Instilling Confedence in Our Daughters


On my weekly-ish drive with my brother, an interesting topic was brought to point. (No surprise there, this happens OFTEN!!). Upon stopping at the gas station, my brother returned, directing my attention to the young girl locking the door. “Do you see what she is wearing?” he inquired. This is when I saw the shorts, or lack of. 

Now, I am not a prude; personally I cannot see the point in young girls dressed in clothes that leave nothing to the imagination. I am in no way saying we have to go Amish, or dress like nuns; but really, can we at least cover up our little girls? Are college students waving their vaginas around, not enough?
 I cannot understand why we wonder how jails are full of pedophiles. Now, I’m NOT excusing them at all!!! I’m just saying that these little 12 yr old girls walking around looking, and dressing like grown women. Boobs pooping out of their tops, and shorts/skirts that have to be held down, just to keep a small shred of dignity. Is not helping the situation at all. Yes, no one should have to worry about these thing, but these dangers are there…why tempt them?
The first thing my brother said was “If I ever see Kayla in something like that; you and I are gonna fight!” I agreed, it would be much deserved. If my daughter ever left the house with the bottom of her butt cheeks shining, well…..dear bob help me now!  My brother is surely going to kick my butt, and I am  most likely going to strangle her. I say HELL to the NO on crotch eating shorts, and tub tops for skirts.
I quickly informed my brother that I am the type who makes you wear shorts, or pants under skirts, and dresses……yes, even at home! I suppose it is my experience with pedophiles that has made me so extra aware of these things. There are far too many creepers out there to be sending our little girls, young ladies, and young women out in, well….Eye candy, to a creeper anyhow.
Not to mention, eye candy to the boys, though creepers are far worse. Either way, there is no reason to be letting our girls out in trashy clothes. We should be teaching them to dress attractively, without the trashy-ness. All of this has lead me to a list of things I want my daughter to learn.
1. You are beautiful inside and out. Clothes that show off everything you have, will not make you any prettier.
2. You do not  have to wear revealing clothes to get boys interested in you. If he does not find you gorgeous in a pair of jeans, and a t-shirt, then he is not worth your time. The right person will love you, even when you wake up with bed head, and bad breath. If he cannot find you attractive in jeans, then he is not the right one.
3. All the boys you see going after these half dressed girls, only want one thing. Girls who dress this way encourage boy’s to approach them, this makes them look easy….in my experience, most of them are. You do not want the boys who are looking for easy, these boys will only be disappointments in the end.
4. It is ok to leave a little to mystery, the right guy will LOVE it!
5. Wearing revealing clothing does not make you confident, not the right kind of confident anyways. If you are confident in yourself, in your mind, and in your body, you should feel just as beautiful in a paper sack.
6. Have more pride in yourself, have more respect for yourself, and never be afraid to be yourself.
7. Just because all the other girls are doing it, does not mean you have too. Never-ever, let another girl make you feel bad because you choose to keep your private parts….private.
8. No matter what, it is always what is on the inside that counts.
9. If you dress like a stripper, you are going to be treated like a stripper. If you are dressed like a hobo, you are going to be treated like a hobo. When choosing your clothes you should think about how you would want to be treated, and what that piece of clothing would say about you.
10. No matter what, I will always love you! Nevertheless, as a mother I can NEVER let you walk out of our home with your butt cheeks hanging out, or your boobs busting from your shirt….if you ask me….it is just a rape, or pregnancy waiting to happen. Those are just chances, I am NOTwilling to take!

I would much prefer my children learned to feel confident,and beautiful, in a positive way. I believe that we often forget to take the time to discuss what true beauty, and real self confidence is. Most of the time, our children learn this from T.V., in magazines, and from their peers. These are things we should be instilling in our children, long before they have a chance to possibly get the wrong idea from outside sources.
What are the rules in your home? Do you feel girls are beginning to dress with less respect for themselves? Would you allow your child out in booty shorts and tub tops? Or is this completely ok? Feel free to share your thoughts on the subject.
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2 Responses to Instilling Confedence in Our Daughters

  1. mail4rosey says:

    I'm surprised more people are not concerned with provocative clothing for little one. It's def. not a trend I like.

    I'm visiting today from Thumping Thursdays.

  2. I agree, I really don't understand why more people are not concerned with this. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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