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Here it is 2012 almost 2013 and I can’t help but applaud the moms of the ’40’s & ’50’s . Back then it was about raising your children with proper manners, running a smooth household and being the best mom you could be. Teaching children to work hard and over all, forming well rounded people for the future. However, this post isn’t as much about the children as it is about the moms and what a lot of them have become.
First off we have a lot of young mothers and yes, even a lot of teen mothers. I myself was only 20 when I had my first child. Unlike a lot of mothers you see at a young age, I had found my soulmate and was happily married. The only thing I ever wanted to be was a mother and starting our family was naturally, the first thing on our to-do list. This of course is not the case for many girls these days, there are a lot of accidental pregnancies happening. Perfect example of this, is MTVs teen mom. The show is a perfect example of what more and more moms are become or acting.
We’ve got moms who can easily find a million things to do but taking care of their kid, isn’t one of them. Mom are dropping their kids off with grandparents and babysitters so they can just go do as they please. Showing us how the world has taken a turn in beliefs, now they seem to think that you should put yourself and your spouse before your children. I personally feel nothing should come before your kids, once you decide to have a child accidental or not, you’re making the choice to change your way of life. You’re making the choice to stop being all about you and to start being about your little one.
Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take a night here and there to get out. Seeing a movie, having a nice meal or just getting a little adult time is perfectly fine. That’s reasonable because we all need a little down time every once in a while but this doesn’t mean you should do it every weekend or every Friday night. It’s more like a once a month thing or maybe even a twice a month thing. There is nothing wrong with a nice date night or enjoying a few hours of relaxations, we all need a bit of peace in our lives.
These are the things that drive me crazy about a lot of the moms we’re seeing these days.
1. Moms who are constantly going out, staying out all hours of the night and getting “shitfaced” on top of it. Who says good night to their kids in the trashiest clothes possible than leaves them to walk around in clubs looking like a common street hooker? Worse than that is all the pictures they feel the need to take of themselves and post all over sites like Facebook and Twitter. Why is going out more important than being with your kids? Why would any respectable woman or mother want to portray themselves as street trash? Why would you want your children to see you looking like that? What kind of an example is that to teach you kids?
I beg you “moms” to please stop it. Look respectable, stop drinking like a college student and teach your children by setting a better example. Those of you who are going out like this, are only showing your girls that’s its ok to do the same. To flash their bodies and wear clothes so small, their private parts can often be seen.  To the boys you’re telling them that girls like this are acceptable and in the future will be worth their time. Would you really want your boys bring home girls that look and act like strippers? Because I know I wouldn’t! Just food for thought. You moms, like this, really need to reevaluate and do what’s best for kids. It wouldn’t be so bad for you either, a little personal responsibility and moral, never hurt anyone.
2. Moms who are constantly feeding their kids McDonald’s, sugar filled crap and/or pumping them full of soda. Not because they don’t know better but simply because it shuts their children up. If you’re out there handing your kids a coke and a bag of cookies so they will leave you alone, you really need to make some changes! There are a lot better things to do for your children and there are much more constructive things they could be doing than harming their insides and getting fat. I’m not saying they can’t have a little treat every once in a while but let’s not make every snack our children has, something that will rot them from the inside out.
3. Moms who let their kids disrespect them and throw tantrums in public. If you’re teaching your children right, if you’re training them to be well rounded and have pleasant manners, this really shouldn’t be a problem. Kids need to learn proper behavior, stop feeling like it’s too much work for you to deal with it, get in gear and cut these bad behaviors off at the knees. In the end, you’ll be a much happier mother and less stressed because your child’s not constantly screaming at you or being disrespectful.
4. This one is a bit strange but it drives me crazy. It’s all you do nothing park moms! These moms are the ones who go to the park and let their children run around like untrained dogs, while they sit back and text. What happened to playing with and watching your children while they play? I hate to see these moms at the park, they let their kids climb up the slide and bully other kids because they feel they have more important things to do. To them, the park is simply something to keep the kids out of their hair or in some cases, they simply just don’t care. Either way it wrong and you should be a part of park time or at least paying attention to your children, you can text Sarah about her new hair-do later. Priorities moms, get them in order and do your kids, as well as other patrons of the park, a favor.
5. Moms who don’t put their kids in a carseat or don’t buckle them up. All I have to say about this is, what in the world is wrong with you? There is no reason or excuse for holding your infant in a car or letting you children bounce around in the back seat. Carseats and belts were made for a reason, every time you do this I want you to think about how terrible you would feel as you watch your child die a terrible and tremendously painful death, all because you didn’t care enough to do the right thing for them. Then I want you to reconsider your idiotic choices and buckle that baby in!!

Over-all, let’s just be good moms and do what’s best for our children by making the right choices! Stop putting yourself before them and set a better example for the future moms, dads and people of the world.
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