The Gentleman Ch.2

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Waking in an empty bed turns my hopeful smile to a frown. For some reason, I expected to find him there beside me and for a moment, I question whether he exists. Did I dream him up in a fit of delirium brought on by my exhaustion? It would account for his impeccable manners and gentlemanly behavior; odd characteristic for men of our generation.

I roll, pulling the neighboring pillow into my chest when I’m overtaken by the calming musk of Beaus cologne. I inhale deep, inducing flashes of him tucking me in the night before; him pulling the covers back so I could slide in. Then of him pulling the covers up to my chin and leaving me with a gentle kiss on the forehead as I faded off to sleep.

My smile returns as I leap from the bed. I feel renewed but I can’t tell if it’s due to finally getting some sleep or from the arousing thoughts of Beau. I throw on some clothes and head down stairs, where to my surprise, I find the house empty as well. Though I’m not too surprised when I catch a glimpse of the clock and realize it’s after two in the afternoon.

Not in the mood to stop for lunch I grab an apple and head out the door for the stables. I’ve been itching to ride for days but life often has a way of keeping me busy. Though I always make sure to get at least one ride in during the week, if I could, I’d spend all day riding through the fields.

Approaching the stables I hear Grans voice carrying out through the large, old wooden doors. She’s belting out a line of Amazing Grace when I walk into the stall she’s working in. Gran has loved to sing for as long as I can remember, but she seems to enjoy it most when she’s singing to the horses, while she does their grooming. You can tell it brings her an inner peace, one most people spend their lives searching for. It is her calm in a world full of chaos and I admire her ability to get so lost in it.

Gran lifts her head with a smile as she’s pulled from her trance like state when I join in the chorus. We finish the song together, ending with smiles so bright they could illuminate the stall.

“Well good morning my dear. I missed you at breakfast, but that handsome fellow made for decent company. Did you break down again or are we looking at a little booty call?” Grans says teasingly winking.

“Gran! Don’t be gross! He was a perfect gentleman. He met me at the bar last night and offered me a ride home since he knew I would be so tired.” I say with a huge grin as I watch the night replay in my head; every laugh, touch and kiss that passed between the two of us. Just the thought of our time was enough to start that tingle he brought on when his strong hands made contact with my skin.

“So that wasn’t two sets of feet I heard in the shower last night?” She says with a slight tilt of the head. We both know she is merely torturing me, Gran knows everything but she always plays dumb in hopes that we’ll tell her on our own. Gran has never been terribly strict. She’s always run a tight ship but in general, she is a fun-loving woman who believes firmly in openness and honesty.

“Okay! So maybe we had a roll in the dirt and he helped me shower before tucking me into bed. Gran I was so exhausted last night, he really was a life saver!” I exclaim through a bubbly voice and silly smile that eats up most of my face, causing my eyes to disappear beneath my apple toned cheeks.

As I walk away, Gran comments “I wonder when you’ll see him again” and though I wish I could say I wasn’t, I’m definitely wondering the same thing. Inside I still feel sure that we are doing nothing more than having a bit of fun. Not that there is anything wrong with having a bit of fun, but the thought that there could be others, makes my blood boil.

I open Bella’s gate and let her out into the pin and talk the situation over with her while I give her a good brush. She loves a bit a primping before our rides. I’ve always considered it a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ kind of friendship. She isn’t much of a talker, she mostly neighs and huffs in response but she’s one hell of a listener.

Feeling satisfied, I throw the brush in its bucket and hop on Bella. We take off across the pin, my stomach flutters as her hooves leave the ground and we leap over the fence. A trick I taught her long ago, even though Gran protested every step of the way. I understand Grans fear but she doesn’t understand Bella like I do. She’s a good horse, it’s rare that she takes off on her own and even when she does, she comes straight to our special spot. Which all leads me to believe that even animals need to get away sometimes.

We fly through the fields, Bella’s in a hurry to get to our spot today. We break through the tree line, dodging branches and tree trunks as she follows the grove of our repeated trips have formed in the earth – our own trail. She slows as we approach the river, stopping at the shore line as I remove my dress and leave it hanging on a branch – a ritual she knows all too well. Without missing a cue she is off into the water the moment the fabric snags the tree. Driving us into the cool currents of the gentle water where the droplets from our large splash, shimmer in the sunlight like floating diamonds.

