mine. I jump as his deep voice breaks the silence. “Do you want me to stay in case you need a ride? Or do you need a hand?” He asks in a manner that makes me believe he is looking for a yes.

“No, there’s really no need. I’ve dealt with it more times than I can count and at worst, I’ll just call a tow truck. Thanks for both the rides though, I really appreciate it.” I say, opening the door, ready to bolt. It’s not that I don’t want him to stay, because I do, every ounce of me craves his company but my want for him to stay far exceeds just want. I feel like I need him to stay, to be with me. Never have I wanted a guy around like I want him around which only throws me further into a spin because we don’t even know each other.

I step out and give one last smile before shutting the door. I don’t know if I will ever see him again. I don’t know if he’ll even call and honestly, I don’t want to know. I’m too scared the answer will lead to the realization that the only thing I have likely just experienced, is a one night stand. Though, it is far easier to look at it as nothing than to wonder if it could be something. I don’t want to fantasize about a relationship I’m likely never going to have, it just seems like a waste of time.

I look the truck over, hoping it is one of the usual culprits. Sure enough, it turns out that I only ran out of gas; a common occurrence at the bar. I keep a gas can in the back just for that reason; someone is always ripping cars off and I’m often one who gets hit, since the truck sits for long hours in a dark corner of the parking lot. I laugh to myself, surprised that it wasn’t my first thought when the truck stuttered to a stop. I would have hopped out, fueled up and hit the nearest gas-station to fill up but if I had realized, I would have missed meeting Beau and I instantly become happy that the thought completely escaped my mind.

I grab the gas can and get the truck going again. As I ride down the winding back roads I can’t help but think about Beau. I try to force him out of my thoughts but his image reappears no matter what I do. I smile like a fool as the thought of his hands on my body runs through my mind. I can vividly remember the tingle his touch left running through me. How he made my hair stand on end and how he his warm breath on my neck sent chills through me that left tiny bumps on my surface.

Caught up in my arousing thoughts I manage to pass the gas station and have to make a quick u-turn. I shake my head, ashamed that I could let him or anyone, affect me in such a way. As I pump gas I give myself a mental kick, trying to keep my mind from running off the tracks. Beau is stuck in every corner of my mind and I’m fighting like hell not to think of him.

I go on to the bar still fighting to keep him out of my head. I’m happy it isSaturday and the bar is hosting a pool tournament tonight. It’s just what I need to keep me busy, I need my mind to be working and not wondering about someone I’ll probably never see again. The bar is full of its usual pervs and assholes. Most nights I spend more time fended off drunk dirty old guys than actually making drinks but the money is good and I get to sit around playing my guitar for a good part of the night, which always make me happy.

The night goes by quickly and as the last few people walk out of the bar, I collapse into a booth. Tired of being on my feet, tired of being awake and well, completely worn from the days numerous orgasms. I’m happy to be getting off but the thought of my hour drive is enough to make me consider crashing in the truck for the night. I drag myself to the truck, open the door and lean in over the seat, debating if I want to crawl in and pass out or if I want to climb up in the seat and the make the drive home.

As I lay over the seat, I suddenly feel someone grab my hips, pressing themselves into me. My body fills with a mix of rage and fear. I fly up right, pushing him back a step and hitting my head on the roof as I pop up. I turn, swinging my fist, expecting to see another drunk patron but my flying fist is met with a firm grip and I’m quickly pulled into his body. My heart races as I begin to fight, only stopping when I finally have a chance to see his face.

I attempt to pull away from his grasp but he holds on tight around my waist, smiling as my fist beat his chest. “What the hell is wrong with you? You scared the shit out of me! Seriously, what is wrong with you?” I scream through the blows. My heart pounds and my yelling stops as I try to catch my breath, sure I’m about to die of a heart attack. He releases me and I stumble back, my butt lands in the trucks seat.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I should have said something but I couldn’t help it. The way you were leaned over that seat and I could just see the start of your beautiful ass poking out from that sexy little dress.” He says with a naughty little grin.

“Well you could give a girl a heart attack that way or get a good kick in the nuts, you know? What are you doing here anyways? How did you find me?” I don’t remember telling him where I work and I instantly wonder if I’ve gained a stalker.

