Fellatio Friday: Strangers in the night

Stranger in the night

I watched as she gracefully wandered the room, gliding from group to group; avoiding small talk and the advances of dreadful, mind-numbing, dullards who pretend to know the meaning of life, while they suck down their brandy and puff on expensive cigars, only speaking of money and the women they’ve concurred.

I hear the echo of her name as it fills the room, rolling off the lips of men who have marked her a prize amongst men and cursed by the tongues of women who have declared her a threat amongst women – they spit at her feet while they pull their men in close, when she passes by and it isn’s hard to see why; one could easily become mesmerized by her beauty.

Her skin is that of luscious caramel and her legs stretch to the heavens; she has silky black hair, darker than the veil of night’s shadow and her exquisite shape is adorned by a crimson gown that clings to her voluptuous features. My eyes find themselves fixated on her as she weaves in and out of the crowd; they search for her madly whenever they lose sight of her glorious form.

I watch as she slips through a side door that leads out towards the garden – thinking herself to be unseen. I follow after her like a dog on the hunt, determined not to let the magnificent creature allude me. I slip through the same door she escaped and walk the dark, cold, concrete hall until the cast of a grey-blue light began to illuminate the area. The hall led me out to a set of winding steps that ascended to a shadowy path, leading into a labyrinth of hedge-walls and thorny rose bushes.

I stand atop the steps and scan the area in hopes of catching a glimpse of her in the moonlight but I fear I have lost her in the depths of darkness and beauty. I take the steps two by two, trying to avoid falling further behind her. My feet crunch the fallen leaves as I approach the entrance cut in the hedge-wall and I stop to debate which way she might have gone. Taking a look down each path I notice the one to the left looks disturbed, as if something had been drug over the leaves and I could only imagine that was the tail of her dress – leaving me a trail to follow, unknown to her.

I followed the displaced path of leaves through the twists and turns of the majestic garden until I reached another opening in the hedge-wall that lead into a small clearing. The clearing is lined by trees and the moon lights the ground enough for me to catch the shimmer of her dress as it lay out in the opening; as if it had been rejected by her beautiful body.

I cautiously cross through the clearing to the tree line just past her fallen frock; peering into the darkness. It appears to be dense forest but where the moon beams manage to break through I can make out another opening. I walk a few steps along the tree line and find the narrow start of the path. I slip through the bushes meant to hide the walkway and quietly tread the foot-worn trail to the edge of the next clearing.

I can hear the rapid cascading of water; the sound grows with intensity the closer I get. As I reach the end of the path I duck behind the thick trunk of an old oak tree to survey the area. Beyond the tree I can see the rocky river bank and the water that cascades down from the rocks ledge above, falling into the pool below. My eyes search the open land for her but she’s no where to be seen.

My eyes drift down over the water as her body breaks through the rippling surface; the droplets glisten on her skin causing her exposed body to shimmer in the moon light. I step from behind the tree – my legs taking over full control of my destination. I creep quietly to the edge of the water, stopping where land comes to meet a rocky shore and silently remove my clothes as I watch her bask in the pale moon light.

I prey her back stays turned as I take my descent over the rocks and into the water. I expect to meet cold temperatures but figure if she can handle them, I can as well. The first few steps are cool but the further I lurk Into the depths, the warmer the water becomes. Her back stays turned to me as I slowly approach, fighting to remain unheard as I move through the slow flowing current but a slippery rock hidden beneath the surface causes me to fall back into the water, creating a rather large splash.

With a clumsy fight I break the waters surface, bobbing up to see she has disappeared from sight again – likely scared off by my abrupt invasion. I float in circles, hoping to spot her when I feel something grab my waist. I stand, preparing to run but up with my body, came hers – hands still firmly gripping my hips, her head comes just above the water and sits, perfectly positioned, in front of my growing erection.

She grabs my cock and begins to pump my shaft, bringing me to full erections; firm and throbbing in the grasp of her hand. She pulls me into her warm, wet mouth and takes to eagerly sucking my cock. The force of her suction, with every pull her mouth made, threatened to send me tumbling over into the water. She blew me like a wild woman, starved for cock.

When satisfied, she gracefully rose from the water, her hands slide up my body and come to rest on my bare chest; her supple breasts brush my abs as she leans in, tilting her head back, allowing me to peer into her honey-brown eyes; eyes that twinkle with the embers of her soul – burning bright before me. Her lips produce a seductive smile that throws my heart off rhythm.