She prances in the shallows, tossing water on us with every stomp of her hooves. The cool water delights my skin in the hot afternoon sun and my nipples perk up beneath my bikini top the wetter it gets. I lead Bella back to the river bank and we head down to our favorite little sunny spot to warm up. Just as we reach the small opening I can see Beau standing in the center of our tiny clearing, next to a large quilt with a picnic basket at his feet.

His presence floods me with a sense of joy and brings on an instant smile. He approaches Bella’s side as I swing a leg over and reaches up to grab my waist as I slide off into his arms. As he lowers me, he stops as our faces meet and steals a quick kiss before setting me down. He guides me to the awaiting blanket where he sits, spreading his legs and patting the spot just in front of him as one hand tugs at mine, pulling me down to him.

I lean back into his chest while he wraps me tightly and his lips graze my neck as he whispers in my ear. “Did you sleep well beautiful?” The words roll off his tongue as smoothly as a hummingbird flaps its wings and nearly as quiet. His warm breath tickles and ignites my senses, sending a heated signal firing through my system, offering instant stimulation.

“I slept hard. I can barely remember laying down.” I stop, before adding “I didn’t think you’d be here…or that I’d see you again.” Why is he here? Why does he keep appearing when I least expect it? I want to ask him every question that flies through my mind but I worry that I don’t truly want to know the answer. I slept with him that first night we met and surely, that is all he wants now.

“Never left. I had breakfast with your gran and helped her out with a few chores. She said you’d likely be down this way today and I thought I’d set up a little lunch for us.” He says gesturing to the basket. “Are you hungry?” As he opens the baskets lid to reveal two peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches, a bowl of fresh-cut veggies and a bright fruit salad, things he handpicked from the garden.

“Mmmm, this fruit looks so good! Their colors are so bright and it all looks so juicy! I can’t believe you did this for me!” I say picking up the biggest strawberry chunk I can find. I trace my lips with its cool pink flesh, giving them a little lick before sliding it in and giving a suck, seductively taking a taste of its sweet juice.

As I finish the strawberry he raises a hand to my face, turning my head to meet his gaze. Guiding me closer to him, he takes his own taste of the delectable fruit, from my lips. Taking a moment to suck on my bottom lip, removing what sweet nectar is left for him. We part with a silly smile and return to the basket, to indulge in the summers goodness.

I lay against him as he pops delicious pieces of heavenly fruit in my mouth, In between breaks for hot little make out sessions. We don’t take much interest in talking, instead we spend most our time entangled in one another, or simply enjoying each others company. Even though I don’t know much about him, our time together leaves the question of a possible relationship, swarming through my head like a pest I can’t swat.

I can’t account for his side of things but for me, a relationship is the first thing I think of when I find interest in a man, not that it happens often. Up to now, my dating life has been all the same. A guy asks me out, I either accept or don’t and If I do, then we usually date a few weeks and I find out what an idiot or asshole he is, then tell him to kick rocks.

Most men never make it to second base, not that I don’t enjoy a good orgasm but the guys I have allowed to go that far have been a huge let-down. I certainly haven’t seen the point in continuing that pattern. I do just fine on my own and see no need to do for others in that area. That is until Beau came along. I want to do for him. I want to please him and to feel him pleasing me. I ache to feel his touch, whether he is near or not and I have to believe that means something.

His voice breaks my train of thought. “Do you work tonight?” I meet his question with a nod. “Well I’m off today, can I drop you off? It’s the least I can do since you had to leave the truck last night.” He says a bit more eagerly than he’s aware. I smile, giving him a nod as I pop another strawberry between my lips, teasing him as I taste the sweet fruit once more.

We sit in silence a bit longer but time seems to escape us and it isn’t long before we have to head back to the house. We pack up the basket and he gives me a lift up on Bella, before handing me the basket and hopping on himself. His arms lock around me as if he is a seat belt, assuring I stay in place as we trot back through the woods, heading for the stables.

When we get back, he hops off taking the basket, than helps me down. He watches as I put Bella away, giving her a good pat, a few scratches and a big kiss all while thanking her for the ride. I turn to see a cheesy smile plastered across Beaus face and realize he has just seen a moment that only Gran and Gramps have bared witness to. I can only imagine what is going through his head.

