Marriage Equality: There Is No Debate

Marriage Equality: The words are on everyone’s lips these days. Right now, our government is trying to decide if we should legalize gay marriage. To decide? Really? We need to debate this? Is this even a situation the government needs a hand in or needs to be wasting their time on? I personally think not!
 Why is same sex marriage so important to our government? Why do they even have the time to focus on such things? Aren’t there about a millions other things they could be doing or improving on? I don’t see how same sex marriage is any more important than all the other crises’ we are facing these days. Yet, here we are once again, with our government not only putting its nose where it doesn’t belong but of course, focusing on the wrong issues, as usual.
Personally, I’m Bi-sexual and to even my own surprise, I ended up marring a man. I still love women and am very attracted to women, it’s something my husband and myself have in common. Haha.  I’m not the wife getting onto him for looking at some chicks boobs because chances are, I pointed them out in the first place. (I’ll get to a point one day, promise)
Now, my husband on the other hand, is not Bi-sexual. For him, the thought or sight of men together is fairly sickening. (That’s ok, it’s totally cool if it doesn’t turn you on or if it isn’t for you) However, this doesn’t make him against gay marriage. Just because it isn’t for him or he prefers not to watch gay or Bi porn, doesn’t mean he thinks they shouldn’t be married. He feels everyone should have the right to suffer equally.  
With that in mind: please tell me why it’s so important for people that don’t take interest in the same sex, to stop those who do? I don’t see the point. What does this topic matter to straight people? They aren’t trying to have sex with you. They aren’t forcing you to watch them hold hands or kiss. They aren’t handing out flyers to your kids to join the “club”. So what does it matter to you? Is it so far-fetched to think that two people of the same sex could love one another? After all, who could know a woman better than a woman or a man better than a man?
Therefore, I say if you’re against it because you simply don’t get it, aren’t turned on by it or even if it makes you a little nausea…..GET OVER IT! Stop paying so much attention to what others are doing! If it isn’t directly effecting you, then you have no reason to be worrying about it. Take your nose out of other people’s business and place it in your own. Maybe you should even consider a hobby or two, because if you have so little to do that you have the time to hate on or discriminate against others,  you clearly need to get a life.
Has Martin Luther King, The Women’s rights movement, the over throw of slavery and things alike: not taught us our lessons? Are we still so unchanged, so selfish and thoughtless that we need to keep people from being happy? Are we still so revengeful and closed minded that we feel the need to vandalize the homes of same sex couples? Are we still so disgusting, that’d we’d go as far as attacking them in the street? You want to say no but the truth is that it’s happening everywhere. Bullying isn’t just for school kids anymore, it’s everywhere and we’re actually driving some of these people to kill themselves, all because we don’t like who they are. 
This certainly isn’t the kind of behavior I want my children to learn. More than that, it’s something I want my children to never have to go through. It surprises me when I see parents, teachers and children who are worried and wondering why bullying is so bad. What is there to wonder over? This is what we’ve taught them. This is what our government has taught them. If you’re not the same, if you don’t live the same way or have the same views, then you’re doing it wrong. You’re looked at as a threat and one that they will do all it takes to stop. I guess I didn’t realize we were still living during Hitlers rein or the Salem Witch trials. I was unaware that we were still such closed minded bigots. It’s all just another thing to be ashamed of ourselves for. 
I think the side I hate the most, is those who take religious standings. I myself am not religious, I don’t believe in heaven or hell, or god or any of that. I don’t have a problem with anyone who does, it’s your right to believe in or worship who ever you’d like. Though, it isn’t your right to judge others, to bully them or to stop them from being who they are. It isn’t your right to hate them or hold control over their lives because you think your way is better. It’s fine if you believe god is against it, that’s your right. You should simply not do it, if that’s how you feel. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop others who beliefs don’t match yours. If you do believe in god and that he’s against same sex marriage, then shouldn’t you also believe that he will take care of it?  Meaning he doesn’t need you to do his dirt work, if God is real and he hates gays, then let him deal with it, when that time comes. If you’re afraid that you’ll go to hell because you looked the other way while two people of the same sex got married, then all I can say is that your god isn’t really all loving, is he. Personally, I wouldn’t want to go to heaven if I had to live with someone so judging and out of touch with his people but maybe that just me.
It’s time we let everyone be who they are. It’s time we stop judging others over their size, shape or sexual preference. You don’t have to like it, but you don’t have to stand in the way either. There should be no debate, no worry or stress over the subject of gay marriage because it’s not your business! It’s time we get our heads out of our asses because last time I checked, our asses are not hats! Let’s stop the ever growing movement of asshats and open ourselves to the acceptance of others for they who they are. After all, how can we ever expect to change the world, if we don’t first start by changing ourselves?
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14 Responses to Marriage Equality: There Is No Debate