She raises one finger to my chin and gently pulls behind the bone; signaling me to come closer. My hands slide to her hips as I lean down, bringing our faces closure; she rises up on her toes and the baby soft skin of her cheek graces my bristly exterior as her lips come to sit just below my ear. Her warm breath passes my ear as she whispers. “I saw you watching me. I hoped you’d follow.” Her words set my body aflame with a fire that burns with the desire to explore her.

Her fruity voice is sweeter than the juiciest of berries and feeds a part of my soul that I never realized was hungry; ravenous for the spirt that stood before me. “How could I not watch such a marvelous creation? It’d be a sin, not to admire something that was surely heaven sent.” I reply, letting my lips graze her ear. She shivers in the chill of the night as the breeze blows past our damp bodies.

I slide my hands under her ass and lift her; bringing her legs around me as I lower us into the water, carrying us closure to the fall of the hot spring water. I stopped as we reach the middle, where the temperature has become that of a warm bath – knocking the chill from her body.  Her wet, black hair clings to her, framing her gorgeous face and almost making her caramel skin appear pale in the moon light.

We silently stare into one another’s eyes, as if we’re having a conversation without the words; she’s reading my soul and I’m reading hers. Her soft hands come to meet my cheeks and her gaze grows deeper as she reaches the shadowy parts of my past; unlocking her own twisted past – painfully beautiful. Somewhere tragedy had befallen her along the way and through her eyes, I can see she wears those scars bravely while she silently shakes like a little girl on the inside.

She pulls me closer, introducing her luscious red lips to mine; filling my mouth with a sweet cherry flavor. Her pussy rubs my cock as she bounces in my arms, kissing me as if she depended on my oxygen to breathe. My cock achingly throbs with anticipation as its craving to feel her, grows. She pulls back, taking a moment to stare into my eyes once more and as if she had read my mind, she wraps her arms around my neck and pulls herself up, letting my dick float up to attention in the water before lower herself down; my head sits pressed against her hole, threatening to break through. She lets her arms loosen and allows my head to slip inside before pulling herself up again.

She teases her pussy with my head, popping me in and out until we both can no longer stand it. I drive myself deep as she allows herself to land hard on the base of my cock. Her legs wrap tighter and she grinds beneath the water making my legs shake as I fight to keep us both from falling beneath the surface. My hands slide to the arch of her back and she releases her grip, falling back against my hands and floating on the water.

I pull her back and forth through the water as I drive myself into her; watching as the water rushes over her bouncing breast. She moans just as sweetly as she spoke and the sound of her pleasure has me captivated. I never want to cum if it means I can continue hearing her passionate cries, echoing through the nights sky. I thrust deep inside of her, she wraps her legs back around my hips and pulls herself up, pressing her breast into my chest as she covers my lips in thankful kisses.

I carry her through the water to a large, smooth rock that peaks from the surface. I sit back on the rock as she continues to ride my cock, grinding and bouncing on my throbbing shaft. Her wet hair slaps across my fingers on her back, as she leans tilted, her face towards the moon letting out howlsof delight, bellowing through the night. Her body shakes atop mine as she reaches orgasm after orgasm; each time her pussy’s grip grows stronger and my fight to avoid cumming becomes more of a war that I know I’m close to losing.

I lift her from my cock, forcing her to stand on the rock as I drive my face between her thighs; tasting her nectar. My tongue’s drawn to the depths of her pussy like the flowers entice the bees; sampling her pollen until she produces a sticky, creamy honey that only makes me crave more. Her hands pull at my hair as she grinds on my face until she cums again, covering my face in her heavenly syrup – only releasing her hold to allow me to lick up every last drop. I savored her flavor as I lapped up her precious juices; running my tongue along every inch of her delicate pink pussy.

I pull at her hands as I lay back, she straddles me, lowering herself over my thick head and down my shaft until I sit deep inside of her. She slowly bounces on my cock as her hands knead her perky breasts. She bites at the corner of her lip as she fights the moans in attempt to hold off another arising orgasm. She drops from her feet to her knees and her hips rotate as she grinds on my pulsing shaft. Her body shivers from the cool air and her pussy convulses on the verge of full arousal and pulls at my cock until  no amount of muscle control can stop it. I explode deep inside her as she claws at my back, while her body shakes uncontrollably and she bursts into screams of pure ecstasy before falling into me like a woman properly satisfied.

She kisses at my neck and shivers from the mixture of cold and multiple orgasms. I slide us off the rock and into the water, taking us back into the depths of warmth; releasing her when I could no longer walk. We lay back, letting the water take us away, hand in hand, beneath the pale moon light and star speckled sky – just two strangers in the night.

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