Fellatio Friday: The Instructor

#FellatioFridays Week two: The Instructor.

“You never go down on me. Will you give me a blowjob? I want to see my dick in your mouth.” He pleaded in my ear as we lay wrapped-up in one another, after a long nights work. The golden rays of the rising morning sun shone in, warm and vibrant, through the overhead window. The sun’s cascading rays act as a spot-light on our tiny twin sized stage.

“It’s ok if you’ve never done it. I’ll teach you.” He remarked with a sly smile. Quickly adding “I’ll make you a pro in no time. Please?” Dragging the please out like a small child begging for his favorite candy.
We had been dating for some time now and though we had sex on a regular basis, I hadn’t felt the need to preform anything so intimate. Sex is of course, a fairly intimate occurrence but to me, there is no higher form of intimacy than to preform oral on a person. Allowing someone to place their mouth in such a private region is the ultimate form of saying that you are completely comfortable with them. To be that mouth is to say that I too, am fully comfortable with you.
This was a guy fond of oral and admittedly, I enjoyed his thick, pierced tongue whenever I desired but I had been a “bad-girlfriend” by girlfriend standards and skipped out on reciprocating. With him, I always acted far more innocent than I was; he found it easy to believe that I was an amateur in the arts of sexual performance. I was smart enough to let him believe it.
I gave him the evil glare I always produced when he resorted to begging like a dog does for a bone. I twisted my face and furrowed my brow and I could see the disappointment spread across his face just before I burst out in laughter and let out a sarcastic, “Oh yes! teach me master!”
He grabbed me with his massive paws and released grunts that could easily be compared to that of a bears; he forcibly pulled me onto him and tightly wrapped one arm around my waist as he used his free hand to take hold of my ponytail.
In the moment, I’m taken back to the first time I rubbed his back; as I sat atop him and I ran my hands along the length of his seemingly-never ending back, my hips rocked back and forth while my hands worked from his hips to his shoulders and back again. When suddenly, in the swiftest of moves, I was thrown into the air as he flipped over beneath me. My heart raced and my stomach did flips while my legs fell perfectly over his pelvis and his hands firmly grasped my hips, all in a matter of seconds. The sheer shock threatened to take my breath away and the excitement sent a rush of adrenaline that rapidly sent us into a passionate and rowdy romp.
As a man who stood over six-feet tall and every bit as strong as he appeared; he knew how to take what he wanted. Though he was a gentle guy by nature, it didn’t stop him from knowing just when to take control. The moment he transformed into that beast, I became butter in his arms; I melted into him and the passion of our kiss closed off every door to the outside world. The only sounds to be heard came in the form of us gasping for air and we are that existed to one another as the rest of the world fades away into the nothingness of blank-space. This time was no different. We fell deep into each other, until at last he used his grip on my ponytail to pry us apart.
“Lay down there baby. I’ll tell you what to do.” He said reassuringly.
I’m not sure why; maybe it was the lack of sleep, maybe it was my annoyance from his begging or maybe it was a spontaneous burst of ‘twitterpation’, the reason doesn’t really matter: I was feeling playful and decided that it was time to pay my dues.
I embark on my journey down his body, leaving kisses as I further travel his length; I run my hand through the hair on his chest and along his side as I continue downward until finally, I lay between his legs. I lightly brush my hand over his hip and across his pelvic bones until finally, his package is resting in the palm of my delicate grip. “You can grip it harder. Take me firmly and stroke like this” he placed his hand over mine, tightening my fingers and guiding my hand up and down his fleshy member. He grew firmer beneath my grasp causing my fingers to further tighten around his now stone-hard shaft; his cock throbbed  with delight as my hand rose and fell at his every command. “Faster. Harder. Oh, right there. Slow down baby. That feels soooo good but now I want to feel that sweet little mouth.”
I listened as he instructed me in what he felt men loved and what he found to be most attractive when receiving head. I’m enjoying his domination over me and my carnal urges are amplified by my facade of being a newbie: It had a thrill all its own. I wanted to fulfill his every fantasy; I ran my tongue from the bottom of his ball-sack to the top and continued up the shaft until my tongue met his head. I enticingly trace the base of his head before letting the tip slip gently into my mouth; I glance up, giving our eyes a chance to meet before devouring him in a single downward motion that leaves him resting in the back of my throat. Still maintaining eye contact, I begin to bob up and down on his tumescent cock; slowly gaining speed with every stroke of my bobbing head.
It isn’t long before I feel the familiar grasp of his beastly paws on that trusty ponytail. He takes control, guiding my head as he pleases; forcing himself deeper into my throat and bringing me to the brink of gagging before pulling me back and starting all over. I grab for his balls and take hold with an aggressive tug that’s returned with a yank of the hair and a long sensual moan. His hand releases its grip and he falls back onto the pillows as I continue kneaded his boys with one hand and stroke the base of his cock with the other: my tongue messages the veins that bulge and pulse beneath his tightly stretched skin and he squirms at every tease of his flesh.

He rewards my efforts with groans of pure ecstasy and I crave the sound of his pleasure. I take him in once more and my cheeks dimple as I suck with every intention of completely draining him. I rise and fall with the greatest of enthusiasm; his breathing becomes rapid and his body tenses beneath mine while he tries to fight every urge he has to explode in my mouth. Moments later I feel the familiar grip of my hair and he quickly pulls me off his dick; his other hand takes control of his shaft and his grip on my hair tightens as he bends my neck back to have a full view of my face. He strokes feverishly as a wave of tension runs through his body and he begins to shake beneath me before one last moan escapes his trembling lips and he covers my face in the creamy thanks of a blowjob well done.

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