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Hello everyone, I figured that the best way to start my new blog ImNoHumdrum-Mum, is to introduce my insanity….I mean kids. It all started with a party that led to dating, marriage and you guessed it, kids!! I know, what was I thinking? Though I had been pregnant a couple times in our relationship, it didn’t quite work out but we finally had a successful pregnancy. Our first child- a girl, was born in 2008. I was just twenty at the time, not that it has anything to do with the matter. I found love and life, sooner than I had planned but life’s always been a bit like that.

We had many nicknames her but doodle-bug was the more common of the two. She was born, a beautiful blue eyed, blonde and she has remained that way, so far. She was a rather big baby, weighting in close to ten pounds. She came out with strong little muscles and all be it, slightly painfully. We were held over in the hospital for a few days, due to a drop in weight. As a worn out, first time mommy, this almost killed me! On the inside, of course.
She was breast feeding from the minute she was born and seemed to be doing it very well. Naturally, the first person you blame for the weight loss, is yourself. However, only one extra day in the hospital and she was fine to leave, so that’s not the worst thing ever. None the less, we couldn’t have been more ready to get home and begin our new life as a family. Though we both feared the drive home, as new parents tend to worry about everything.
 The first week went by rather well and faster than I remember time passing, before children. At the one week check-up, we were informed that we need to take a trip to Shands for a cystic fibrosis test. That same day we were scheduled for the appointment and a week later we were on the road. It was our first trip as a little family but not a happy one, by any means. The test itself was very quick, it was a simple sweat test that took far less time than the drive. Just as fast as we came, we left. Still with no answers, as it would take a few days to get the results. Those days were agonizing but we thankfully received the call saying our daughters test was not positive for cystic fibrosis. However, she was also a carrier, like myself and though it doesn’t affect us, it could affect our children, under the right (or rather wrong) circumstances.
As of now, she’s a happy, healthy four year old. Who talks non-stop, says the craziest things, loves preschool and soaks in everything like a sponge. Her favorite color is red, her favorite game is Angry Birds and her favorite number is fifteen. She spends a lot time singing and the song ‘Stuck like glue’ by Sugarland, had become her nonstop jam. Though only four, she feels like she may want to be a doctor when she grows up but we’ll see how preschool goes first.
Her Milestone Marks:
2wks: She was sleeping through the night.
1mo: She was rolling over.
2mo: Her teeth began to come in.
3mo: She was crawling.
6mo: She was pulling herself up and climbing over things.
8mo: She was walking.
Our second child was born two year later and is the runt of our family, weighting in at a bit under seven pounds. He too, was born with those beautiful blues and blonde hair. We’ve called him Jr a good bit but most often, we call him ‘The Boy’, it’s his superhero name, haha. He was a very quiet, happy baby and very easy to care for, not the fussy type. He was able to leave the hospital in three days, though it wasn’t a sure thing until just before we left, at the end of the day.  The doctors weren’t sure if they wanted to hold him another day or let him go home due to his jaundice. Though he was healthy, his bilirubin levels were high but they were going down. In the end, the doctors said to take him home and return in a few days, for updated blood work.
We happily went home and returned two days later where he had another test. The next day, at his check up, we were told that he would need to do light blanket treatment, for his jaundice. We then spent the next month fighting off his jaundice. This was a month of our son never really wearing clothes and only being held for breast feeding because he needed the light as much as possible. No extra cuddles and a lot of swing/cradle rocking, as he laid on the lights.
After his jaundice had passed, we received the news on another check-up, that the doctor heard a heart murmur. We wanted him to be seen by a cardiologist as soon as possible and were in, rather quickly. Within a few days, we were sent to have his first EKG done. Within a week of hearing our son had a murmur, we had an answer. He was diagnosed with a Bicuspid aortic valve defect with stenosis. This means that a leaflet was missing in our sons’ heart. The leaflets control the blood flow and a missing one, presented problems. The valve acts as a one way street and should only be pumping the blood out of the hearts and the leaflets are what keep it that way. However, since he is missing one, the blood flows out and then end ups returning back into the heart.
As of right now, he is a happy, busy and very active two year old. Upon meeting him you’d never guess he has a heart defect. His favorite toys are anything with wheels, his favorite book is ‘Mr.Brown Can Moo’ and he is more energetic then any child I’ve ever meet. He’s also super smart…..even if he doesn’t really talk, as of yet.
2mos: He was rolling over.
3mos: He had two teeth.
5mos: He was crawling.
1yr: He was walking.
 Our third and final child was born in 2012, weighing in at almost eight pounds. Our beautiful little odd ball came into our world with brown hair and eyes that shown with an array of colors. He was a healthy, happy baby and to date, he has no medical problems.  He is very laid back and only seems to ever fuss, when you’re not getting him to the “food” fast enough. Since he is only five months right now, there isn’t a lot to be said about him. Other than the fact that he loves funny noises, playing with his rattles and anything that makes music. He is our chubby little man and he could make even the saddest of people smile. He is a cuteness overload, for sure.
1mo: He was rolling over.
2mo: He was laughing at everything.
4mo: He had teeth coming in.
5mo: He started rolling/scooting all over the place.
Those are my three wonderful, little, pains in the butt. That keep me busy all day and happy, you know when they’re not getting to things, haha.
Mommy notes:
First Child: The first week or even the first months, are the hardest for all new moms! They are full of questions like “Am I doing this right?” “What could I be doing better?” And well, the list can go on and on. Especially, once you add breast feeding and pumping into the mix, you may start to feel insane but it ok! Just keeping breathing, you’ll have it down in no time.
Medical Problems: When you hear something like “your daughter may have cystic fibrosis”, you do what any person does, when they receive bad news. You have a break down, pull yourself back together and then hit google for all the information you can find. This of course, is both helpful and harmful, at times. On one hand you’re preparing for the worst and on the other you’re learning all the terrible things that come with it.
Second Child: Being a parent the second time around is much easier than the first. This time, you know much more then you did before and you already have all the experience you need. You could read a million books and think that you know it all but you don’t know a thing until you’ve lived it.
Of course, no experience every really prepares you for the news that something is wrong or “defected” in your child. That news is hard for any parent to take, doesn’t matter if it’s your first child or your twentieth child. As far as our son is concerned, he if fine now but his future is unknown. We go for regular EKGs and we keep track of the holes growth, as well as the blood flow back into the heart. I admit as mom, I sometimes wake in the morning and my first thought are “is today the day I find my son dead?” So don’t worry if you’ve thought about it or been scared of the possibility, it’s all a very real part of being a parent, especially when you’re a mom.

Third Child: This third child is basically a breeze, once you’ve had a second it’s pretty much a cake walk. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all hard in their own ways but by now you know all the ends and out of having a newborn/ infant. The challenge now becomes how to split your time up equally, while attending to everyone’s needs and running your home smoothly, at the same time. It’s all about balance, breathing and a LOT of chocolate, hahaha. J
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