Influenster: Covergirl Make-Up Review

* I received all products as a gift, with intention to review. All opinion are my own.*

Through the wonderful Influenster program, I recently received the new ‘CoverGirl Super-Size Me Mascara and Intensify Me Liquid Liner. When I first heard word of what was to arrive, I was so excited! Like a kid in a candy store kind of excited. For one, I always enjoy a new product to try and two, its make-up. From the reveal videos, these products seemed awesome and I just couldn’t wait to give them a try!

The review:

The Super-Size Me Mascara:

There isn’t much to say as far as package is concerned. At first appearance, the Super-Size Me Mascara seems to be like any other mascara. However, once you open it and begin to explore; you’ll find a light weight applicators with a slender brush that features a flexible head. The Mascara tube offers a nice tight top, which allows enough mascara for application but not so much that you’ll need to worry about clumps or unevenness.

As for the Mascara itself is concerned, it works wonderfully. As someone who feels I’m lacking in the lashes area, I can easily say that this product give you full, beautiful lashes, every time! Not only does it give you fuller and longer lashes, it also stays on wonderfully! No worries of needing to reapply through the day and no worries of your mascara running during hot or rainy days. This is one product that I will continue suggesting to woman everywhere and will be buying more of! Go Covergirl, this one is a winner!

Intensify Me Liquid Liner:

Oh how I wish I could say the same for the Intensify Me liner! I enjoyed the how-to Video for this product and they did a swell job of making it look easy. As soon as I opened the box, I was ready to rip into this package. I wanted so badly, to love this product. BUT I don’t! I hate it, I hate it so much. I tried it so many times but could never get a look that I enjoyed. You see, the video shows how simple it is to throw on and be beautiful. No extras needed, just your liquid liner and mascara. Well it’s like I said the mascara won it but the liner was a huge bust. I’m not surprised that they only gave quick shots of the after looks. I’m not surprised they didn’t give a good zoom in or show you the result after a good ten minutes. Not to mention the extra twenty minutes you’ll spend, trying to remove it from your face.

Q-tip from clean up of Coversgirls liquid Eyeliner
Q-tip from clean up of regular pencil liners.

I know, you’re scratching your head. What could be so bad, right? Well I’ll tell you; the applicator does offer better control as far a fine line is concerned. However, the tip feels exactly like the end of a pregnancy test. Yes, I said a pregnancy test. If you’ve ever touched one, you’re aware of how rough the absorbent tip feels. Now just imagine that, on your eye lid. Not fun, not fun at all! It offers a very uncomfortable and irritating application. I can now see why the women had to hold the eyelid while applying this product. Without doing so, it’s almost impossible to apply in any decent looking manner. You either end up with a thick, misshapen line or a splotchy line you must fill in. Either way, it’s not very attractive.

Covergirls Intensify Me Liquid Liner (Right after application)


Regular pencil liner, for comparison.

Holding the eyelid, you are able to get a much better looking line and the product is much easier to control. After a bit of practice, I was able to do the look suggested in the video. Unfortunately for me, none of them were suited for my face or style. Though the eye liner can look good by itself, it only looks that way for about five to ten minutes. Then it dries and this is when it becomes cracked looking, it becomes much thicker looking and any flaw, easily shows through. I would NOT suggest wearing this product on its own!!! If the reason above is not enough, it also smudges and will run…just ask me! Almost nothing is more embarrassing than wearing a new product out, doing a like sweating at the outdoor market and returning home to find that you have raccoon eyes!! I shudder at the memories! Avoid it, you’ll be glad you did.

Now, this product isn’t all bad. It is a decent liner and with the right patience and practice, you can obtain a great look. I would suggest that you don’t use it solo and do use with a full make-up application. This isn’t on the go liner, this is date night liner. This is a liner you use when you want to feel sexy and go out partying for long hours. This is for when you want to be the queen of the ball BUT with your full face on. This liner NEEDS companions, it needs eye shadow, it needs smoothing and blending! But once you’ve done that, you’ll have beautiful, long lasting results. In the end, I would suggest it but like I said, it requires the right usage and isn’t a simple, throw-on, on-the-go kind of liner.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this review and that it assists in making your next make-up purchase. Please remember that I did receive theses product free of charge, solely for the purposes of reviewing and was in no way paid or forced to review this product. All thoughts, tests and opinions are my own.

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