  1. Ida says:

    Wow! You are awesome to post this! I totally believe in marriage equality for all. Found you over at MBC. I'm at I love to crochet as well, will be posting some posts on that soon!

  2. Thanks for the comment, I'm defiantly going to check your blog out.

  3. While homosexuality is considered wrong in Islam my religion also tells us to follow the laws of the land we are in. Our forefathers came to this country to escape persecution. One of our rights given to us is the pursuit of happiness. Therefore in my opinion it follows that marriage is part of the pursuit to happiness. I fail to see how homosexuality or polygamy is bothering anybody in this country of ours. We are a nation of many different backgrounds. At one point inter-racial marriages were frowned upon in our country but we overturned that law. Now if you do not like homosexuality or polygamy then don't practice. Aside from keeping beastality outlawed which I think most agree with. I hope that by states opening the doors for homosexuality that it can help polygamists come out of hiding as well and not have to live in fear or be 'shunned' by our society. Adoption needs to be made easier anyway IMO. I would rather see a child being raised in a straight, gay, bi, polygamous family than be raised in foster care where they could possibly be abused or raped or neglected or treated like slaves and passed from one home to the other.

  4. Thank you for this comment. I agree that it is very hard to understand how we live in such a diverse place but yet we can't accept same sex marriage, interracial couples (cause they are still frowned upon), or even different religions. It's also a shame that it is so hard to adopt (unless your a celeb of course) it should be easier to get these kids real families and the cost of doing it shouldn't cost so much to do it either.

  5. Thank you for posting this! I'm also bisexual, and also married a man. I could just have easily fallen in love with and married a woman. I feel that MY marriage is diminished when marriage is made a wedge with which to divide people. Here's my post on the subject:

    Nice to meet you!

  6. Thank you so much for the comment, I'm not sure why but I feel touched by this….maybe it's knowing that I'm not alone. I mean yes I married a man and yes i hope it last forever but if it didn't then the only other marriage I'd want to have is to a woman. (I always tell my husband this, when we play the what we divorce one day game.) Anyhow, we should all have the option to marry who ever floats our boats.

  7. Shouldn't all humans have the right to love each other no matter what body you are born in? Why make up reasons to separate instead of reasons to come together? Silly and ridiculous in my mind! #effitfriday

  8. Thank you for posting this. I totally agree with you. The point I feel most strongly about is your point about religion. Everyone has a different notion of sin, that is fine, but for someone to thrust their notion of sin on others is wrong and it is not fair.

    Thank you for posting this. I am not very relieved that such a significant majority of the Irish population voted in favour of gay marriage. It is a real victory.

  9. Agreed! We should all be able to accept one another, as long as what the person is doing is not harmful to the people around them, of course.

  10. You put it so wonderfully! To force your own version of sin onto others is just wrong. Even though I am not religious, I do at least know that we are not suppose to be the ones who issue judgement and to say you are a good follower of your religion but still cast judgement onto others is simply absurd to me.

  11. I've had to read this 3-4 times before commenting and I'm not sure now that my comment will do your post justice. I think you've put (I mean ranted) it so eloquently and covered everything. Why do people care so much any way? Live and let live.

    Thanks for linking up with #effitfriday

  12. i wish i had answer to this and the only thing i can come up with, is that it must because of all the unhappiness in their own lives….or they're just assholes. lol Live and let live, i couldn't agree more! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a little love!!

  13. I agree with you! I have enough going on in my life to think about the neighbor and what they are doing! Let them be and do what they do with their life! It's none of my business! Thank you for linking up on #effitfriday

  14. Exactly!! Just let them be. Thanks for stopping by and hosting #effitfriday

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