NoHumdrum-Mums Week Of Agonizing Pandemonium

Minions!!! I know, you’re surprised I’m still alive….I admit I am too. Haha. I’ve been missing for about a week now, and it’s been one crazy week for me. I’m happy to see that my minions are still checking in and hanging around…love you guys!!
So here’s the break down.
The week started with me finding out that my bank had yet again messed up my account. This is the second time in two weeks that’s it’s happened. My bank is in the middle of changing over companies, and with that changes have come some setbacks. This week I was unable to touch any of my money because of their new systems, and updates. It was as if they didn’t know whether they were coming, or going.
I go to pull out some money, only to find that my account says I have none….not only does it say that I have none, but it also says I’ve pulled out $600 over the limit. In this moment my heart stopped beating, I was dead for a few seconds. I know that I didn’t do this, so once I come back to join the living, I of course become super MAD! Anyone in my path, is one smart remark away from a punch in the face….that may, or may not have been followed by many more….it was that kind of day.
Upon further investigation, we found that it was a mistake, and that their own records showed the money going back into the account. However, we still wouldn’t be able to touch it until their systems were back up and running – it had to have a chance to update. Of course, I couldn’t get an answer as to when that would be.
Here I am, a bank full of money, and only a few dollars in my pocket. My truck is thirsty, my kids need diapers, the baby needs milk, and my cabinets are getting bare (this is my shopping day after all.)  It was five days of hell, and on the last day – it shames me to admit that my poor kids had to eat Mac and cheese for breakfast. I was collecting things to pawn, just to get us by – thankfully I told hubby to check the bank one more time before he went to the pawn shop. Finally it was updated, and we were able to access our money. I really hope that this isn’t the way the bank will be, because I will certainly be going somewhere else, if that is the case. Thank you so much bank for making my daughter miss a day of school (conserve gas), my baby not have his milk for two days, and the many other stresses you caused…..thank goodness the diapers held out until it was all cleared up! That really would have been a crappy situation. Haha.
Now in my week of hell, I also learned that my great uncle died. Most people find this out with a phone call, or a face to face with family. I learned this over Facebook, after they had the memorial service. Isn’t that lovely? This is the second time that my family has forgot to mention a death to me.  The message was basically a “Hey my brother died, he was close to your dad.” (Which I already knew, I mean they were my family) “Somehow, we forgot to tell you, sorry.”
Now, at least 8 of these family members are on my Facebook. You’d think at least one person could have said something, but no. I’ve always known that I’m pretty invisible when it comes to my family, but geez! I’m 100% confident that if they could have gotten away with not telling me my dad died….they would have. That whole thing is another post in itself. 
This week has been a little depressing, I feel like my uncle could have possibly answered a few questions I have about the kind of man my dad was. It seems like everyone knows this one great side of my dad, like he always found a friend in people, and was always a kind and helpful man. I personally can’t say that I know much of that man. The man I know was a drunk, a drug addict, and mostly brought sadness to my life.
I remember going to my uncle’s house with my dad, it was the first place I had a full alcoholic drink. I played with his kids, and we went to his house almost every holiday. The only time my dad really cared to have me was when a family event was accruing. He had an appearance to maintain, I was really just money to him, a means to a score. If he brought me around then the family would give him money, and he could easily use my “needs” as way to get more. You know “Oh, she needs some new shoes, or this or that.”  My dad was so bad off, he took the money my grandparent were putting into a savings for me to go to college, or start my life after high school. All blown away on booze and coke….who knows what else.
I guess there really isn’t a point here, I just wish I would have had the same chance to say goodbye and speak with him before he passed away. Most of all, I wish my family would try to know me and be a part of my kids life…..I just don’t know if that will ever happen. It’s a shame that I only got to see them a tiny bit, and that they didn’t feel the need to call me or see me, when growing up. It hurts knowing that they seems close to each other, and do lots of things together, but didn’t seem to care to take the time with me.  Seems like no one thinks of me, and I’m the first grandbaby! I’ve given them the first great, and great-great grandbabies…..shouldn’t we be at least thought of? Shouldn’t we mean something?

Part of me feels like it’s because I’m my father’s daughter. That maybe they can’t see me, they just see him, and the pain he caused everyone. Anyhow, I’ll leave you guys with that, and think on it some more….like 25 years of thinking about it isn’t enough. Haha
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