I’ve Gone Squirrelly! Who Has My Nuts?


Well Minions, we’ve finally been nominated for an award that had to be made for me. The squirrelly blogger award! Thanks to the beautiful, yet nutty mind behind the blog “Domesticated Breakdown”. If you don’t know her then you’re missing out! *best hippie voice* Don’t be a square man, check her out and give lots of love for diggin’ our nuts. šŸ™‚

Now, I’m suppose to tell you 7-10 thing about me and nominate some other nut cases…..I mean bloggers. However, you know I like to do crap backwards so you get my nominees first. Be sure to check them out as well!
My 7 Nominees, Whose nuts I admire. LOL
(Now go show them some awesome minion love! 1:because they rock. 2: because I said so and that one counts the most, haha.)
My 10 random things:

1. I not-so-secretly want a squirrel, and a sugar glider. Apparently my granny found a baby squirrel, and raised him. He liked to sit on her shoulder, and eat Cheetos. So basically I want a shoulder sitting, Cheeto eating squirrel.
2. I’ve called my husband crying because there was a frog in the house. I had already been stuck on the couch for an hour, freaking out about it. Ok, so I sound crazy, but I was blessed with a wonderful family who loved to torture me with frogs, and lizards. Down the shirt, after me through the house and yard, and even throwing them into the bathroom. Yay me! Now they creep me the hell out, and I can’t help but feel like they are looking at me…like they know. Bahahaha.
3. I talk to myself a LOT. I even use hand gestures, and yes, my husband has caught me doing it. It’s so hard to explain arguing to ones self, so intently that you have to make outlandish gestures to yourself.
4. I have a terrible LOL addiction. Text me, email me, have an online conversation, and you’ll see what I’m saying. I don’t even think I’m that funny, I could be serious….I still LOL. You can’t imagine how hard I fight to keep the blog posts from having LOL dang near every other word. Truly, it’s so bad I annoy myself…now you know that’s bad.
5. I love music. I realize a lot of people say that, but I connect music to everything. It’s almost like oxygen for me, or a drug. Ā I just need a hit every now and then…daily.
6. I hate silence, it make me paranoid. Therefore my tv stays on for almost 100% of my day, even if it is on a Sirius station, it still has to be on.
7. I once used my grannies house for a one stand. I had only talked to guy online twice, and he worked with my step-douche. Since granny was on vacation I borrowed her house for a hook up with a future doctor. (What? Every girl wants a doctor at some point.) Well, he was nice but the sex was LAME, and embarrassingly short. However, he was a future doctor and I’m nice girl, I didn’t poke fun, after all, he had gotten what he wanted, he would be living quickly….so I thought. Lucky me, his car wouldn’t start. He was forced to stay until my cousin arrived the next morning. AWKWARD!
8. I love the beach but have a fear of bubbles in the water. I’m convinced its something that’s going to eat me. I need somewhere with crystal clear water. Forget getting eaten by anything that’s not my husband, bahahaha.
9. Hulk Hogan was my biggest crush. I even slept with a Hulk Hogan action figure. He floated my little elementary school-girl boat. As did Hanson at one point, even if they did look like girls, haha.
10. My dream dog is aĀ Dogue de Bordeaux, thanks to the movie “Turner and Hooch.”.
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