HUMP-day random thoughts 2

Another HUMP-day is upon us. I’ve been keeping exceptionally busy crocheting cute little items for my cousin’s baby. She isn’t even half way here yet, and she is already spoiled. That, along with my usual antics is how the week has gone, and it has gone by in a flash. With that being said, it’s time for HUMP-day random thoughts of the week.
1. Why are homeless (bums?, home challenged?, travelers? Whatever you want to call them), becoming younger and younger? Why do perfectly capable 20ish year olds feel the need to live in the woods and beg for money? Why do they feel that I should help them when I’m very aware they could help themselves? I don’t understand this, there are people out there who truly can’t help it, but here you are acting like this is a life style choice, and think it makes you cool. Can’t they see that they are just making it harder on those who really need the help? Shameful.
*Side note* This comes from a recent trip to Walmart, where I watched four perfectly capable people sit and talk about how awesome it was to live like they do. One mentioned how he loved living in the woods and found that anytime he was in civilization, he was always constipated for days. (I didn’t need to know this, neither did you, but you’ll get over it.) He then went on to say that he never had a problem in the woods, he loved to sit down in the woods and relieve himself. They laughed and carried on as if life was one big party, as they waited for people to give them money. It’s just sickening.
2. Why is it I can never go anywhere without witnessing a shameful moment? Is it too much to ask for a simple day out? A day where I don’t feel the need to punch someone in the face? From parents letting their toddlers run around the car while they drive, to the everyday worthless people we encounter. ..It’s always something.
3. Why would anyone need to dress up like a hooker and take a taxi to the dollar tree – with two small toddlers? Why are you dressed in your club clothes for the dollar tree? And why are you dragging your babies around….there is a point when you should just stay home. If you have to take a taxi to the dollar tree, then chances are you don’t need to be there, and you should probably be saving that dollar. What’s so important that you’d spend $10 or more, just to get to a place that sells dollar items? (Though their more like penny items, worth wise.)
4. How come my kids sleep perfect when I can’t sleep but don’t sleep when I can sleep? It’s mind boggling.
5. My 2yr old is evil, I’m pretty sure he’s secretly the son of Satan…..of course he could just be like me, but that’s not the point. He’s super sweet and loving, until you make him mad or push his buttons. Then it’s go mode and it’s on! He goes from sugar sweet, to psycho nuts in .2 seconds! I may need to sleep with one eye open..
6. *In Walmart* Yes random middle age couple, you’re so funny. Walking slowly in front of me, in efforts to slow me down, or force me to go around you! All while stealing glances behind you as you do so, it’s just so original. No one has ever walked slowly to inconvenience another, here I am taking note of your brilliance…. I’ll applaud you later. The only problem with this is that I may look bothered, but that’s only to encourage you. Secretly I’m walking behind you at a snail’s pace because I have three kids at home. I’m in the store with none of my ankle biters, I’m super happy to be slowly making my way to the cash register. If you could slow it down a bit more, I’d be even happier because that means another few minutes of peace and quiet.
7. Is it bad that my new meaning of peace and quiet  is anywhere where my kids are not? Crowded stores, 5 o’clock traffic… festival, you name it…as long as my kids are missing then it’s a vacation.
8. Why is being a parent the best thing to ever happen to you and also a little like living in your own self-made hell? Things can never be just simple, parenting certainly isn’t simple. I find it less challenging than I imagined it to be, I run my home like a beast. I had more kids in effort to raise the challenge level, but Instead I’ve just learned what people mean when they say “two doesn’t cost any more than one” and “silence is golden”…..oh what I’d give for a moment of true silence….not just the ‘kids are doing something bad’ kind of silence.
Well, baby is now screaming at me and hubby just got back from school drop off, so I guess I better get to the daily annoyances that are my life. Have a good HUMP-day and try not to punch any stupid people.

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4 Responses to HUMP-day random thoughts 2

  1. Sharon Hodge says:

    Hi Danie. I'm so with you on #4 and #6. My kids, even though they are older, always seem to come and wake me up when I'm in a good sleep to tell me they can't sleep. (Now, that makes 2 of us not sleeping). I'm sure that I did this to my mom, also. The walking slow…well, I'm always in a hurry, so yeah, I need them to walk faster and faster.

  2. Thank you for the comment. I am also normally in a hurry (ive been known to accidently run people over). However, in some sort of magical land i found myself in the store kidless and without one reason to rush… didnt think it was even possible haha.

  3. I loved this post! man do i understand!! following you from MBC.

    my names linsay and you can find me at…

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the comment and follow. Welcome to the crazy.

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