Healthier eating: Killing off the microwave.

Hello all my lovely Minions!!! I have a confession….ok, if you read my nonsense then it may not be all that big of a shock. I am, a bad eater, a terrible eater even.  Eating and myself have a “frinemy” relationship, it’s purely what one would call love hate. Mostly, I love it and it hates me. 

I grew up in homes where I was either feed crap, feed too much, or forced to over eat because granny didn’t do left overs, and “it’s ok honey, you can fit these last two tacos in, no need for left overs.” My parents weren’t big fruit or veg eaters, and a large portion of my young life was spent in a restaurant of some sort. (Family owned.)

The first one was a general southern food type. Seafood, burgers, steaks, anything fatty. At one point it was a fish market, and then three different BBQ restaurants, and yet another southern style. So food was all around me! There were no healthy eating habits being taught, and not a lot of healthy food was accessible in the home. Sure, maybe some corn or green beans, but certainly not enough of any fruit or vegetable that you’d call us healthy eaters.

Now, as an adult I do love my veggies, and I do find myself wanting to try more healthy options. (4 times as much since having kids.) My biggest problem is my husband who is my pickiest eater, and the fact that i never know where to start. I admit that I occasionally would go for the easy meal, or a quick fix, just because it’s simpler than learning to cook new meals. I’d love to be making a beautiful stir-fry, but when your hubby hates almost all veggies… gets a bit rough. When I met him, his diet consisted of hot pockets, Oreos and gummy bears…..with Mountain Dew to top it off, of course.

Needless to say, shopping for food can be a bit of a challenge. I don’t know about you ,but the freezer section is my worst nightmare. This is where all the bad fats, quick fixes, heart attack giving, and chemical filled nastiness lives. That’s right, I’m talking about the pies, ice cream, frozen pizzas, French fries, and fried everything you could Imagine. I personally feel it gets worse with the kids meals.

 YUP, I’m talking kid cuisines, pizza rolls, and all the other smiley faced impostors just covered in preservatives, and who knows what…..cause I don’t know about you, but I can’t pronounce half the words on the food labels.
It’s like chicken blah blah, preserved with blahblahblan, gum, blue 22……side effects may included growth of extra body parts, bleeding gums, and premature menstruation in females….possible boob growth in males. (Ok, maybe it’s not that bad.)

Honestly, I think we hit these isles for convenience. Who doesn’t have 12 minutes to feed the whole family…..without any real work. That’s right, just stab a few holes and pop it in the microwave. Wait what? The Microwave…..that evil beast. Sitting there, cleverly disguised as your friend, but holding a nasty little secret. I’m sorry to tell you, but your microwave is spy sent by all the crap food companies. They want you to buy all the easy, junk filled stuff, and making it convenient is the nail in our coffins.

Here’s how it works.
(Busy parent…or person.)
“Oh look, A coupon for kid cuisines and minute meals. They’re already $1 and I get two for one. That will make a couple nights super easy with the kids.”

Now of course they go the store, and buy a freezer full of minute meals for a week. While they’re on the isle they notice a special on ice cream, and walk out with two cartons of that as well.  You see, the company made it cheap, and the microwave made it fast, but the question is…..did anyone make it good? Or healthy? In most cases, I think not. 

(Also, the grocery store got you by putting ice cream near by….they knew you wouldn’t be able to pass it up. I know, because I’m the person standing in front of the ice cream doing the “I really don’t need it” dance. You  know the dance, you walk up and look then back away, do a few circles, repeat a few times, and then run from the store screaming before your self control breaks and you end up in the isle trying every flavor…because then you don’t have to feel as bad….you only had a taste, and you never took it home, that doesn’t count…everyone knows that….don’t judge me. Haha) anyhow!

One day, a day I thought to be the start of my own little hell turned out to be a wonderful blessing. My super ninja microwave died! My husbands first response was to rush off and grab a new one, but I had other ideas in mind. I had already been in the process of cutting out the nasty foods, and replacing them with healthy options and REAL food. With this change, I found that I had much less reason to be using a microwave – I was also visiting the freezer section a lot less. 

This meant two things to me. One, I wasn’t stopping for the ice cream, or little treats that trigger my own shameful downfalls. Two, I wasn’t as attracted to the microwave meal sales. I decided we’d avoid getting a new one for now, and see if it was really an appliance we needed.

It’s been almost a year now, and we are still microwave free. I don’t feel our life has been negatively effected in any way. I easily pass all the freezer sections now, and that cut out a lot of other treats. Meals were now full of real and more wholesome, less “fake” or non-fake foods. With the loss of my microwave came a greater change in our health. Less preservatives, less sugars and fats. 

I didn’t know it then, but the decision to kill off the microwave, was one of the best changes that could have happened. It helped spring a change in our habits. Before we knew it, this reached further than the freezer section. Now we weren’t only passing the freezer foods and treats, we were also passing the chips, cookies and other junky, hip fatteners. 

If anyone asked me what the biggest first step you could take to change your eating habits was….I’d say it’d be to kill the microwave, and cut out the overly convenient options. 
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2 Responses to Healthier eating: Killing off the microwave.

  1. Natashalh says:

    Yahoo for ditching the microwave! I haven't owned one in years. Whenever I tell people I don't have a microwave, they always try to give me one. Last year, I let a friend give me a microwave because she clearly really wanted me to have it. I kept it in the trunk and, the very next day at work, a coworker told me his had broken. I gave away my new gift microwave! Good thing we usually hang out at her place or she might noticed the microwave isn't there…


  2. Hahaha, at least it worked out and someone who "needed" it was able to get one. I believe I'd end up doing the same this point…..or it would still be sitting in the trunk. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing with me.

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