“I uh. I usually don’t do that in front of people.” I plan to leave it at that but my nerves have other plans. “I like to think she has every bit of feelings and soul as we do. I’d thank any man or woman who offered me a hand, gave me a ride or whatever the case might be, so why not thank her? That’s how I feel about it anyways.” I say while mentally smacking myself for being unable to stop my rambling.

“You’re adorable. I know we don’t know a lot about one another but I can’t seem to find a thing I don’t like about you. You intrigue me. I can see the beautiful soul that lays inside you and I want nothing more than to learn everything about you. I want to know what makes you, you.” He says through the same cheesy grin before reaching out and pulling me into him. Leaving a kiss on my lips that I feel sure will tingle for days.

We lead each other back to the house and up the stairs to the shower which has become a familiar spot for us. We quickly drop our clothes and jump in. I’m running behind and being the stickler about time that I am, I want to get going and hurry things along but seeing the water run over his wash board stomach and down his hips. I can’t help but want to touch him and stay a little while longer.

I raise my hands in front of my chest and his raise to meet mine, balancing me as I lower myself to my knees. He releases my hands once I’m down and they find their way to his hips as I guide him into my mouth with my lips and a touch of suction. Though I would love to tease and torture him, the time simply doesn’t allow for anything more than a quick blow, straight to the point.

I stroke his cock with my mouth for a few minutes before throwing my hands in the mix. One stroking his cock in unison with my mouth and one playing with his balls. When he feels ready to blow I spring up from my knees, turn and bend over to present myself to him. He enters with ease, filling me until I reach the base of his shaft, where he sits a moment, deep in me. He pulls back slowly before easily sliding deep again.

He repeats the process a few times, then pulls back slowly one more time before ramming himself deep. Each hit he makes is just a little harder and quicker than the last. My insides ache but my pussy and clit are in agreement that his thick shaft and balls smacking my clit are leading up to an explosive outcome. Though my hands offer some stability I’m glad he has my hips in his grasp as he pulls from me and I explode with sheer bliss. My legs are barely able to hold my weight as every inch of me shakes with pleasure.

He holds my hips until the shaking slows and I’m able to stand again. We stand wrapped in each other’s arms as the water washes down over our relaxed bodies. Though we don’t want to break the embrace, we split apart to wash up and head for my room. He watches as I dress for work and as I put my make-up on – as if he is taking note of all that makes me, me.

Once finished we head down to the car, where once again, he opens the door and hands me the seat belt. On our other trips there has been some chatting but we really haven’t gotten to know one another. No better time than the present.

“What do you do for a living Beau? You already know I work at the bar and take care of Grans but I don’t know what you do.” I fire off to get us started.

“I work for Parkers construction, we mostly build houses but we also do some larger work for the city. My dream though, is to have a company of my own one day. Not that the Parker brothers aren’t great employers but I want success for myself. Plus it’d be cool to have something to hand on to my future kids.” He says giving me a wink.

“Oh, so you want kids?” I say a bit surprised that he’s even put this much thought into his life. I mean sure, I have a general plan for mine but he seems to have a blueprint for his.

“Yeah. I mean, not now but sure, I’d like to find the right woman and settle down, eventually have a kid or two.” He says, seeming entirely sure of his desires. “Don’t you want kids?”

“Honestly, I can’t say I’ve ever put much thought into the subject but yes, I do see finding love and having a family, in my future, somewhere. Like you said, eventually.” I say, a bit shocked with the realization that I have that sort of fairy tale dream for myself. “So what’s that perfect girl look like?” I ask, in hopes I might fit the list in some way.

“Someone with dreams and ambition. Someone who isn’t afraid to be herself. Someone with a warm, beautiful soul and someone who shares similar interests, like a love for the outdoors. Overall, she has to make me feel like she’s someone I can’t possibly live without.” He says, stealing a glance of me as he finishes.

My pulse is on the rise and I can hear my heart beating in my ears as his eyes drift over me. In the moment I can imagine being his, forever. The thought is frightening, it’s also exhilarating and my body feels like it’s being flooded with adrenaline. I can’t help the smile that overtakes my face as my cheeks flood with a hot pink glow. Part of me feels like, if he were to ask now, I’d marry him without a second thought and my emotionally driven mind threatens to collapse under the weight of such a heavy thought.

