Not Everything Should Change

As we all know, things are forever changing. Our lives change, the world changes, we grow and with that, comes change. This time of year, when it’s time to give thanks, visit family and eat a lot of turkey. I often find myself comparing the years, revisiting the changes that have happened all around us. It truly amazes me how in just 24 years so much has changed.
For instance, when I was a child we played in the neighbor-hood streets, we spent much more time outside instead of in. TV’s were beyond massive, we didn’t spend a lot time on the phone, there was no texting and of course, no Facebook.
Now though, children spend most of their time on countless video games and the consoles that go with them. They have phones that’s they spend all their time texting or talking on. They haves iPods and MP3 players glued to their head. By now, toddlers can easily work these computers, phones, and iPads like professionals. With this increased use of technology though, it seems to have lessened their imaginations and it has cut way down on outdoor play. Two things, that children should have an abundance of. Not all that material bull crap, they have plenty of years to become slaves to their hand-held devices, now is not the time.    
As a mother, I want my kids to have a simpler life, like I did as a child. I want them to have great adventures that don’t involve having to watch TV or play a handheld device. I want them to go out on a dock and catch a fish, not just pretend to do it through a virtual experience. I want them to pretend to be doctors, to play teacher and act like parents to their dolls. I want them to play chase and I want them to fall down and experience pain. No, I don’t want them to hurt, I’m not heartless….all of the time. I just want them to learn in ways that they never could, through a game. I want them to feel, to know and to understand life before they make a choice to waste it away on such nonsense.
I must say, when I see a mother hand their 2yr old an iPad, it just makes me cringe a little. It’s not the iPad itself. Hell, it’s not even the age that I find repulsive. I mean, my children do get to use my iPad from time to time. The problem I have, are parents who use them to simply occupy there kids. Just as they use TV and food. All to keep their kids quiet and out of their hair. They set them up with treats and an iPad full of crap games, because they can’t even be bothered to download something educational. I can support controlled usage times with educational games but non-stop TV/iPad/gaming sessions are unacceptable, there is just no excuse for it!

Children are more lazy, disrespectful and unimaginative than ever before and I believe it’s due to all the technological growth. With all the advances came parents who no longer felt the need to throw a ball with their children or sit in the floor and play imaginatively.  Instead, they too are on their phones, tablets, consoles and hand-helds. We’re spending more time looking at our phones than paying attention to our children.
I guess what I’m getting to is that even though the world keeps growing and changing, it doesn’t mean we have to let everything change. We can still hold on to the good morals we were taught, the imaginations we were given and the discipline we gained. Instead of blaming behavior on a phase, we can correct it by putting the technology down and actually spending some time with our kids.
We can teach them to work hard, how to have pride in themselves and how to respect others. Just as we were raised to be. We can’t simply rely on TV or the internet to raise our children, not good ones anyway. We must put ourselves into our children and not allow the world to be their only influence.

With all the advantages we have now, it’s become easier to forget that doing things the “easier” way, isn’t always the best. Sometimes things just require a lot of work and when it comes to our children, our futures and our lives, it’s one thing we shouldn’t skimp on. There are some corners in life that just shouldn’t be cut. In the end, as a mother, I want to be able to say that I had an epic win and not an epic fail. When it comes to the topic of my kids, that is.
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4 Responses to Not Everything Should Change

  1. I agree with you! Things have changed and the kids nowadays spend way to much time inside and not out playing! Thank you for linking on #effitfriday

  2. I agree too, you see an abundance of kids in prams with iPads here. Now don't get me wrong I use the iPad, restaurants are a great example and for feeding the baby. But we do a whole host of other things. I think moderation is the key and that's what's been forgotten by some in the ease to hand the iPad over or switch the tv on.

    Thanks for linking to #effitfriday

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm enjoying the #effitfriday link-up!

  4. Oh yes, moderation is key! I can completely understand needing to entertain a little one to get things done or to get a little peace. I just can't stand seeing those who use it as a replacement for parenting. Those who'd rather shove TV or games in their then spend any real time with their children. It's just so annoying! 🙂 thanks so much for stopping by and for hosting #effitfriday

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