Happy Third Birthday


Dear Boy,
 Though your age falls in the middle, we would never refer to you as a middle child. You are our first born son, and the oldest boy of our family. You are also our heart-baby, which makes you even more special in your own little way.
Today is your Birthday, you are three years old and triple the trouble maker. Any object could be your next mountain to climb, and any item could possibly be your next missing treasure.

The Mud Bog cake that no one wanted to wait for it to be decorated.
You are in love with water/soda bottles, water play, trucks, Barbie destruction, and the general boy things. Though your little life has not been perfect, no one would know it by looking at you. If you asked anyone, they would never think you had a heart problem, you  certainly do not act like it.


Your energy levels have to be double the average toddler, and you could easily eat like a grown man if I let you. You are full of your own little opinions, ideas, and views. Even though you have made mommy gain a few grey hairs with your rambunctious, and adventurous spirt – your humorous personality makes up for it…well that, and hair dye, haha.
This year your vocabulary has really blossomed and you have become a very loving, caring, and passionate little boy. Not to mention super cute, which probably saves your butt from a lot of trouble.
You are also far too smart for your own good. No child lock can stop you, and you always have a plan B. So far we have had to chain the fridge, get a lock for our pantry, tie the chairs to the table, and lock up the liquor. No cabinet, or shelf is too high, or too far for you to reach. If there is a way, you are sure to find it.
You have certainly set the mischief bar high for your baby brother – though I doubt he will have any trouble keeping up. You have left mommy and daddy saying “and we still have one more to go through” on more than one occasion. I’m sure we could picture life without you, but who would want to? Life certainly would not be as interesting, enjoyable, or as fun, if you were not around…so I guess we will keep you around a little while longer. haha. 😉
After all, they say “boys will be boys” for a reason. Happy Birthday big boy, we love you.
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