Fellatio Friday: Reunited

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His fingers pinch and pull at my nipples as his tongue teases my clit. I beg him to finger me, or fuck me. I need to feel him inside of me; he is building up this great pressure inside of me, an intense pressure that I badly need to release. As his hands leave my breast, mine take their place; squeezing and teasing my soft flesh. I feel his finger circle my tight hole and I prepare for him to plunge into the depth of my waiting pussy but instead he stops, looks up and barks.

I feel so confused and he continues to bark until the room fades to dark. I open my eyes to find myself at home, alone in my big empty bed as the dog begs to come in. A tear rolls over my cheek as I come back to reality; accepting the harsh realization that it all was just a dream – no matter how real it felt in that moment; his hands, his tongue, that fiery look in his eyes that said his soul burned for mine – was all but a torturous dream.

It had been more than an a week since I walked out, disappearing into the dark, stormy night. I turned my back on him – not without thought, there was more than plenty of that to be had though I’m still not sure which ones were right and which were lies I told myself to avoid that feeling of fear, he filled me with. As I left his bed, I felt confident in my choice to save us from ourselves but as I looked back on him happily passed out, I felt a seed of doubt take root. I slid the door closed, praying I could force myself to let go of the handle and walk away. I took a deep breath, taking one slow step at a time; fighting the tears that I knew would surely lead to a breakdown and a sprint back to his door.

It took everything I had to hold my shattering pieces together as I walked the last few feet to my car. I sped out of the lot, every mile I put between us was another mile I spent desperately wanting to turn around but instead, I pressed the pedal harder, only speeding away faster. Running seemed like the easiest thing to do, it was staying that would have been hard.

Staying meant facing the fears he filled me with but leaving meant saving us both from failure; saving us from becoming broken beyond repair, as I feared, in time we’d come to discover that we hated each other as much as we hated the rest of the world. Leaving meant he’d love me forever but I had no idea how tortured I’d feel; my days spent in a daze, wondering how he was or if he even thought of me. My nights spent tossing and turning as his face haunts my dreams; his soothing voice, the touch of his hands and our memories play on repeat like a movie I wish I could delete.

Part of me expected him to chase but instead he said his peaceful goodbye in the best way he could and let me go. I suppose it’s not like I had given him much of a choice when I disappeared into the night, completely vanishing from his life, but every girl wants that chase or at least to know she’s sought after. Though, I couldn’t blame him for letting go after I walked out without a word. Rightfully, he should hate me and that quickly replaced all my fears. I couldn’t let him hate me.

I jumped from the bed, tossed on a dress and flew out the door. I felt confident that he wouldn’t want to see me but I couldn’t stay away any longer. I had to fix things, to confess my mistakes and hope he could still accept me. I sat in the lot for an hour, trying to build up the courage to walk in and just as I went to leave, he walked out the door.

The moment I saw him, I lost all control. There was no way I could leave now. I opened the door, stood up and slammed it back; the echo caught his attention and our eyes met across the small lot. I took a step forward hoping he wouldn’t turn away and he did just the opposite; he came sprinting across the lot and I took off towards him. We crashed into each other, I leaped into his arms and wrapped my legs around him – determined to never let him go again.

I clung to his neck, kissing him madly as he carried me into the building and down the long hallway to his door. He fumbled with his keys and his attempts to open the door were only made harder as I ran my tongue along the edge of his ear, stopping to suck on his earlobe before continuing down his neck with kisses. I passed over his throat, pausing to kiss and suck at his Adam’s apple before traveling up the other side; sucking on his other earlobe then running my tongue up the edge – only stopping mid-ear to let out a little moan which sent his keys to the floor and his mouth diving into my neck, feverishly covering my skin in firm, passionate kisses that threatened to leave me covered in bruises but I didn’t care, he drove me crazy and my moans filled the hallway causing him to clasp a hand over my mouth, trying to avoid the nosy neighbors taking notice as his lips traveled down to my cleavage.

The more he tried to quiet my excitement, the louder I became, leaving him with no choice but to set me down and grab the keys up. He jammed the correct key in the hole and slung the door open. He turned, snatched me up and tossed me over his shoulder with a rough slap to the ass that made me squeal with delight as he carried me in and slammed the door with his foot, behind us. He carried me like a caveman to the bedroom and flung me on the bed like his prisoner; a prized piece of meat that he sought to devour.

