Post 10: Drugs: Be Sure to Educate.

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Post 10: Drugs: Be Sure to Educate.

Hi Honey,

I’ve covered a lot of awkward topics in the past letters. I figured it’s about time that we take your mind off crushes, periods and dating. Another big topic you will have to cover is drugs. Now, they of course should be aware of drugs before the middle school age. Though, it isn’t as likely to occur until middle school.

It’s important that you stay up-to-date on the latest drug crazes. The Internet, as well as the open line of communication will help you do this. They should feel comfortable enough to share the “buzz” going around school , as well as the latest dumb crap other student are doing.

I know this a fairly easy subject to cover. They shouldn’t do drugs and it shouldn’t be hard to see why. Okay, we both know it’s not that easy. Teens will often experiment, it’s in their nature.

You should gather a wide range of drug information. Show them the things that could happen if they choose to do drugs. Give them the scared straight versions of underage drinking, meth use and all the other hardcore drugs.

Of course, we both know that not all drugs are created equal. Inform them of natural drugs vs. man-made. After all is said and done, they really shouldn’t have a want to try things like meth, coke, crack and anything of that nature.

You should be sure to throw in research on the misuse of prescription/over the counter medicines. Be sure to hit the high death counts and scarier factors. If our children do decide to try these horribly dangerous drugs, then at least you can say you did everything you could.

As for Marijuana, I can’t rightfully say yes because it’s not legal here, but at the same time I can’t say no. I would understand the children’s want to try and express that if that moment does occur, you’d prefer it be with you. This is the same thing my parents did and I figure it’s the best solution. If they have a want to try it, they are going to try it. The want to partake will be even more appealing with the every growing rate of legalization. Being open enough to allow them to come to you and try it in your supervision will be better than them trying to access it on their own.

Just remember to keep that communication going, listen to the things they have to say and give them the knowledge to make their own informed decisions. Finger crossed, they’ll come to you first if ever they need a helping hand in making the decision to experiment with drugs or alcohol. Good luck.

The Wifey.

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