Parenting: Just Do You

Today I relived how much I can’t stand other parents, mostly mothers. I just can’t seem to enjoy their company, newer moms seem to be the worst! I often find myself filled with the want to slug them but since that’s not very lady like, I have hold it in. Sometimes my eyes feel as if they are going to roll right out of my head, when dealing with this kind.
I find most of them feel that their way is best, and they judge moms harshly for doing things differently. If you’re not a fit mom, you’re bad. If you’re not a breast feeder for even a health reason, you’re bad. The list really goes on and on, every little move a mom or parent makes is judged by another.
Now I understand that safety and being informed on all the latest is important, but parents really do take it over board. These days they are over analyzing everything, from foods, diapers and car seats to vaccinations and beds. Now of course, I want people to be safe and do best for their children, but come on people – get a grip! We don’t need to send our children out in bubble wrap, or in a hamster ball to keep them safe. We don’t have to worry over every little thing.
Here’s my rule of thumb- First, do a little research. Whatever it is that you are wondering about or debating, just do a little research.
Second, get pros and cons from both sides and then make a decision using your common sense. It’s not that hard, but if you’re not understanding, then let me give you an example.
Food: Cereal vs no cereal
You have a baby that can eat the oats but stomach doesn’t agree with it. You have tried the rice and had no problems, baby was happy and sleeping much better. Now you see a report that says rice cereal is bad for babies. Now you throw out all rice cereal and give everyone who uses it evil looks……oh wait, that’s what we are trying to avoid. Okay, in this matter, just make an informed – mommy gut feeling – kind of decision. Use your common sense and weight the options, in the end you may feel that whatever they see as harmful is really just nonsense.
So you did some research, you weighted the options and you may even consider things like ‘your mom used it and so did hers’ (or some form of it). You may consider that your child is happy, healthy, growing and sleeping. So you might make the call that you want to continue to use it, and the mom next door might not use it for the same considered reasons. The point is that we should all be coming to our own solutions. We need to figure out what works best for our lives, our families and our babies. Because in the end, we can’t believe everything we read, hear, or sometimes even see. (As far as magic goes lol)
There are some things we should come to the same conclusions on: like murder is bad, front facing a newborn is a no-no, not wearing a seat belt can be deadly, rape is also very bad and well, I’m sure there are easily a million other things. I’m just saying you shouldn’t let what other parents do, say or feel -make you feel like you’re parenting your children wrong. If you are doing the best for your kids, seeing to their safety where needed, and feel comfortable with your decisions – you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.
People have been caring for and raising children since the beginning of time. (Or some crap like that) If all those people could do it without all the fancy gadgets, then we can certainly do it with what we have. We don’t have to over worry, stress or slow our children’s growth. Just believe in yourself, believe in your parenting and use your common sense! You will do just fine.
I know my post was a bit rant-ish tonight, but I really hate to see moms making others feel bad because they don’t do the things the same way. Or even worse, moms who bash and put down other mothers for doing things just a little bit differently. Doesn’t the world put enough pressure on people, not to mention on girls/women in general? Why should we add to each other’s pressure? Shouldn’t we be supporting one another and reaching out when we need a hand? A good way to start, would be keeping your opinions to yourself, when you see that bottle feeding mama or that mom pulling out her disposable diapers. It’s okay if it’s not for you, it’s okay if you don’t agree but no need to push your opinions on them.

Unless the baby is going to possibly die or be in some sort of harm – don’t worry about it! Let parents, parent their own children! Okay, okay, I’m ranting again. It’s just so nerve racking. I really hope I’m not the only one who finds it so hard to get along with other mother?!. Maybe it’s just women…..I don’t know, they just get under my skin! Too much talk about breast feeding and butt wiping. I’m sorry, but when I get with a group of adults, I like to have a real conversation! I don’t care what color your babies poop is. Give me adult stimulation….mental stimulation, to be clear. Haha!
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