I lay spread across the bed for his taking; he straddles me, grabs the top of my dress and forces it down, snapping its thin straps and exposing my mountainous double d’s. He fills his hands with my silky, tan flesh, firmly squeezing as he lowers his face between them; rubbing my soft skin against his unshaven face before running his tongue up one side. He stops to circle my pink-rose colored nipple, making it grow firmer before sucking in all that he could of my breast, like a hungry beast looking to feed.

When satisfied he drew up, reached beneath my dress and tore my panties from my body; he hooked his fingers into the flesh of my thigh, just under the back of my knee and snatched me over, bringing one leg to sit on each side of him. He dropped my leg and changed his grip. He brought his hands to the inside of my thighs, forcing my legs back and apart as he dove into my pussy like a starving carnivore in search of fresh, juicy, meat.

His tongue slid in and out of my wet pussy; he mashed his face between my thighs, plunging his tongue deep inside as my pussy pulsed, trying to grip the slippery serpent that teased my vaginal walls. Each time he drained me of my juices, he slid his tongue back up the little canal that led to my clit and madly, licked and sucked until my fingers dug into the bed, my thighs squeezed his head andmy moans turned to screams of “oh god” and “I’m going to cum”. When my pussy dripped with the results of a good orgasm he promptly returned to my tight, little hole and slurped up his reward like a man dying of thirst.

He rose up between my legs, traveled up my body, meeting me with a face covered in my cum; his sticky, sweet lips met mine and he used his tongue to part them, diving into my mouth, where the full flavor of myself, left me craving more. I sucked what taste I could from his tongue before moving on to his lips and then licking his face clean.

He brought his legs up over me, straddling me once again; he pulled his thick, hard cock from his jeans and then grabbed my wrists, pushing my hands up against the side of my breast. “Hold them!” He sternly demands. I held them firmly pressed together as he slid his cock in between. Sliding in and out as his pre-cum began to lube my chest, he grabbed at the front of my hairline, pulling my head off the bed and my chin down to meet my chest. “Open your mouth!” He demands; sliding his cock through my breast and up to my lips.

“Wider!” He scolds. I stretch my jaw further and he slides into my warm, wet mouth; the angle causes me to choke with every intrusion of his bulbous head in my throat. He slides his cock between my breast and into my mouth until I gag for air, he only lets up when he fears I’m on the verge of vomiting.

As I worked to catch my breath, he slid back down my body, hooked an arm under my waist and flipped me over on the bed. He pulled my hips up so that I came to my knees; ass up for his taking. He dove face first into my pussy again, his tongue teased my hole as his fingers fiddled at my clit; his tongue traveled over to my anus and he ran his tongue around my rim before forcing his way inside; tongue fucking my asshole as he drove a finger deep into my pussy, matching the motions of his tongue with his finger while still rubbing my clit – sending me into a trifecta of pleasure that both confused and excited my body until I felt a madness that spread through me like a wild-fire, heating my pussy until my hot juices sprayed him; sending his tongue back into the depths of my pussy to lap-up my milky juices.

He stood, pulled me closer to the edge of the bed and slipped inside of my tight, awaiting pussy. His fingers dug into my hips as he pulled me back and slammed himself deep inside, sending a gasp from my lips. He pulled back, slow and easy, every bulging inch of him pulled at my pussy as his head came to the edge of my hole and he slammed me again, this time his action was met with my moans. Again he pulled back slow, my pussy clung to his shaft and I anticipated the same results but this time I felt a hand at the back of my head. He snatched up a handful of hair, pulled me back onto his cock and slammed into the depths of my pussy once more – repeating the process harder and faster as I screamed for more.

“That’s right, you take all of that big, hard cock, you dirty fucking whore.” He says, plowing himself balls deep as he slaps my ass. I squeal and shake, pulling myself from his cock as my pussy bursts like a dam, covering him in my warm fluids. He snatches me back to position and holds me up as my body vibrates in his hands. He drives himself back into my pussy, pounding me like a little fuck doll until I begin to convulse in his hands and explode on his cock again.

He drops me on the bed, flips me back over and brings my legs to his shoulders as he drives his cock in once more. This time he uses his weight and slams down into my pussy, determined to fill me full of the contents of his sac. He plows into me until we both begin to shake; his cock pulses in my pussy and is met with the convulsions of my vaginal walls as my milky fluids mix with his creamy cum in a combined explosion of ecstasy. He lowers himself, kisses me, rolls to my side and pulls me in close. “I missed you babe.” He whispers as we drift off to sleep in the pink glow of the rising sun; the first day of the rest of our lives.

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