Fellatio Friday: The First Blow

Fellatio Friday’s? Say what?! That’s right! Since my recent post ‘So, you want a blowjob?’ I’ve had some amazing conversations with a lot of lovely ladies and the truth is, the love and art of giving a blowjob is not lost. This is why I’ve decided to bring you, my wonderful readers, a mini-series on the experiences of being a self-proclaimed blowjob queen and what better place to start than the account of my first time. You’re welcome 🙂

School had gone as it always did and we celebrated the end of another long week – finally the weekend was upon us and ours for the taking. My best-friend, my partner in crime, had our usual plans to chill-out and then along he came; that boy, the one all moms warn you about. He was the sex and drugs; he was rock ‘n’ roll and off limits, yet just in my reach.

It felt as if the planets had aligned when he mentioned he had no plans for the night. We quickly invited him over and to our surprise, he was down for it. The next thing I know, the three of use are on our way to my house.. My house! Squeal says the inner teenybopper in me. He’s in my car. He’s in my house. Oh lawd, help me! I had dreamed of being worthy of his time in such a private manner. I had heard all the whispers in the girls room and the chatter of our inner circle – he was a gentleman, in the sense that he enjoyed taking care of a lady. He enjoyed the woman’s form in all its glory and bringing girls to an orgasm they had never experienced before, was his favorite sport.

He wasn’t the type you date, he wasn’t even really the kind you brought home to mom. It’s not that he was rude or disrespectful, in truth he was quite the opposite and played parents just as well he charmed the girls at school but he was the kind of boy you snuck around with because he made you feel alive; he made you crave to be as free as seemed and with him, anything felt possible. If it wasn’t for me having very easy-going parents, I would have gladly done the sneaking – he was the boy to have and I wanted him just as much as every other girl in our circle.

As he lay stretched on my futon style bunk bed, I felt that deep ache in my pelvic floor; I wanting every part of him, I wanted to experience the dangerously powerful magic of lust and animalistic urges, but most of all, I wanted to have an orgasm that wasn’t self induced. As we joked and I watched the rise and fall of his muscular chest, I found my oral fixations taking over. Without thought I gently placed my mouth on a rung of the beds ladder, it was perfect for my height and I slowly began sucking on the cold, hard metal – sucking on things had been a stress reliever for as long as I could remember.

Glancing up I could see the change in his face. He was intrigued. “There’s something about the way you do that. It’s mesmerizing. Have you ever given head? I think you’d be great at it.” He spoke bluntly.

Okay, so looking back it was likely a fairly typical line but when you’re a teen-girl, all wrapped up in the moments and looking for any kind of acceptance – you’ll take it.

“I’ve never done it before but I’ve always enjoyed sucking on anything I can get in my mouth.” I say with the most innocent of smiles. We’d been flirting since we met at the start of that year and I was eager to please but my parents house sounded like a terrible place to do it.

Like any group of teens with misfits for parents and rocky backgrounds, we came up with a fairly nice little scheme. My “step-sister” was still trying to bond in these days and kept saying to come over anytime. I couldn’t reach her that day but I wouldn’t let that stop me – if anything, it only ensured our alone time and that was the whole point. I had my mother drop us off and told her that we’d just wait – she left and the three of use took to the porch for more teasing and your general, teen related, Tom-foolery.

 It wasn’t until the dark began to set in that we decided to check the back yard out – it consisted of an old set of trailer-stairs and an overgrown field. In most cases, the back-porch stairs of a tiny crappy trailer, in the middle of an over-grown field, isn’t very romantic but I’m a tad-bit country (seriously, it’s amazing it wasn’t in the back of a pick-up truck) and I was a whole lot broken, not-to-mention, I was a teenager – the set-up seemed perfectly acceptable to me.