“That’s some list you have. Most guys just want a nice ass and someone who isn’t a huge bitch or annoying.” I say knowingly.

“Most guys are just looking to get laid or marry a woman they can control but I’m not most guys. I want a woman who can stand for herself, who has her own morals and rules to follow. I don’t want just another ass or just another body to fill the space next to me.” He informs, all too seriously.

“You certainly don’t seem like any of the men I’ve met.” I say a bit puzzled.

“You make that sound like a bad thing.” He says concerned.

“Not at all or not that I can tell, so far. I just haven’t quite figured you out. You’re still abstract to me and I’m not sure if you’re a smooth guy with the right lines or a genuine character.” I can tell I’ve hurt his feelings as I finish the thought but I don’t want to be anything but honest and there is a part of me that fears he is nothing like he appears.

“Ouch! Did you just call me a player? Hmmmm, I’m going to have to find a way to prove myself to you. Nothing but pure intentions here and I hope you come to find that true.” He says determined to convince me that he’s not just another dick, looking to get off.

“I don’t necessarily mean you’re a player but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I do have some concerns about your intentions. I’m personally having a hard time trying to figure out why you even look my way. Technically you don’t know me. I could be positively wretched.” I say with a little chuckle.

“You’ll see, I’ll find a way to prove myself to you that i’m more than just another one of the guys. I might not know everything about you, but I’d like to spend all my time finding out because something in me is drawn to you like a magnet to metal. As far as being wretched, well, I highly doubt it. You’re far too full of beauty to be so hateful or ugly, on an emotional level.” He says all knowingly.

“I’m willing to give you that chance. I certainly understand the pull you’re talking about. I feel it when you’re near me.” I say sheepishly, unsure if I want to share so much feeling so soon, but he seems to be putting himself out there and I find it easy to meet his honesty with my own.

“Does that mean I can see you again tonight?” He asks as we pull into the bars parking lot.

“Sure, do you want to meet me at Grans or I could come to your place if that’s easier?” I ask, knowing I need to bring the truck home tonight.

“I was thinking I’d just come a little early and follow you over to the diner for a late night bite, then I could follow you out to your Grans…just in case the truck has any problems.” He says with a touch of worry in his voice.

“Sure, I’m usually up for a late night snack after work but you know, you can’t always follow me around just waiting for me to break down. Besides, I can handle my own. The truck and I have an understanding…though it might not always abide by the rules, it usually has a way of working out for me in the end.” I say, giving him a little smile.

“No but I can tonight, since I’m already planning to see you.” He says in his all-knowing way. I lean over to meet his lips for a goodbye kiss before stepping out of the car and heading into the bar.

I spend my night in a haze as I drift through the routine of serving drinks and taking orders for sub-par bar food, made by a man who can’t cook to save his life but it really doesn’t seem to stop people from ordering – even if it did mean certain death for them later..and the bars toilet. One place I’m happy I don’t have to clean.

I expect the hours to drag on, especially since I’m waiting for closing, all in the hopes of seeing Beau. Like when watching a pot and waiting for it to boil, if you stand watching it takes forever but if you walk away it’ll boil in a minute. As they say, a watched pot never boils but in this case, the night is passing quickly and at this rate I’ll have my ‘boiled water’ in no time.

By midnight the bar is mostly empty, it being a Sunday night and all. I’m wiping down the bar when Beau walks in. He takes a booth in the corner, he sits and watches as I finish up the nights round of cleaning – saving my sweeping for last. I sway at the juke box as I line up a few songs and grab the broom. I glide across the floor with the flow of the music, sweeping up as the music carries me through the room.

Just before I finish I feel his body behind mine and his arms circle my waist as our hips move in unison. His arousal grows more apparent as his groin presses just above my ass, budding my arousal. I spin in his arms, turning to face him as his hands travel to my ass, guiding my hips to sway with him, pulling our pelvises in close and rubbing his now fully erect cock just above my belly. I grow moist thinking about his rock hard erection as our bodies rub against one another.

Lost in each other, during our dance, we miss as the last customer slip out. As the song stops, we take notice of our lonely surroundings. He leads me to one of the bar stools and pushes me back into the bar as he embraces me in a deep, firm kiss. His hand travels over one leg and slips between my thighs, worming its way into the depths of my warm, wet pussy.

