Post 8: Period Talk


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Post 8:Period Talk

Hi Honey,

Time is quickly passing by as life keeps the family and you busy. They are all getting so much older and before you know it they will want to go out with friends, have parties and sleep-overs.

Along with age comes the dreaded puberty. You could avoid the topic and just wait until it happens to explain, but that seems a bit harsh on the kids. Mostly I’m thinking of our daughter at this time. One day, likely around the age of 13. She will experience every woman’s “great joy”.

She will go from being a young girl, to being a young woman. Unfortunately for her, I won’t be around to answer her questions, or guide her in the right direction. She’ll have to come to you, or find a close female. I’m hoping we can avoid some of the discomfort by addressing it before hand.

No one likes this kind of surprise! When I was a kid I don’t remember my mother ever really talking to us about it. Though it wasn’t completely a surprise, thanks to the lame ‘80’s school health classes, it was still rather shocking, and not fully understood.

I realize this won’t be the most pleasant experience for either of you. I also know that it might be weird, but you guys can get through it. Hopefully this will assist you in surviving the teen girl years.

Before period talk:
Before she has her period, you can really leave it to simple things. Such as, explaining that a menstrual cycle is something a female’s body experience every month. Health websites and/or books can easily help you explain what’s going on inside.

As far as the sexual aspects go, you can just leave that until you’re ready for the sex talk. For now, she just needs to be aware that this will eventually happen, that it happens to all girls, and it’s just a normal part of life.

After period talk:

After she begins her period you need to be sure to keep that open line of communication. I know it will be hard to keep a straight face and to fight past the “yuckness” you’ll be feeling as a male. You’ll just have to get over it and freak out about it on your own time. This is when you should get more into details of hormones, changing bodies and boys.

Thankfully, she will have at least one woman to turn to when this all happens. (If you keep her close to her Aunt, as I’ve told you.) It’s best to keep it to the facts and make the situation feel as normal as possible. This isn’t something you want her to feel embarrassed about, or as if she’s disgusting. Be sure to avoid dumb comparisons like how butterflies change, or flower mature. It’s not helpful to anyone and it truly isn’t comparable. So leave the crappy “now you’re a woman” books, behind.

You will need to buy a few different choices of pads around this age. If you do this before her period, then you’ll already have something when it’s needed, and its presence will feel less awkward in the house. Now, I personally feel it is probably best that she starts in pads. I imagine, like many women, she will want to adventure to tampons. I don’t blame her, but as a beginner to this and with the chances of toxic shock syndrome, it’s just best to start her out with pads.
Once she is accustomed to them, and is ready to buy feminine items on her own, then she can work that problem out on her own, or her aunt.

Be sure to make her feel special, even consider having her favorite chocolate stocked up for that week. Avoid eye contact, wear some armor and prepare for a long few years of teenage, hormonal, rampage. The best of luck to you both with that one, haha. 🙂

The Wifey.

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