He sat on the top step as my best-friend and I joked and cut up as teens often do. He chimed in with the best of punch-lines, that left our sides aching from laughter. Before long the flirtatious jokes turned to actions. My best-friend and I have known each other since the toddler years and since middle-school, we had used our dirty little lesbian sides to our advantage, all the time. It’s possibly that our own sport of enjoyment was playing the boys – we had no want for one another but had merely learned how to use our powers for good (though some may say evil) – lets just say we often got what we wanted, without having to sleep with a bunch of dudes. We had learned that by kissing or touching one another, we could easily get the eye of any guy. Essentially, we were attention whores. A cock-tease in most cases.  (Well that’s my case, I can’t account for hers, haha. Love you!)

This though, was on a different level. This wasn’t showing our tits for cigarettes or money. This wasn’t our routine of getting asshole-stalker types off our backs. This was the one time, where anything could go and the one case where a slut is exactly what you wanted to be; that was the mysterious power of the untouchably-touchable rebel that sat among us – he knew he was deemed a god on some high-school list of most likely to induce orgasm and he didn’t own it with ego but instead with charm – that fact alone, only made you want him more.

Now back to those stairs: He sat facing the full moon that hung above, further illuminating his already handsome physique. My best-friend is bent-knee on the bottom step and I’m standing just to her right; as she pulls, from his jeans, the first penis I’ll ever see in person – sure, I had seen more than my fair share of porn-penis and in magazines but this was my first personal experience and he was every bit of what I imagined a man should be – I could see why he was the talk on every girls lips and I wasn’t mad at him for it.

 He had a length that made my heart leap and my stomach flutter, as if I had just swallowed a gallon of rambunctious butterflies – but it was no-where near as frighting as when I noticed the girth of his beautifully engorged manhood. No matter what my head said about the pain he may cause, my vagina ignored it – as if it knew so much more than the brain did. It knew what it wanted and it wanted it now, it ached for every inch of ecstasy he could offer.

I watched as my best-friend placed her mouth gently over his firmly erect member; she had always been more experienced than me and I enjoyed watching her demonstrate the proper blowjob etiquette that every lady should know. She was a master in her own right and a teacher worth learning from. My mouth watered and my jaw ached just as bad as my vagina did – In the end, it didn’t matter where it went, I just wanted him in me – I wanted to please him with every ounce of my being. After her enticing little show, my friend stopped to warn me about watching for teeth and just as soon as she had went down, she was back up again – it was now I who sat bent-knee, shaft in hand.

I wasn’t aware of it growing up but my love for lollipops and fudge-bars had been secretly preparing me for this very day. My jaw was strong and my technique was flawless – I took to sucking dick like a duck takes to water and he enjoyed every bit of extra attention I payed to the veins that pulsed with excitement down his lengthy shaft. I traced every vein, every over hang, every inch and with every moan he released, my own ego grew as I adventured into a new freedom – another goal was passed in my quest to being sexually free.

 I enjoyed every minute of his apparent pleasure. I over achieved with every bit of success. I was determined to please him and I did. I had always been competitive and I wanted nothing more than to give him the best blowjob he had ever received – I wanted to be that one mouth he would never forgot and I took pride in working hard, to be just that mouth – to be just that girl – to be just that blowjob.

Though that night didn’t lead to the loss of my virginity, it will be forever etched into my memory, just like my first kiss and my first date are. There are many firsts I’ll never forget and this one is high on that list. I’m grateful the schools number one bad-boy, the cops son, was my first – if it wasn’t for him, my love for the art of orally pleasing a man, may never have begun and honestly, over-all, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or memory of my first time giving head.  After that night, I knew that I didn’t seem to have a lot of talents but I certainly had one powerful gift – someone had to be good at it and as far I was concerned, it may as well be me.

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  1. Damn girl. That was some titillating shit for a Friday morning at the office 😉

  2. 🙂 Thanks Chrissy, no better way to start the last day before the weekend!

  3. I'm the best friend!!!! This was amazing brought back great memories

  4. Bahahahahaha and this why I love you!

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