His fingers slide in and out. My pussy perks up at his touch and my juices flow freely as he gets me heated up. He turns me around and lays me across the bar stool as he lifts my dress and slips my panties to the side. Taking his bulbous head, he teases my clit until I beg him to enter me. He ignores my first few requests until my pleas are impossible to ignore. He drives himself into me, making a moan escape as he crams in every inch.

Every hit he takes feels like a threat to my insides, organs feel bruised as his cock threatens to rip through my uterus. My body becomes overwhelmed with a fiery combo of pleasure and pain as he pounds me over and over, leaving my screams to echo off the bar walls as I reach the height of climax. He pulls from me, watching as I explode, covering his cock in a warm spray of juices. He teases my clit once more, then drives his cock back into me – repeating the process until I have nothing left to give him.

We go one more round, him pounding me until finally, I feel the warmth of his own orgasm filling me, then dripping from my quivering body as he pulls out. He sits upon the stool next to me as I cling to my stool for dear life, glad it is there to support me, as I know my legs would fail me if I even chance a bit of weight on them. He rubs my back as we sit panting and feeling happily drained.

He hops around the counter to clean up and grabs a bottle of water. I bring myself up on the stool, sitting at the bar as he hands me the water which I promptly gulp down and ask for another, doing the same with it. My mouth feels drier than the desert and it takes two bottles just to loosen my mouth up enough to speak again.

“I don’t know about you but I could really go for that late night snack now.” I say leaning into the counter and laying my head on my arms as the words roll off of my tongue slightly slurred – all muscles too relaxed to do any real work.

“That does sound good. I’ll help you lock up and we can head over to the diner for a bite.” He says leaning over the counter and planting a soft kiss on my cheek.

“Alright. Just let me clean this up and shut everything down, then we can lock up and head out.” I say as I grab a few towels to dry the floor up.

After closing up we hop into our vehicles and I follow him over to the diner which is as empty as the bar was. One lone waitress is working the night shift and though we can’t see him, the owner is likely in back as it isn’t common for a woman to be left alone at night in our little corner of the world. Safety first is everyone’s goal in this little community. Our police are a great resource but the real work is done between each neighbor and friend, all watching out for the best interest of the other. It’s one thing I love about living in the country and working on the island – no other place like it.

We sit silently enjoying the others company as we share a plate of banana-pecan pancakes, with whip cream and butter-pecan syrup. Which we both wash down with a tall glass of milk – both finishing with a laugh over our tiny white mustaches. Beau snatches up the bill with a look that dares me to protest his kindness. I accept his gesture with a smile.

He walks me to the truck, opens the door, ushers me in and leaves me with a kiss. He jumps in his car and we head towards Grans, racing one another through the empty, winding back roads. Flying under the canopies as the sparkling stars and soft blue light of the moon pops through missing branches and bare limbs; casting a flash of light above our heads as we drift along the open road.

In all the fun of passing one another, we end up speeding a bit and arrive at Grans in record time. We park and as I grab my belongings from the seat, the trucks door pops open. Beau reaches in his masculine hand, offering help out, which I gladly accept and step from the truck. We walk hand in hand, laughing about our drive over and who won – cracking jokes about being pro racers.

Just as the nights before, we head to the shower as it has become our ritual – it’d feel wrong if we didn’t. With the late hour and previous bar adventure we shower quickly, our only worries are washing the night off. We clean up and spare a moment to enjoy a naked embrace beneath the warm cascading water before climbing out and drying off. We wrap in our towels and head off for the room, promptly dropping the towels and sliding into bed.

I lay on his chest as his hands rub my back and his heart beats in my ear. The combination of its rhythm and the depth of his voice when he speaks brings a calm over me, washing me of all life’s worries and stresses. For the first time in my life I feel fully in the moment, no racing thoughts. I feel nothing but pure joy laying there in his muscular arms, resting upon his strong chest. I don’t know much about heaven but the feeling of peace I have with him is what I imagine heaven is like.

As my breathing syncs with his, I swiftly fade off to sleep – the two of us entangle in to one another, as if we fear letting go. As if letting go means we risk disappearing, like waking from a dream. And If waking means realizing it is all just a dream, then i’m sure we’d choose to sleep for eternity, forever embracing one another – for in this moment, waking would be a nightmare.

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