Influenster StayMatte VoxBox Review

This month I was lucky enough to receive the Rimmell London StayMatte Foundation. It could not have arrived at a better time as I was in search of a new foundation. Personally I’m not entirely pleased with most foundations as they often come off on your clothes or make your skin look thick or   It looks caked on, as if you were preparing for a role in a bad movie.
Thankfully, upon using the StayMatte Foundation I found it to be anything but your arrange foundation. It was easy to blend in, left the skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. With a few dabs of product I was easily about to cover my face. The color was fantastic and my face looked pleasantly smooth.
There was no sticky mess, I didn’t find the need to apply a powdered foundation on top. It is a by light and airy feeling foundation, that doesn’t leave the pores feeling clogged. The best part is that it didn’t leave the face greasy or shiny, which is a common problem I’ve found in foundations.
I was able to shorten my makeup routine and look great. After a long day, StayMatte foundation held.up fabulously. With the added bonus of keeping my eyeshadows color long lasting and smooth by apply on the eyelids before my eyeshadow.
In the end I would defiantly recommended Rimmel London’s Stay Matte foundation to women, epically one on the go.
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2 Responses to Influenster StayMatte VoxBox Review

  1. This sounds great–love the fact that you don't need to add powder over the foundation!

  2. I agree, it's made me skip using foundation so many times.

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