Fellatio Friday: Revenging The List

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They had been dancing around the subject from the start. I could tell my lover was into her; he wanted to know her, to feel her…to taste her. He had looked at me in such a way, not too long ago. He had made me feel like I was his everything; he had filled me with the impression that I was all he needed, in someway, to survive the chaos that’s consumed us for most our lives.

I worried he was nothing more than a player when we met and looking back, I should have had a bit more faith in my intuition. Here I was, in love with him and thinking that we are two broken people who found solace in each other’s company; who cared for one another and brought peace to each other’s lives. What I didn’t fully realize is that his interest laid a lot more in sex than anything else. Now, I’m not complaining, the sex was amazing but I could quickly see that no one woman could ever be enough.

It wasn’t long before I noticed that he took solace in many women and that they did just the same with him; all just names on his list. It wasn’t long before I had many of the names that filled that list. I had no idea what to do with them – if I should confront him, confront them or forget about the whole thing. It wasn’t until I found the hotel reservations that I knew exactly what to do.

I could only imagine that he fed them all the same lines he fed me and from there, my plan would take flight. First I convinced them, then I instructed each girl on her part; starting with his next “hot” date. It took a few hours but it was fairly easy to get everyone in agreeance. I made one last call to a surprise guest and hit the local adult-shop for some much needed accessories.

The days passed rapidly and my twisted excitement grew with every fading minute. The combination of adrenalin and nerves had my heart racing when the day arrived.  I slipped into a short, halter-style dress – skipping the under garments, as ease of access was the ultimate goal. I examined myself in the full length mirror; tall, strong and fierce from my perfectly done hair to the tips of my beautifully painted toes. I was ready.

I stood outside the room with my duffel bag of supplies and listened as the two of them laughed. She knew her job and I had complete faith that she’d play her part – even if it did sound like they were having way too much fun. I stood for another twenty-minutes before I heard the chains jingle and the door pop open. She greeted me with a huge smile and just beyond her shoulder, I could see him.

The look of shock was almost enough to satisfy my need for revenge but almost isn’t quite enough, now is it? I slipped into the room – grinning like a loon. He sat handcuffed to a chair, naked and unable to move his hands or feet much further than the reach of the chairs arms and legs. I could tell he expected yelling but I simply dropped the bag and grabbed his latest love interest; pulling her close to me as we embraced one another in a long, seductive kiss – he was putty in our hands now.

As we broke our embrace, we could both tell that he thought he was in for a special treat, by the look on his face. I laid her down in front of him, her head at his feet and I between her wide spread legs; diving into the depths of her warm wet pussy, all while maintaining his eye contact. I licked and teased her until she soaked my face. He egged me on, begging to see more; begging to join.

That’s when a knock came at the door and I grinned just a little bit more. Opening the door I let in a flood of woman; all just names on his list. With each new girl who entered the room his face lit up with more confusion. In total there were fourteen of us; we stood before him making our introductions and then pairing off into our little make-out sessions.

We surrounded him with half naked bodies he couldn’t touch. We kissed and teased each other before him, offering him the show of a lifetime. We fed off his torture. As things grew heavier among the group of females that were now entangled in a mass of grinding; humping; scissoring; finger-banging and licking one another. I paused to toss my well stocked duffle bag into the middle of the room. The women flocked to it like moths to a flame; each grabbing the dildo, vibrator or strap-on of their desire.

A circle formed before his feet; a train of woman driving fake dicks into the woman in front of her – only stopping to lap up the juices of another mates orgasm. The room filled with moans as each woman reached for the height of her arousal. One by one and shortly in groups, they began to surround him; covering him in the juices that sprayed forth from their happily, convulsing vaginas. Leaving him soaked, squirming in his seat and begging to be touched.

Another knock came at the door and our surprise guest was ushered inside which just happened to be his best friend. I kneeled in front of the chair and before his friends feet. I wanted him to watch as his friend filled my mouth with his thick, lengthy cock. I devoured his friend with twisted enthusiasm; my arousal increased with every thought of my lover watching me and being unable to play with us as he so desperately wanted.

I clung to his best friends hips as his dick torn through my mouth and threatened to rip through my skull. I watched as my lover fought the cuffs; giving everything he had in hopes of breaking free. I continued to torture him, forcing him to watch as I played his buddies cock like a flute before rising to bend over and take my pounding. I saw the anger rise as he watched his friend make me scream; pissed it wasn’t him. Pissed his friend could ever do such a thing. I moaned louder, enjoying his discomfort. He deserved ever ounce of suffering.

My lovers date for the night approached my face with a massive strap-on, probing me from one end as our guest pounded me from the other. They filled me from both ends, skewering me down the middle. I was but a piece of meat for their taking and take me is exactly what they did. They banged me until my body became weak and his friend had no choice but to hold me up while continually pounding me from behind until finally I exploded, covering his dick in my creamy fluids.

He released his grip, dropping me back at his feet. I sucked and licked his cock feverishly, pulling my flavor from his skin until he covered me in his own creamy ejaculation that had the girls licking my face and chest clean as my lover watched on, in shock. At last, I stood before him, smiling. “You could have had all this, if only I hadn’t been, just another girl on the list.”

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