“You mentioned you worked at a bar and well, there’s only a couple on the island. It didn’t take much to find you. This is only the second place I’ve stopped at and your truck helped in that decision.” He rambles off, clearly worried that he’s now freaked me out.

I try to give him an evil glare, still mad he had scared me so badly but I can’t hold the stare for more than a moment before I break into a smile. “Well, you forgot to answer the what are doing here part?” I tease.

“Oh, right. I like to hit the bars after hours and pick out a good drunk chick to take home but you put up too much fight for my taste. I might have to get a few more drinks in you.” He jokes, making me let out a little snort that only makes his smile grow larger.

“No, in all seriousness, I was hoping to find you. I can’t seem to get you off my mind. Even as I caught up on some sleep today, you managed to take over my dreams. I know you didn’t get any rest yesterday and I figured you’d be ready to drop after your shift. I thought you might like a ride but if the truck seat suits you better, I can just go.” He says pointing away from us.

“I don’t know why you’d want to do it but that sounds amazing! I am so tired! I was actually thinking about crashing in the truck. I would greatly appreciate the ride.” I say through a sleepy little smile. I grab my things and follow him to his car, where once again, he opens the door and ushers me in.

As we get on the road, the chills begin to overtake my exhausted body. I lay on my left side facing Beau as I drift in and out of sleep. I can feel the car stop and my body refuses to stop shaking, then I feel a heavy warmth come over me and I open my eyes just enough to see him tucking a blanket around me. It’s a heavy, soft fur that warms me to the core as I slip into a deep sleep while the car rocks me though the winding roads.

I awake to warm kisses on my cheek, instantly bringing a smile to my face. “We’re here.” He whispers in my ear, his warm breath sends a tingle down my neck. His hand slides down to my hip and he tips me his way just a bit more as our lips lock. His fingers dig into my ass cheek as his lips travel down my neck and he switches between kissing and sucking at my flesh. My body begins to heat and my sleepiness drifts away as his stimulation arouses my energy.

I pull back from him, tilting my head towards the house and offering a mischievous smile before bolting out the door. He springs from the car, heavy on foot in pursuit behind me. My heart feels as if it is going to burst through my chest with the combination of sudden physical activity and the rush of adrenaline as his foot steps grow closer.

I can hear him coming up behind me but I don’t realize how close he is until I feel his arms rip me from the earth, tossing me back into him as if I’m nothing more than a rag doll. He sends us tumbling over and as I land on top of him, his arms wrap me tight. His fingers slide under my arms, wiggling and sending me into a fit of laughter as I fight to escape his ticklish torture.

With the slightest tilt of his hips he flip us over, his body now presses into mine and though I can’t see his eyes, I can feel his intense gaze. Even in the dark it feel like he can see through me. He can see and read my soul without a word being passed between our lips and though I have never believed in love at first sight, I have begun to greatly rethinking those terms.

His lips linger on mine as my face sits cradled in his hands and we fade into each other. The world falls away, no longer do the horses neigh, the cows moo or the pigs oink. No longer do I feel the wet of the grass but only the electric magnetism between him and I as it pulls us along the ground. We roll more times than I can count, not that I can even think of keeping count as the world spins past us.

On the last roll he stands, offering me a hand up which I gladly take. We sheepishly smile as he tries to wipe the dirt free our skin, just enough to keep us from tracking dirt through Grans house. We trot up the stairs, stop for towels and sprint off to the shower. We undress one another and step into the shower. We don’t speak, not with words. Ours eyes do most of the talking and our hands do plenty of responding as well.

Entering the shower I figure we’ll end up having sex but instead we stand gazing into each other’s eyes and I can tell he has no intentions. He grabs the rag and begins soaping me up, washing me from head to toe. Slowly taking in every inch of me as he travels around my form. His hands glide over my body with the greatest of ease, as if he were trying to remember everything about me. How I look, how I feel, what dimples and curves. As if I’m his new-found world to explore.

The warm water and soothing touch of his hands, begins to melt the energy I gained from the hour-long cat nap on the ride to Grans. I sway in the shower as my eyes flutter, threatening sleep whether I want it or not. He finishes cleaning me up and then dries us off and guides me to my room where the next thing I know, I’m waking up in an empty bed.

Continue with Pt.2


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