Fellatio Friday: Quarter Beers

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Quarter Beers

It was a Friday afternoon in college, and we were at our favorite local fraternity-sorority bar. It was quarter beer afternoon, and the place was deserted. There were maybe three other customers in the bar. My fiancé and I were hanging out and getting soused. He was the Vice President of his Fraternity and his fraternity President, best bud, and future roommate was bartending. I was the little sorority good girl that he was dating.
I thought the sun rose and set around this boy. I was twenty years old and in love for the very first time. I was an upstanding member of my sorority, volunteered with a fraternal youth group, a fraternal ladies organization, and held offices in both my sorority and the local sorority governing board.  I was the consummate good girl. I worked three jobs while in school, and had a precious entire afternoon off and alone, drinking with my dude. Not only was he my first love and the first man that asked me to marry him, he was my first partner that encouraged sexual exploration.
There was a guy that lived upstairs from my fiancé in his fraternity house, that had an entire porn library. One night my guy casually mentioned borrowing a dirty movie from the upper classman upstairs. I am getting ahead of myself.
Now up to this point, I had mainly had straight up vanilla sex. Penis in the vagina sex.  As I fumbled through my first relationships and sexual encounters, I learned that I like sex.  I liked it a lot! I lost my virginity under my parents Christmas Tree, after family dinner one night. I was ready, and he was eager and not so spectacular. Then I had a series of college girl one night stands and a few boyfriends. More straight up vanilla sex. Except that one time on the pool table at a fraternity house with a big time university football player. In  the room next to a wild fraternity party. But that is a story for another day.
So my fiancé took the initiative of borrowing a couple of porn films. As we watched the first one, I admitted that I had never given a blowjob before. He was eager to volunteer to be my porn education dummy. I watched the beautiful, self confident women onscreen, and receive the finest fellatio education a girl can receive. As I watched these women, I realized that they actually loved giving head. The art of sucking a man’s cock is truly an art form, and can be thoroughly enjoyable. Needless to say, I became a fellatio aficionado.
Back to the greek bar and getting soused. I was four things that afternoon; soused, completely enamored of my first love, hot and horny, and feeling ornery. I was leaning against my fiancé when the beer distributor arrived and sat down around the corner of the little bar from us. I was feeling ornery and suddenly had the burning desire to give the object of my affection the thrill ride of his life.
 I whispered what I wanted to do in his ear, and he said no. I kept pestering him to let me give him a blow job right there at the bar, on our stools, directly in front of the front door, while his future roomie was behind the bar, and the beer distributor(a former fraternity brother) was not five feet from us. I don’t know what came over me, but I was a woman possessed. I cooed and kissed and wiled my way into him saying yes. I would have done anything to please this man. I wanted to feel his ten and a half inch cock in my throat. I want to milk every last suppressed moan that threatened to burst forth, from him. I wanted to swallow him alive. I wanted to feel the power in my mouth, running down the back of my throat. I wanted to give him a blow job as I pretended to be  passed out in his lap. At the bar, under the counter, in front of the door, next to his people, in the open bar, with the thrill of being caught doing dirty deeds in a public place floating in the air…..
And so I did. At the bar, under the counter, in front of the door, next to his people, in the open bar that Friday afternoon at quarter beers.
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