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Welcome to our new and ever improving home!! We are currently still doing a bit of remodeling and I imagine you can expect a few more tweaks, over the next month or so, as we settle. This will be our fourth year running, though we’ve only actively run for about two years. Coming into blogging I knew very little and admittedly still have plenty to learn as the blogging worlds growth and change seems to be infinite.

I’ve spent a couple years aimlessly blogging but this past year has been fairly inspiring, aside from occasionally heartbreaking and eye opening. Every blogger has his/her reason for doing it and I’ve come to find that mine has a lot to do with getting out things I can’t often say in my everyday life and in some ways, connecting with the world.

Another aspect, is that I’ve been able to release some skeletons, close some doors and move on from some difficult shit. Though there’s still Copious amounts to work through, every little bit I let go of is a step towards the right direction and anytime my story helps another person move forward, is an awesome bonus. I hope that you enjoy our new home and continue following along with us as we find our roots and grow.

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